Military Pay hike: talks continue

Hectic consultations are on between the Government and the Armed Forces to resolve the pay hike issue even as paramilitary forces have stepped in and questioned some of the demands put forward by defence services.

The Group of Ministers has in principle agreed to the demand for restoring the pension given to Personnel Below Officers Rank (PBOR). The forces had objected to the lowering of the ‘penisonary weightage’ given to PBORs from 70 per cent to 50 per cent by the Pay panel. The earlier weightage of 70 per cent is likely to be restored by the GoM.

After the paramilitary forces stepped in, expressing anger at some of the demands for lowering the status of paramilitary officers, several formulae are being worked out to resolve the issues amicably.

While the PBOR issue is likely to be resolved, consultations are on to tackle the demand of moving Lt Gen and equivalent officers to the HAG plus pay band. The Armed Forces had demanded that all officers of these ranks be moved to the newly created pay band.

Source : Indian Express

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