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Tianmen Mountain-Doors of Heaven

Tianmen Mountain is located at Liu-ke Valley, Shicheng Town of Miyun in Beijing (1518 meters above sea level).  Doors of Heaven is a tourist attraction in Tianmen.

Doors of Heaven is in the form of an oval hole pointing upward, with a high measure of 131.5 meters, 57 meters wide and the depth reaches 60 meters.

The mouth is the door through the top of the mountain, which looks like a beautiful giant hole.

It is said to be hole used by a God named Er lang Shen to thread his shoulder pole when he shouldered mountains to fill seas, and is the biggest west-to-east-through vertical mountain cave that have ever discovered in North China. This Yanshan Mountain located scenic spot has a variety of plant and animal species with flourishing natural vegetation and abundant wild fruits. The forest coverage rate there is as high as 95%.

There are also more than 1,000 different types of herb species, and thus makes it a rare science and education base and ecological tourism scenic spot.

To go to these locations cable cars are used.  Along the Cable car route of 7.3 kilometers, tourists will pass through the tops of the long line of snowy mountains that are always in the winter.

Heaven’s Door hole also can be reached on foot up the tens of thousands of steps on the slopes of rocky mountains.

Largest foreign tourists visit the tourist attraction it is from Korea, while the total foreign tourists reached 800 thousand people per year.


Watch this slideshow on Tianmen Mountain:

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