7th Pay commission allowances – Staff Side demands implementation of revised allowances

7th Pay commission allowances – Staff side National Council(JCM) demands for Meeting on Allowances with Ministry of Finance and immediate implementation of 7th CPC revised allowances

NC-JCM letter to Ministry of Finance regarding Meeting with the Committee on Allowances

National Council (Staff Side)

Joint Consulative Machinery

for Central Government Employees

13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001.


Dated: December 29,2016

Department of Expenditure,
Ministry of Finance,
(Government of India)
North Block,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Meeting with the Committee on Allowances

The Staff Side, National Council(JCM) had a meeting with the Committee on Allowances on 1st September, 2016, wherein it was advised us to send the committee a detailed note. Subsequently, on 16th September, 2016 we sent a detailed note on the allowances to your goodself with the hope that the Committee on Allowances would consider the same, and in case of reservation, they would at least hold a meeting on the detailed memorandum submitted by the Staff Side(JCM).

Almost four months have passed without any outcome. All the Central Government Employees are quite agitated as well as are having mental agony because allowances of the VII CPC, have not been implemented.

You are therefore, requested to fix-up a meeting of the Committee on Allowances, at an earliest to resolve the issues placed in the memorandum of the Staff Side(JCM) on various allowances.

Here it is worth-mentioning that, the issues related to DoP&T were discussed by the Secretary(DoP&T) with the Staff Side on 25th October, 2016. The Staff Side is of firm option that, there should be resolution to the demands, and these Allowances should be implemented with effect from 01.01.2016. i.e, the date from which VII CPC has been implemented.

Sincerely Yours,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Secretray (Staff Side)

Download NCJCM letter No.NC-JCM/2016(Allowance) dated 29.12.2016