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High Power Committee to review duty hours of Railways Running Staff

Railway Board constitutes Recommendations of the High  Power Committee   to  review  the  duty hours  of running staff – Decisions thereof  on Breach  of Rest Allowance

Ministry of Railways has constituted a Board of high level working committee to review  the  duty hours  of running staff




RBE No.135/2016

No. 2014/E(P&A)II/HPC Report

New Delhi, dated 18-11-2016.

The General Managers(P)/CAOs,

All Indian  Railways

and Production  Units etc.

Sub:  Recommendations of the High  Power Committee   to  review  the  duty hours  of running staff – Decisions thereof  on Breach  of Rest Allowance.

The High Power Committee, constituted to review the duty hours of running staff and other safety related categories made its recommendations on various aspects related to working hours of these categories.  The recommendations have been duly considered by the Board and the following decisions relating to Breach of Rest Allowance have been made:

(i)       The provisions contained in Rule 10 regarding Breach of Rest Allowance in the “The  Rules for the Payments of Running and other Allowances to the Running Staff on Railways, 1981” are reiterated.  Breach of rest whether at Headquarters or at outstation should be permitted only in emergent situations like accidents, natural calamities and national emergencies subject to operational exigencies.

(ii)     There should be no Breach of Rest Allowance for breach of rest at Outstations.  It will,  however, continue to be admissible for breach of rest at Headquarters.

(iii)    There should be no Breach of Rest Allowance for breach in periodical rest.  However,  if need does arise for curtailment of periodical rest,  it should be permitted only if the running staff has availed a complete night in bed during the periodical rest.

(iv)     The present rates for payment of Breach of Rest Allowance  will continue.

(v)   Cases of breach of rest should be regularly monitored at a sufficiently high level in divisional offices and zonal offices.

2.         This  issues  with  the  concurrence  of  the  Finance  Directorate  of  the  Ministry  of Railways.

3.      Please acknowledge receipt.

(Salim Md. Ahmed)

Dy. Director/  Estt. (P&A)II,

Railway Board.

Download Railway Board Circular RBE No.135/2016 No. 2014/E(P&A)II/HPC Report, dated 18-11-2016.