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Railways Pantry Clean-up: No More Overcharging by Catering Staff

Railways Pantry Clean-up: No More Overcharging by Catering Staff

The nightmare of travelling long distance on trains and being served with stale pantry food is about to come to an end as newly appointed Railways Minister Piyush Goyal decides to revamp the catering system and provide quality service to the passengers.

No more tipping

Railways pantry staff who ask for tips each time after serving will now be overlooked by onboard inspectors as the minister aims at curbing inflated food prices and rude behaviour by staff members.

Pocket-friendly prices

Hoping to overhaul the catering system and weed out overcharging, Goyal put up a new list with a redone menu where passengers can now buy tea/coffee at Rs 7, 1 litre water bottles at Rs 15 and have breakfast at Rs 30/35.

Previously, for a cup of coffee/tea, the passengers were charged at Rs 20 and denied being provided with menu cards.

Weigh before you buy

The Railways audit found numerous instances when the weight of the food item was less than prescribed.

The railways passengers were charged much more for much less. To counter this, Goyal suggests weighing the food packets before serving them and ditching underweight packs.

Keeping in mind the fact that the Railways caters to over 22 mn passengers daily and even if half of this public’s eating off Railways’ kitchens, the amount of money being siphoned off by fraudulent vendors mounts to an alarming number.

IRCTC to take over zonal railways

In order to upgrade quality of food preparation, IRCTC is to set up new kitchens and upgrade existing ones.

Key features of this policy include the order to IRCTC to manage catering service on all mobile units – pantry car contracts awarded by zonal railway to be reassigned to IRCTC and meals for all mobile units to be picked up from the nominated kitchens owned, operated and managed by IRCTC.

Source: ET