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Frequently Asked Questions on new pattern of CBSE class X Examination

These are Frequently Asked Questions compiled by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on new pattern of CBSE class X Examination.

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The marks obtained in the 2 FAs and SA I in a particular subject is totaled and then converted into grade and gradepoint for that particular subject. TERM- I FA1 (10%) +FA2 (10%) +SA1 (20%) = 40%

As per the circular dated 08/04/2011 the medical certificate has to be obtained from a medical officer not below the rank of an Assistant Surgeon of a Government Hospital.

The request along with the medical documents and concessions required has to be sent through the Head of the Institution in which the student is studying (duly recommended by the Head of the Institution).

The Board prescribes following conditions under which a candidate can appear privately: –

  • All candidates, even if they have failed in all subjects will now have five chances to improve their performance without having to repeat a year.
  • Teachers serving in educational institutions.
  • Regular candidates of the previous year who have completed regular course of studies and have been allotted Roll No. but could not appear due to medical reasons except shortage of attendance as laid down in the Examination Bye-laws.
  • Women candidates who are bonafide residents of NCT of Delhi (only from Delhi).
  • Physically handicapped students (only from Delhi).

The additional subject can be opted as offered by the student’s respective school.

The candidate shall appear only in the theory part and his/her previous practical marks will be carried forward and accounted for if he/she has already cleared the practical.

Yes, it is compulsory to pass separately in the subjects involving theory and practical.

No marks are cut as long as the numbering of the answers is right. However, it is advised that the sequence of the paper is followed as far as possible. The answers of one particular section should be written under the same section and sub section to avoid any discrepancy while checking and totaling the marks.

The candidate will have to study the syllabus recommended for the year in which he/she plans to appear for the examination.

Based on the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the Board is contemplating to provide photocopy of the answer books to the students for classes X Board/ School based exam on payment of requisite fee. The modalities are being finalized.

In respect of a candidate offering an additional subject, the following norms shall be applied: A language offered as an additional subject may replace a language in the event of a candidate not able to qualify in the same provided after replacement the candidate has English/Hindi as one of the languages.

A student who has completed a regular course of study for Class IX and has passed Class IX examination from this Board, or an institution recognized by/affiliated to any recognised Board in India can be admitted in Class X to a school only on the transfer of the parent(s) or shifting of their families from one place to another, after procuring from the school the marks sheet and the Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by the Educational Authorities of the Board concerned.

In case of such admissions the school would obtain post facto approval of the Board within one month of admission of the student.

You may refer to the examination bye-laws/ curriculum document available on the Board’s website www.cbse.nic.in for further information.

Please follow the following AMENDED RULE 67 for issue of DUPLICATE PASS CERTIFICATE: A candidate may obtain duplicate/triplicate certificate on payment of the prescribed fee and submission of an application on a prescribed form in the event of loss/theft/mutilation of the original certificate provided that an affidavit is filed to that effect before an official not below the rank of a first class Magistrate/Notary Public or a Member of the Governing Body of the Board. Further the person requesting for duplicate or triplicate certificate would notify the loss/theft/mutilation of the certificate through Press Note / advertisement in some leading Newspaper and shall submit the Press Clipping to the Board along with the application and the affidavit.

You can download the application form from the Board’s website www.cbse.nic.in > Forms.

Please refer to the following rules for Change/Correction in Date of Birth.

(i) No change in the Date of Birth once recorded in the Board’s records shall be made. However, corrections to correct typographical and other errors to make the certificate consistent with the school records can be made provided that corrections in the school records should not have been made after the submission of application form for admission to the Examination to the Board.

(ii) Such correction in the Date of Birth of a candidate in case of genuine clerical errors will be made under orders of the Chairman where it is established to the satisfaction of the Chairman that the wrong entry was made erroneously in the list of candidates/application form of the candidate for the examination.

(iii) Request for correction in Date of Birth shall be forwarded by the Head of the School along with attested Photostat copies of :

(a) application for admission of the candidate to the School; (b) portion of the page of admission and withdrawal register where entry in Date of Birth has been made; and (c) The School Leaving Certificate of the previous school submitted at the time of admission. (iv) The application for correction in the Date of Birth duly forwarded by the Head of school alongwith documents mentioned in Byelaws 69.2(iii) shall be entertained by the Board only within five years of the date of declaration of results. No correction whatsoever, shall be made on application submitted after the said period of five years.

Please refer to the following rules for condonation of shortage of attendance: (i) If a candidate’s attendance falls short of the prescribed percentage, the Head of the School may submit his name to the Board provisionally. If the candidate is still short of the required percentage of attendances within three weeks of the commencement of the examination, the Head of the Institution shall report the case to the Regional Officer concerned immediately. If in the opinion of the Head of the Institution, the candidate deserves special consideration, he may submit his recommendation to the Regional Officer concerned not later than three weeks before the commencement of the examination for condonation of shortage in attendance by the Chairman, CBSE, who may issue orders as he may deem proper. The Head of the School, in his letter requesting for condonation of shortage in attendance should give the maximum possible attendance by a student counted from the day of commencement of teaching of classes X (beginning of the session) upto the 1st of the month preceding the month in which the examination of the Board commences, attendance by the Candidate in question during the aforesaid period & the percentage of attendance by such candidate during the aforesaid period. (ii) Shortage up to 15% only will be condoned by the Chairman in respect of those students appearing for the Secondary and Senior School Certificate Examinations conducted by the Board. Cases of candidates with attendance below 60% in class X or class XII, appearing for the Board’s examinations, shall be considered for condonation of shortage of attendance by the Chairman only in exceptional circumstances created on medical grounds, such as candidate suffering from cancer, AIDS, TB or similar diseases requiring long period of hospitalization.

(iii) The Principal shall refer a case of shortage within the
above prescribed limit of condonation to the Board, either with the recommendations or with valid reasons for not recommending the case. (iv) The following will be considered valid reasons for recommending the case of the candidate with attendance less than the prescribed percentage :- (a) prolonged illness; (b) loss of father/mother or some other such incident leading to his absence from the school and meriting special consideration; (c) Any other reason of similar serious nature. (d) authorized participation in sponsored tournaments and Sports’ meet of not less than inter school level and at NCC//NSS Camps including the days of journeys for such participation which shall be counted as full attendance.

The following exemptions have been granted as per Examination Bye-Laws which is available on the Board’s website www.cbse.nic.in >Examinations. A candidate from a recognized school who has some physical deformity or is otherwise unable to take part in Work Experience and Physical and Health Education, may be granted exemption by the Chairman on the recommendation of the Head of the Institution, supported by the medical certificate from a Medical Officer of the rank not below an Assistant Surgeon. Blind, Physically Handicapped, Dyslexic, Autistic, and candidates with disabilities as defined in the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 appearing for the Secondary School Examination or Senior School Certificate Examination is permitted to use an amanuensis and shall be allowed an additional time as given below:

  • For paper of 3 hours duration 60 minutes
  • For paper of 2½ hours duration 50 minutes
  • For paper of 2 hours duration 40 minutes
  • For paper of 1½ hours duration 30 minutes

Dyslexic, Spastic candidates and candidates with Visual and Hearing Impairment have the option of studying one compulsory language as against two.

This language should be in consonance with the overall spirit of the Three language Formula prescribed by the Board. Besides one language any four of the following subjects be offered: -Mathematics, Science, Social Science, another language, Music, Painting, Home Science and Foundation of Information Technology, Commerce (elementary Book Keeping and Accountancy) and Commerce (Elements of Business).

He cannot appear for Improvement of Performance & additional subject at the same time. He has first to clear the class X examination and then appear in the Additional Subject within six years of qualifying the examination.

At the time of admission the student should satisfy the requirements of age limits (minimum & maximum) as determined by the Sate/U.T. Government and applicable to the place where the School is located. The date of birth as recorded in the school records will be treated as authentic for the purpose of certification.

You may apply for verification of marks within 21 days of the declaration of the result of main examination. You may apply for verification of marks within 15 days of the declaration of the result of the improvement examination.

The SA II will be based on syllabus prescribed only for term II (October 2011- March 2012).

The change in the name of candidate/Father/mother/guardian once entered in the Board’s record at any stage while studying in Class IX, X, XI, XII or thereafter, within a period of ten years from the date of issue such document shall be considered on written request of the candidate ( not minor)father/mother guardian duly forwarded by the Head of the Institution supported by the following documents:

a.) Original copy of two newspapers( daily English/Hindi newspaper at National level and daily newspaper in a vernacular language circulated in the locality), in which desired change has been publishes;

b.) Original Affidavit duly sworn before the Judicial Magistrate, First Class/ Metropolitan Magistrate/Executive Magistrate/Sub Divisional Magistrate;

c.) Original copy of Publication in Government Gazette;

d.) Payment of prescribed fee

e.) True copy of admission form filled in by the parents duly updated as per Gazette Notification
of desired change and duly attested by the Head of the concerned institution.

f.) True copy of school leaving certificate of the previous school submitted by the parent/candidate at the time of admission and updated as per gazette Notification of desired change, duly attested by the Head of the concerned institution.

g.) True copy of the page of admission and withdrawal register of the school where the entry has been made in respect of candidate showing updation as per Gazette Notification of desired change duly attested by the Head of the concerned institution.

ii) Correction in name to the extent of correction in spelling errors of correction in spelling errors, factual, typographical errors in the candidate’s name/surname to make it consistent with what is given in the school record or list of candidates (LOC) submitted by the school may be made. Application for correction in name of candidate/father/mother’s/guardian’s name will be considered only within then years of the date of declaration of results provided the application of the candidate is forwarded by the Head of the Institution with the following attested documents.

a) True copy of admission form(s) filled in by the parents at the time of admission duly attested by the Head of the concerned institution.

b) True copy of the school leaving certificate of the previous school submitted by the parents of the candidate at the time of admission duly attested by the head of the concerned institution.

c) True copy of the portion of the page of admission and withdrawl register of the school where the entry has been made in respect of the candidate duly attested by the Head of the concerned institution.

iii) The Board may effect necessary correction after verification of the original records of the school and on payment of the amount specified.


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