GConnect increment Arrears Calculator re-launched with rounding off provision

Update: This Calculator has been re-launched with MACP option and provision for detailed due and drawn statement.  Click here to go to new version of this calculator  

GConnect Increment Arrears Calculator has been relaunched now with a provision to round off the pay in pay band while fixing the 6CPC pay with one additional increment in the pre-revised pay.

You might ask us why this provision was not done in the original version itself when pay rule position is such that any pay fixation be made with rounding off to next nearest multiple of ten ignoring paise (To illustrate: “If the amount of increment comes to Rs.1900.70 paise, then the amount will be rounded off to Rs. 1900 only; If it works out to be Rs. 1901, then it will be rounded off to Rs.1910/-“)

It was our conscious decision to omit rounding off aspect in the GConnect increment arrears tool for the reason that it would require the user to provide additional inputs such as pre-revised basic pay, new grade pay as on 01.01.2006 apart from pre-revised increment amount.

But we were amazed by the response we got from many of the informed GConnect readers for correcting the tool with rounding off provision.

So we have relaunched the GConnect increment Calculator now with rounding off provision

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