7th Pay Commission fitment formula, Minimum Pay and annual increment – BPMS to agitate

7th Pay Commission fitment Formula should be 3.42 in the place of 2.57. Minimum Pay to be fixed at Rs. 26,000 and annual increment to be enhanced to 5% – BPMS launches Agitation on 29th August 2016


Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh

(An All India Federation of Defence Workers)

(An Industrial Unit of B.M.S)
(Recognised by Ministry of Defence, Govt of India)

Central Office: 2-A Naveen Market, Kanpur-208001.

Ref: BPMS / CIRCULAR / 17th TC / 08

Dated: 19.07.2016


The President/General Secretary

Unions Affiliated to the Federation.

Office Bearers & Executive Committee Members


Subject: Agitation against Central Government’s anti employees polices; Delhi March on 29 Aug 2016.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sadar Namaskar,

All of you know that Government approved the recommendations of 7th CPC without any change in Cabinet Meeting on 29.06.2016. But Government did not pay heed to resolve the objections raised by the federations affiliated to BMS.

On the call of GENC we extended our moral support to indefinite strike proposed by NJCA which was scheduled to commence on 11 July 2016. But NJCA deceived the employees and called off the strike without any genuine settlement. NJCA proved itself incapable to get the problems of employees redressed and bowed before pressure exerted by Government.

7th pay commission fitment formula, minimum pay and annual incrementSince neither any anomaly of earlier pay commissions has been resolved nor any demand related to 7th CPC has been accepted so far. In such situation GENC has decided to lead and conduct a humongous rally at Parliament in Delhi on 29 Aug 2016 to get resolved issues related to 7th CPC. Being a constituent of GENC this federation has also decided to be part of it to exert pressure on Government to redress the anomalies and settle the genuine demands made by us.

Therefore, you are requested to take part in the rally with massive number of supporters. The venue of Rally is Jantar Mantar and the programme is scheduled from 10 am to 3 pm. All the arrangements related to accommodation and lodging should be made by union itself.

Your support for tremendous success of the programme is solicited. The charter of demands (Annexure – A) has been attached.

Thanking you.

Brotherly yours


General Secretary


Tenure of committee (constituted for 7th CPC Minimum Pay and Fitment Formula) should be reduced to 2 months – BPMS


Annexure – ‘A’

1. Minimum Pay should be enhanced to Rs. 24000/- in place of Rs.18000/-.

2. The fitment formula should be 3.42 in place of 2.57

3. Annual increment should be 5% in place of 3%.

4. Five financial upgradations in promotional hierarchy should be granted within the period of 30 years of Service under MACP scheme.

5. Pay Scales of Group ‘C’ employees should be merged and upgraded. Grade Pay 1900 and Grade Pay 2000 should be merged and upgraded to 2400 further Grade Pay 2400 and Grade Pay 2800 should be merged.

6. For Promotion, MACP and Annual Increment the Benchmark ‘Very Good’ should be scrapped and it should be given on the Benchmark ‘Good’ as it was earlier.

7. HRA should be granted at rate of 15, 25 and 35% and it should be granted without any delay.

8. The tenure of committee, constituted for Minimum Pay and Fitment Formula, should be reduced to 2 months.

9. Scrap NPS and restored CCS (pension rules) for the employees who have been appointed on or after 01-01- 2004.

10. Scrap FDI in Defence and Railway.

Source: BPMS

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