Govt orders for payment of Second Instalment of 6CPC arrears

The long awaited orders for payment of Second Installment of 6CPC Arrears has been issued by Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance in the Office memorandum F.No: 1/1/2008-IC dated 25.08.09.

It is stated in the said office memorandum that the 60% arrears may now be paid to Government Servants.

It is also stated that in the case of employees who joined in the Govt service after 01.01.2004, the second installment of arrears may be released only after individual application forms for registration to the New Pension Scheme have been obtained by the DDO/PAO from the concerned employee.

Download Office Memorandum F.No: 1/1/2008-IC dated 25.08.09 for 6CPC arrears to employees presently in service

Download orders issued by Railways for payment of 2nd installment of 6cpc arrears

Download Office Memorandum F.No: 38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 25.08.2009 for 6cpc arrears to pensioners

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