New Children Education Allowance Scheme

While we are very busy in calculating the our New Pay and Arrears, Govt has come up with another sweet surprise. The Sixth Pay Commission recommendations for enhancing the Children Education Allowances and merger of the same with Reimbursement of Tuition Fees has been accepted by the Govt as such.

As a result, all Central Government Employees are to be given a reasonable reimbursement of Educational Expenses unlike earlier restriction like reimbursement of only tuition fees of up to Rs. 40 per month.

Salient Features of reimbursement of children education allowance are :

  • Children Education Allowance and Reimbursement of Tuition fees have been merged and the new scheme is known as Children Education Allowance Scheme.
  • This scheme can be availed by Government employees upto a maximum of Two Children
  • This is applicable for School going children only (nursery to 12th Std including 11th and 12th std conducted by Junior colleges)
  • The Scheme has no nexus with the performance of the children in the class.
  • The reimbursement is applicable for admission fees, laboratory fees, special fee charged for agriculture, music, electronics or any subject, fee charged for practical work, fees for use of any aid or appliance by the child, library fees, games/sports fees, fees for extra curricular activities, purchase of one set of text books and notebooks, two sets of uniforms and one set of school shoes.
  • The annual ceiling for reimbursement of children education allowance is fixed at Rs.12,000/-.
  • Hostel subsidy will be reimbursed upto maximum limit of Rs.3000/- per month per child. However, both hostel subsidy, and children education allowance can not be availed concurrently.
  • The maximum limits in Children Education allowance and Hostel subsidy would be automatically raised by 25% every time the dearness allowance on the revise pay structure goes up by 50%.
  • This scheme is effective from 01-09-08.
  • Reimbursement of the children education allowance and Hostel subsidy would be made on production of original receipts self certified by the employee.
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