GConnect Increment Arrears Calculator – Updated till July-2012


The Office Memorandum No: 10/02/2011-E.III/A dated 19.03.2012 issued by Finance Ministry allows for grant of one increment in the pre-revised pay scale as on 1.1.2006, for those who were due for their annual increment between February to June during 2006.

The pay in pay band of those who are benefited by this order has to be re-fixed with effect from 1.1.2006 and due and drawn and statement has to be prepared for payment of arrears of pay in these cases.  To assist GConnect readers in this aspect we had launched an online tool to calculate the revised pay and arrears payable along with generation of due and drawn statement.

Updated increment arrears Calculator:

For the convenience of readers who are yet to be paid this increment arrears, we have now updated this online increment arrears calculator up to July 2012.

How to use this tool?

  • Enter Pre-revised basic pay as on 01.01.2006, pre-revised increment prior to 6CPC fixation and Grade pay as on 01.01.2006 and Click “Generate Increment Arrears Work Sheet” button. Further entries are not required for those who have no MACP or promotion between Jan 2006 to Mar 2012. Just take a printout of work sheet using the print button provided.
  • If you were granted with one MACP or Promotion between this period, fill up the first of two entry forms provided for this purpose and click the Generate Revised Work Sheet for one MACP/Promotion button.
  • For two MACP/promotions during this period fill up both the entry forms and click the “Generate Revised Work Sheet for two MACPs/Promotions” button.

Go to GConnect Increment Arrears Calculator with MACP Option and Due/Drawn Statement

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