6CPC Pay Fixation on promotion after 1.1.2006

Mr.Rajiv, a GConnect member asked:

I am presently working as an AAO in Delhi. I was L.D.C. in the pay scale of 3050-4990 on 01.01.2006 and my basic pay was Rs. 3575 on 01.01.2006. I was promoted in the pay scale of Rs.4500-7000 on 012.01.2006 and my basic pay was fixed at minimum i.e. 4500/- on 12.01.2006.  After that I was promoted in to the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 on 23.06.2008 after passing JAO(C) Exams. Now in the after implementation Sixth Pay commission report I have been given the Grade pay of Rs. 4800/-.

Please guide me in my fixation as on  01.01.2006, 12.01.2006, and 23.06.2008. I opted to fix my pay from date of promotion as JAO from 23.06.2008 and accordingly my pay was fixed 6500*1.86 = 12090+4800 w.e.f. 23.06.2008.

As per 6th Pay Commission the minimum pay of direct recruits in Grade pay 4800/- is 18150/-.  Taking this guidance into account whether the pay of old employees should be fixed to an amount not lesser than the entry pay. Kindly guide me.

GConnect Team’s Opinion:

Anomaly committee’s final decision is yet to come. Only upon a OM clarifying the position, you will have a clarity on the benefits you get when you opt for 6cpc fixation from 12/1/06 and 23/6/08 the days of your two promotions by ignoring your arrears.

But it is advisable in present position (pending anomaly committee decision) you can opt for pay fixation for your promotions from the date of your increment ie., on 1.7.06 and on 1.7.08.

But the fixation as you said (i.e., 6500*1.86) is totally wrong when you opt to get your 6cpc arrears from 1/1/06. When you opt for 6CPC pay from 1.1.2006 you are entitled to get 3% increment for each promotion.

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