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Amazing Infrastructures

1. Water Highway

This water bridge known as “Magdeburg” is situated in Germany. You need to look at it a number of times to understand what is actually happening. It’s a bridge that goes over the Elba river. It allows boats easy access into canals. It cost more than 500 million Euros and took six years to build.

2. Colossus of the sea

This is one of the biggest bulk ships in the world, used for the heaviest, and biggest of things needing transport such as Oil refinery, Military radar etc.

How it can be loaded at sea.? It sinks under the water first then the ships park on top…And then it raises itself!!

3. Wind farm in the middle of the ocean

This wind farm known as “Horns Rev” is situated around 20 km from the coast of Denmark, the biggest wind farm in the world that erected in the water. It has totally 80 turbines, all 110 m tall, capable of producing 160 MW

Eash fins are 30 m long.

4. Fantasy road

This highway is situated between Tibbitt and Contwoyto in Canada. This termed to be most dangerous road in the world for the reasons that you are not sure whether you are driving on the ice or water. It is over 500 km long and consists of 85% frozen lakes. The ice can break at any time.

Here is a series of truck on the ice – each 70 τons.

This road can only operate / come into effect during the coldest months of the year. When the ice becomes strong enough every year the road is made. Some people would try their luck at the end of a season…but in the end nature has the final say.


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