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The Ministry of Finance has clarified that LTC-80 Rate available on the date of booking will be applicable for Air Travel by eligible Central Government employees.

Clarification on reimbursement of LTC-80 Fare

The Ministry of Finance has clarified that LTC-80 Rate available on the date of booking will be applicable for Air Travel by eligible Central Government employees.

This clarification has been given in connection with doubts raised by administrative authorities of various departments to the effect that whether LTC-80 Rate issued by Government Air Services viz Air India/Indian Air lines as on 1.12.2008 is to be applied for reimbursement of air travel fares for tours performed by Central government employees

Check this link to download Office Memorandum F.No:19046/1/2008/E.IV dated 15-07-2010 issued by Ministry of Finance for more details

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  1. Vide O.M. No. 31011/ 7/ 2014-Estt.(A-IV) dated 28th November, 2014, It is stated by DoPT that it has been decided that the Government servants while availing Leave Travel Concession (LTC) to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) under the special dispensation scheme allowed by the aforesaid O.M. may also travel by private airlines subject to the following conditions:-

    (i) Officers entitled to travel by air may also travel by private airlines from their headquarters;
    (ii) Officers not entitled to travel by air may be permitted to travel by private airlines between Delhi /Amritsar and any place in J&K.

    2. Air travel by private airlines is to be performed in Economy Class only an at LTC- 80 fare of Air India or less.

    3. Air Tickets to be purchased directly from the airlines (Booking counters, website of airlines) or by utilizing the service of Authorized Travel Agents viz. ‘M/s Balmer Lawrie & Company’, ‘M/s Ashok Travels & Tours’ and ‘IRCTC’ (to the extent IRCTC is authorized as per DoPT’s O.M. No. 31011/6/2002-Estt.(A) dated 02.12.2009) whileundertaking LTC journey. Booking of tickets through other agencies is not permitted.

    4. All other conditions prescribed in this Ministry’s O.M. No. 31011/3/2014-Estt.(AIV) dated 26.09.2014 would continue to apply.

    5. The order will remain in force for a period of one year from the date of issue of this order.

    My grade pay is 5400. I want to be clarified that earlier travel agents were offering tour packages included in the cost of airline tickets. Does that condition still prevails?? Can the govt. servants avail the facility of private airlines in these sectors and get the amount reimbursed? Or do we need to tavel only on Air India under LTC 80 fare?

  2. I am going to visit Jammu under LTC scheme for J&K. I have got my ticket booked from approved agent, he has charged some taxex. Are all the taxes charged by the approved agent viz balmer lawrie, ashok travels and tours payable under LTC scheme for J & K

  3. Sir, I am central government employee and I am not entitle by air gp rs4800/- I want to avail Ltc to portblair by air since the scheme has been extended . The Ltc 80 fare from Kolkata to portblair is ₹14’ooo approx.. The. Airindia fare from Delhi to portblair is around ₹12,000 which is less than Ltc80 fare. Can I directly travel from Delhi to portblair by Airindia and can get the reimbursement.

  4. I have purchased LTC 80 tickets from air India office and the fare basis is HLTC.
    My office is only reimbursing me the HLTC base fare + fuel charges from the list of LTC 80 fares.

    But the order F. No. 31011/4/2008-Estt.(A) Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pension Department of Personnel & Training
    New Delhi, the 23rd September, 2008, says that the travel entitlements for LTC will be same as that on official duty/tour except DA.

    So why only Base fare (HLTC ) + fuel charges is reimbursed and taxes are not reimbursed. In official duty taxes are also reimbursed.

  5. I performed home town ltc with family, one side I performed journey by train, and return journey train ticket not confirmed, I performed journey by private Bus, wheather I am eligble the bus fare,

  6. I have planned to availed north east LTC along with my family member(Wife & son) for 2010-13 & I started my journey on 18th April, 2012 and in advance purchased the air tickets(Air India to & fro), I had got and advance in jan-2012. Now I heard the package is limited upto 30th Marach, 2012. Kindly clearify the my LTC claim settled or otherwise.

    • Taking in to account the present policy of the govt in promoting tourism in NER, we hope that the concession will be made available in the coming years also

  7. Sir kindly provide the meaning of authorized air travel agents for booking of air tickets . Do the agents registered by AITA can be used for booking LTC tickets

  8. I do agree with all of the ideas you have presented in your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for novices. Could you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  9. As per the OM dated 16 september 2010 clause iv under LTC ‘Air Tickets may be purchased directly from Airlines (at Booking counters / Website of Airlines) or by utilizing the services of Authorized Travel Agents viz. M/s Balmer Lawrie & Company, M/s Ashok Travels & Tours and IRCTC. Pl clarify whether air tickets can be purchased from websites like ‘makemytrip.com, yatra.com’ etc

  10. Sir, I am on the post of UDC in delhi, may i travel from delhi to bagdogra by air india non ltc 80 fare amounting Rs.6900/- which is less than delhi to calcutta by rajdhani train 3 tyre (Rs.1520) and calcutta to bagdogra (Rs.6090) by ltc 80 fare, total fare will be Rs.7610/- approx. Sir, can i travel directly from delhi to bagdogra on above calculation which is less than my total ltc 80 entitlement? 

    • yes you can travel. Normally, LTC will be available to the extent of eligible fare if higher class is availed and otherwise eligible for LTC. This procedure will be applicable in this case also. However, pl ensure that you travel by taking LTC 80 ticket from Delhi to Bagdogra.

  11. dear sir, may i know the approved agents for booking ltc 80 fare. if approved agent is not available, then may i booked to any agent available in my posting place (daman)

  12. Sir, pl clarify regarding reimbursement for home town converted into JK Under LTC. i visited delhi to leh and visited some sight seeing point and paid lumsum Rs10,000/- to local tour operator. Can this may be claimed for reimbursement. I also came from Leh to srinagar and from srignagar to delhi. can tickets from leh to srinagar will be reimbursable.

  13. package rate are not allowed under LTC is govt buses are available in north east sikkim

    high rates taxi are available in north east please provide the latest taxi rate of sikkim govt

  14. sir please clarify the following points
    1. is govt buses are available in north east
    2. taxi fare gangtok to nathulapas which is reimbursable in govt. sectors

  15. sir,

    I have booked ticket under LTC80 from Delhi to Bagdogra from Air India Counter Safdarjung airport. they charged Rs. 10360/- per person. When i checked fare of Air India on their website for Delhi to Bagdogra for the same date, I surprised to know that fare shown on website is much lower than ltc80 in the same flight. I am not able to understand why govt. is insisting to purchase ltc80 ticket which is much higher than actual. hope someone please clarify.

    • yes. LTC 80 ticket fare is costlier than Air India non-refundable air fares. But LTC 80 tickets are refundable in case of cancellation.

  16. Sir:
    One of the air india package price for NE region is less than LTC 80 fare in that sector. If I travel to NE by opting this package fare will it be fully reimbursable as it is less than the LTC 80 fare. Please reply

  17. can a female government official claim ltc for dependent unmarried sister’s-in-law as they are dependent on her?

  18. Hello Admin

    I am told by Indain air Lines that Cochin – Delhi & Delhi-Cochin only LTC-Q ticket is available. Is it reimbursable under LTC rule. Please clarify.


  19. Dear Sir, kindly let me know the LTC 80 fare from Kolkata to Dehradun and vice versa.

  20. I do not know any AI approved travel agency nearby my place, I want to take the LTC Q for Delhi Bagdogra trip. Can I book the ticket from the website or do I need to go to the airport?

    • Travel by air under LTC requires booking of tickets under LTC80 fares only. If any of the websites offers LTC80 tickets you can very well book the same. The other option available is booking of tickets at AIR INDIA counter

  21. hello admin,If i purchase an economy class ticket from air india website which is CHEAPER than the LTC-80 fare will it be reimbursed. The rule above says that the ticket has to be LTC-80 economy class whereas one on the website does not say it is ltc 80. there are four categories Restricted , refundable, economy, executive. I have observed that for the first two categories mentioned above the fare is less than LTC-80. If i book a ticket in this category will it still be refunded (since it is not LTC-80 economy class). hope i am clear.Secondly, the problem with LTC-80 economy is i do not have direct access to it and i have to get it booked through agent moreover i also learnt from somewhere that if the to and fro LTC-80 fare crosses the amount listed in LTC-80 fares list, the latter will prevail and i might not be refunded the entire amount. Is it true? please clarify ASAP.

  22. I have booked Air tickets for journey from Mumbai to Port Blair in Dec 2010. Iam entitled for LTC80 concession. However I have booked the tickets in advance through authorised agents for cheapest fare in Air India. Am I entitled for reimbursement based on the latest Govt. orders on LTC dated 16.09.2010. Please clarify.

    • Dear nair
      Intent of Govt to fix LTC 80 fare is only as an upper cap for reimbursement . Whichever is less clause will certainly be applied. It is not against the orders dated 16/9/10


  24. I am traveling to Andaman from Bangalore using LTC-80.Can I travel from residence to airport in a govt bus and will that be reimbursed. And will be local sight seeing in Andaman arranged by Ministry of Tourism be reimbursed?? If so please tell me which rule this has been published??

  25. Hi,Two days back my dad booked tickets for Delhi to guwahati and then back to delhi from Air India. As he is central govt employee and can avail LTC 80 class we asked the tickets under LTC 80 however Air India booked the tickets under LTC-Q class and said that its one and the same thing as in north west region LTC 80 is LTC Q.Kinldy clarify.is LTC Q fare reimbursable?

  26. Vivek Shrivastava

    Sir the Travel Agents charge service tax, as they come in the category of Service Tax assessee. Is this tax also reimbursable apart from ticket amount ?

  27. Under LTC Goa-Mumbai sector tickets are issued by the Indian Airlines under LTC-Q and not under LTC-80. Since Indian Airlines is not issuing tickets under LTC-80 can I buy the tickets under LTC-Q. Pl. reply

  28. I am not aware what is LTC Q. So far we are only claiming LTC 80 fares. Please clarify.

  29. I have booked air india LTC-80 ticket through some agent. The recent OM has named only three agents. Is my ticket valid for LTC or I have to cancel it. Please Help

    • Dear Ayush
      you may get AI tickets thro approved agents of AI. That means your agent is also booking tickets of AI through AI site only. So you insist your booking agent the Eticket issued by the AI site and you show that to Department for LTC purpose. The receipts of agent is for your purpose only. Generally approved agent will not charge any single pie more of the AI Eticket charge as agent’s charge, as there seem to be some tie between AI & any AI approved agent of your town. Booking thro these other AI agents is equal to booking thou AI site by yourself only. But beware to produce ETicktet for LTC not the agents’ receipt

  30. Sir
    Some of the sectors LTC80 has been withdrawn by the  Indian Airlines and introduced LTC-Q rate. On such sectors, the LTC Q is it reimbursable. In our office, where there is no such LTC80 rates are available, informed all the entitle Govt employees to book Air tickets in the internet on no-refundable airfare basis. 
    Kindly clarify the rate in which under LTC the entitle class of Govt employees eligible in the absense of LTC80 fare. And such sectors where there is no direct Air india flights between sectors  the entitle class of people can they use Private Air lines. Eg: Guwhati to Bubaneswar,Kolkatta to Bubaneswara like
    Requested your early response in this regard

  31. as the travel eligibility for LTC is specified as equivalent to the one eligible for official tours;
    My doubt is,
    whether a officer and his family can travel by a taxi from his residence to airport? as we do for official tours?

    If so the taxi fare is reimbursable?

    Some one may please clarify under which rule this travel from res. to airport and airport to residence is banned.

    • Dear selvaraj
      There is no provision in the LTC Rules for road mileage as like Tour TA for journeys between residence to busstand/RS/Airport; If such journey performed in a govt (town) bus that will be eligible but not for taxi/auto etc. OM dated 31/03/1999

  32. I am employed (PB-3 15690-39100) with Central Gov. autonomous organization in Gujarat.

    Even today my office has continues to give huge packages for ltc tours even after 04.12.2008 o.m. from government of india.

    For ahmedabad-port blair visit officer are paid ltc claim of 65000 per person when ltc-80 fare is less than half of it.
    Similarly for Leh visit officers are paid 40000 / person.

    I also want to benefit. What kind of risks are involved? Please clarify. HELP.

    • Reminder.

      Admin, please respond to my query of 12-09

      I am employed (PB-3 15690-39100) with Central Gov. autonomous organization in Gujarat.

      Even today my office has continues to give huge packages for ltc tours even after 04.12.2008 o.m. from government of india.

      For ahmedabad-port blair visit officer are paid ltc claim of 65000 per person when ltc-80 fare is less than half of it.
      Similarly for Leh visit officers are paid 40000 / person.

      I also want to benefit. What kind of risks are involved? Please clarify. HELP.

    • I have booked air india LTC-80 ticket through some agent. The recent OM has named only three three agents. Is my ticket valid for LTC or I have to cancel it. Please Help!

      • It has been written at many places that tickets booked by authorised agent are reiumbersable. But exactly rule order is not found. If you got any information, write here

  33. Dear Sir,
    It is well known that some of the sectors the LTC80 fare has been with drawn, Such sectors the Air India issues LTC Q rate, Where as in our office our Admin cleares the payment on LTC80Q rate, where as the Finance dept restricts the payment on cheaper airfare on non refundable basis. and advise the entitle class of employees to book the Air ticket on cheaper rate basis on non refundable basis and says that is the lowest fare available for Govt employees in the absense of LTC 80 fare. Kindly clarify whcih class the LTC amount should be restricted in the absense of LTC80 fare

  34. I am a Central Government Gr. B officer posted at Dehradun. I want to avail LTC to North East (BAGDOGRA) by Indian Air Lines on 1st week of November, 2010. (1) How can I get LTC-Q fare from Delhi to Bagdogra and back on Indian Air Lines website. (2) Can my office reimburse LTC-Q fare other than LTC-80 fare? (3) Can I travel from Bagdogra to Gangtok by Taxi run by Sikkim Tourism Department? Otherwise, what is the mode of transport run by Sikkim Tourism Deptt.
    I will be thankful to you, if kindly answer my above THREE queries.
    WITH REGARDS. From: Ramesh Kumar Keshari

  35. In return journey, I hired a private taxifrom gangtok to Bagdogra Airport ,WB the nearest airport of gangtok ,sikkim.From Bagdogra ,I travelled in a private airline to Delhi . From Delhi to kota, travelled in an intercity express. What am I entitled for the full reimburshment which I have paid ?


  36. I have purchased my air ticket on dated 24 November’2008 under Special package of LTC Scheme to North-East region through Spicejet. I have travelled on 27 November’2008. My ticket was full fare economy and my office given me advance for that. At the final settlement of LTC my office recovered the advance amount from my salary and reimbersed only the amount as per LTC 80. Please clarify wether the above deduction made by my office is correct or not, where the LTC 80 Scheme notified on 4 December’2008.

  37. Vivek Shrivastava

    But LTC 80 scheme was withdrawn from some sectors like Delhi Bagdogra w. e. f 10 March 2010 as per tariiff Circular 037 A of NACIL 10.3.2010 and LTC Q was introduced in that place of which Fare is higher in comparison to LTC 80 my tickets have been booked under LTC Q for the date 15.4.2010 and 21.4.2010 for Delhi Bagdogra and back. Kindly arrange to get clarification in respect of of LTC Q also as LTC 80 TICKETS WERE not available for sale, as LTC 80 withdrawn this sector on these dates i.e. booked after 10.3.2010.

    • Yes, after withdrawal of LTC 80 only fare availble is LTC Q which is minimum fare availa ble for Govt Servants. So, it is reimbursable.

      • Dear Sir,

        The recent order no. 19024/1/2009-E.1V dated 16-09-2010, in which it clarifies that on LTC it permits to (1) travel by Auir india only (2) In Economy class only, irrespective of entitlement (3) LTC80 tickests of Air india only to be purchased, in this situation the secotrs on which the LTC80 fare is withdrawn the LTC Q is reimbursable

        requested your immediate clarificaton in this regard

        • Dear ravindra
          The intent of Clarification is the fare should be LTC 80 otherwise it should be restricted to ltc 80 or actual whichever is less. But travel should be in AI only not pvt Air, though it is cheaper

  38. Is this order of Finanace, Department of Expenditure’s

    OM No.F. No. 19046/1/2008-E.IV dated 15th July 2010

    applicable for tickets booked on 22.04.2010.


    Sir,with reference to the clarification on reimbursement of LTC-80 fare kindly intimate the date of effect of the clarification. Also please intimate whether LTC-Q fares are reimbursible under this clarification if I had availed LTC facilities to visit N.E.region by air India.

    • sir i have purchased LTC Q air ticket for tour to andamans on ltc.please intimate whether LTC-Q fares are reimburseable if i would avail LTC facilities to visit andamans.

    • my home town is saharanpur(UP),and presntally i am posted at bhopal (M.P). can i go my home twon by air.under the LTC-80scheme. BHopl-Delhi dehradun.Kindly guid me how can imay avail the ltc by air.

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