GConnect toolbar – Tool to get in touch with GConnect

Just like any other popular browser toolbars GConnect toolbar is a type of browser extension, installation which add additional customized buttons to your  browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) for easy navigation to recent updates of GConnect and all useful tools offered by it.

download gconnect toolbarGConnect Toolbar Features:

  • GConnect toolbar keeps all the updates of GConnect Website as well as GConnect Discussion Board right at your browser.
  • GConnect Circular Corner, the area which updates all Orders issued by Government on Service matters can be reached straightaway from your browser
  • You can also reach following GConnect online tools from your browser
  • Income Tax calculator 2010-11 (Assessment Year 2011-12)
  • DA calculator
  • Holiday Calendar

Installation Steps:

  1. Click the following link to download GConnect toolbar (2.37 MB)

Download GConnect Toolbar

2. The following window would appear. Use save button to save the file.

GConnect toolbar - Tool to get in touch with GConnect

3. Double click the file that you saved to install GConnect toolbar

Once GConnect toolbar is installed you could see from the following screen shot that it gets merged with your browser.

gconnect toolbar screen shot

Download GConnect Toolbar

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