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Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool

Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool

While very intelligent online typing tools such as quillpad, for almost all Indian regional languages are available, Microsoft has come up with a different kind of transliteration tool that could be used as browser bookmarklet.

Indic Language input tool by MicrosoftIt could be distinguished from the regular online text editing tools in a sense that it will merge with the browser such as Internet explorer, Firefox, google chrome etc, so that you can type out in a regional language while you

  • browse online,
  • type out an email message or
  • chatting in gmail or yahoo messenger

In other words, Indic Language Input Tool enables input of text in Indian languages on any web page and application directly without having to create a piece of text in regional language in an online editor such as quillpad and then copy and paste the same in the required area opened by the browser, the procedure which we are doing until now.

How to install this Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool (also known as ILIT):

Just Go to this Microsoft site: Microsoft Indic language Input tool gettting started

You will have two options to install the ILIT in this page. If you want type in regional language while you are online through a browser you can install web version and for the purpose of adding the facility of typing in regional languages in your offline text editors such as MS word, wordpad, notepad etc you have to install Desktop version.


Click here for detailed installation instructions for web version of ILIT.

Click here for detailed installation instructions for desktop verion of ILIT.

When you intend to install desktop verion of ILIT, configuration of your existing windows (operating system) is necessary, if not your operating system is already configured for supporting indic languages.

Go to this microsoft page for detailed instructions for configuring you system to enable Indic Language support.

The procedure to switch between typing in regional language and English is also very easy.  Once you installed this indic language tool, go to Favorites menu on the top of your browser (go to bookmark menu in the case of Firefox browser) and select the Indic Language of your choice.  This procedure would set the browser ready for typing out in regional language which is visually shown in form of regional language icon near the places where you can type out text inputs.  You can click it to disable the indic language tool for the purpose of typing out in English.

This indic language tool is also more intelligent and user friendly than the regular local languages text editors.  For example if you write a word like ‘vishesh’, first sh should become ‘श’ and the second sh should become ‘ष’.  ILIT will intelligently do that for you. No need to use shift keys or to memorize any key mappings.  ILIT can also predict if multiple words are possible for your input. You can click on the word to select from those options. In addition ILIT allows you to type English words freely in between Hindi words.


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