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Difference between two things

What is the difference between Laptop and Netbook?  How viloin differs from viola?  Or you may want to know the difference between NEFT and RTGS when you make an online transaction through internet banking.

These are the common queries you may come across in your day to day life.  Now with the launch of a website spearheaded by a pair of McMaster University graduates of Indian Origin, the difference between similar terms and objects are explained online through concise and well researched articles.

Electrical engineering graduate Seralathan Kamalanathan, and Sharmila Sanmuganithi, a life sciences graduate, are behind DifferenceBetween.net. The site features researched, written entries outlining the differences between terms, objects and a host of common comparable and contrasting pairings.

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“We were searching for the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero one time, and we came across an idea to create a website just to give that information that people can find information in one place,” says Seralathan Kamalanathan.

Differencebetween.net not only facilitates your understanding of a topic, but it also enables you to differentiate two similar subjects. The site provides you with instant information on various topics. The subjects are organized into a range of categories from ‘Business’ to ‘Technology’. The other important aspect is multiple reliable resources for each topic have been compiled in a single page, so readers can gather adequate information very quickly and effortlessly.

Visit Differencebetween.net for more details


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