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पीएफ अकांउट (EPF) के पांच फायदे, जो आपको अब तक नहीं पता होंगे..

EPF, यह किसी भी नौकरीपेशा व्यक्ति का वह खाता है जिसमें वह खुद और उसका नियोक्ता एक निश्चित रकम (वाया नियोक्ता) ईपीएफओ में आपके नाम से खुले एक निश्चित खाते में जमा करवाते हैं.

Proposal to cut EPF ( Employees Provident Fund) contribution nixed (Marathi Translation Included)

कर्मचारी भविष्यनिर्वाह निधी संघटनेचे (EPF)चे संचालक मंडळ असलेल्या विश्वस्त समितीची बैठक केंद्रीय मंत्री बंडारू दत्तात्रय यांच्या अध्यक्षतेखाली शनिवारी पुण्यात पार पडली. यामध्ये या निर्णयाला बहुमताने विरोध करण्यात आला.

India inches up in pension index

Moves like tax incentives for participation in the National Pension System and introduction of the Universal Account Number (UAN) for the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) have resulted in improvement in India’s index value in the Melbourne…

Unions walk out of EPF Trustees Meeting

Central trade union leaders on Tuesday walked out from the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPF) central board of trustees meeting protesting a Finance Ministry notification allowing unclaimed PF money to be diverted towards a Senior…

Finance Ministry Blinks on PF Decision

Conceding that there was an “understanding gap” on the EPF rate within the government, Union Labour and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said that there were two reasons behind the Finance Ministry’s push for lowering the EPF rate.

EPF Rate Tussle Reaches PMO

The move to cut interest rates on EPF deposits evoked strong reactions from central trade unions. While the BMS held demonstrations at 46 EPF offices across the country on Wednesday, other trade unions will hold similar protests on Friday.