Positive developments in Anomaly Committee Meeting

Readers could have noticed that status of Anomaly Committee is an issue which was much talked about in Gconnect chatter box.  Ever since it was formed by the Government after implementation of sixth pay commission report, considerable number of representations were made on many issues that created anomaly among employees.

The issues such as junior employees came to service after 6CPC implementation getting more pay than the senior counterparts, postponement of regular increment for more than one year to the employees who were getting pre-6cpc increment from Febrauary to June, were raised vehemently with the anomaly committee.

To the relief of the affected employees, there are indications that these two issues among others could be sorted out in favour of employees.

The first meeting of the National Anomaly Committee which was held on 12th December, 2009 has given these positive directions as the Government side in the said meeting has accepted to necessary orders in these two issues among other genuine demands by Confederation of central government employees and workers.

Some of the main issues discussed in this meeting as per the release of the Confederation are

  1. Fixation of pay on promotion (when direct recruits getting more pay than promotees)
  2. Revision of option given under CCS Revised Pay Rules 2008 and F.R.22(I) A(1) for fixation of pay
  3. Anomaly in pension for Government Servants who retired/Died in harness between 1.1.2006 and 1.9. 2006
  4. Date of next increment (postponement of regular increment for more than one year to the employees who were getting pre 6cpc increment from Febrauary to June)
  5. Fixation of pay in the revised pay scale where pre-revised pay scales have been merged with higher pre-revised pay (illustration 4B CCS Revised Pay Rules 2008)
  6. Parity in pension of all pre 1996 retirees with those who retired on or after 1.1.2006

As per the minutes of meeting, for the issues 1 to 4 detailed above demands of confederation were accepted and issue of formal orders are awaited.  For the last two issues Government has agreed to consider the issue once again.

For more details check this release by Confederation of Central Government employees

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