Meeting a long-pending demand of over a crore defence veterans and 12 lakh serving jawans, the government substantially increased the pension of ex-servicemen. The new, revised pension would be implemented beginning this month, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee told the Lok Sabha while presenting the Budget for 2009-10. In essence, the government has accepted the recommendation …

Govt accepts One rank One pension demand

Meeting a long-pending demand of over a crore defence veterans and 12 lakh serving jawans, the government substantially increased the pension of ex-servicemen.

The new, revised pension would be implemented beginning this month, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee told the Lok Sabha while presenting the Budget for 2009-10.

In essence, the government has accepted the recommendation of the high-level committee headed by Cabinet Secretary Mr. K M Chandrasekhar that was set up in April to look into the defence pensioners’ demands.

“Based on the recommendation of the committee headed by Cabinet Secretary on ‘One Rank-One Pension’ (OROP), the government has decided to substantially improve the pension of pre-January one, 2006 defence pensioners below officer rank and bring pre-October 10, 1997 pensioners on par with post- October 10, 1997 pensioners,” Mr.Mukherjee said.

It may be noted that the pre-January 1, 2006, pensioners were affected following implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations last October, while the pre- and post-October 10, 1997, pensioners were impacted by the Fifth Pay Commission recommendations.

For long, organisations of ex-servicemen had been demanding that the disparity in pension to personnel holding the same rank and service record, but retiring at different points of time, be removed.The decision will benefit a large number of soldiers, especially those who retired before 1996.

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27th meeting SCOVA to be held shortly

The details of the date, time and venue of the meeting will follow. The meeting will be chaired by the Hon'ble Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Pubic Grievances & Pensions.


  1. ratish chandra paul

    Dear Defence Minister
    Please tell us the likely date to implementation of one rank one pension for Ex-Serviceman retired before 01 January 2006

  2. plz give me full summry of same rank same pension group d nike table no. 14 for my dady at my id . thanks



  4. I am Lokendra chourasia 14212304k a l/nk completed 15 year service on july 1986 please tell what will be my basic pension and alowyance please send e mail at the eairliest.

  5. I am Jayantha N 655782 a med asst completed 20 years service please tell what will be my basic pension and alowyance please send email at the earliest


  6. what will be my pention asw i have completed 20 year of service in airforce my service no is 655633 trade med asst

  7. i was retired from indian, with 17yr-3months-21days(retired in 1999-sep-30)i was working in “Y” or “B” group in indian army. i want to know my pension plan, my batch no. is 14546857L. please tell about my DA & one pay one rank up to now(i.e., 24-07-10)& what’ll my pension after increament to my 

  8. sir,

    what about 70% pension and anomolysis in rank wise pension of pbor as service wise and rank wise. rank wise table not found.

  9. Please place the calculation/Ready reconer table of One rank one pension of retired defence personnel. Many banks/ treasuries are still in cofusion as how to calculate the OROP to the different categories. They say that they have not yet received any orders effect to this. Please do the needful at the earliest.

  10. please send me a table for one rank 1 pension according to ranks.

  11. I 637029 B ex sgt Gyan Prakash Pradhan radio fitter group x date of discharge -31.may.2000 want to know what will be my basic pension after 01.july.2009.

  12. Venkatesh Kalahasti

     I am an Ex-Sgt In Indian Air Force Group-1 retired in 16 Jan 1996. after completing 15 years of service.  I desire to know how I will have the benefit from  one rank one pension scheme announced by Govt of India. when the benefits are expected to be received by me.

  13. K Gopalakrishnan

    Dear bros,
    To form a committee and enhancement of pension as per its recommendation is only to byepass the contempt of Haryana and Punjab Hight court verdict in regard to pre 1996 pensioners. Eeven  after the court verdict, the govt has moved SLP to supreme court , but the same have been not accepted. Hence the drama. According to the enhancement no step has been taken by the present govt to implement OROP or parity in pension, but to escape from the contempt of court

  14. Recently one rank one pension notification issued by the Govt. It is observed that pre-2006 pensioners are getting equeal pension on the basis of equal length of service ie, A Nb Sub in Xp who put on 24years 6 months will get 10290/- as per the encanshed rate of pension. Whereas post – 2006 pensioners getting so many type of pension. There is no spefic length of service. There is no pension table draw for the post 2006 pension. I have recd my revised pension order. My pension has been fixed to Rs 9470/- whereas pre-2006 pensioner will 10290/-. My pension supposed to more than 10290/-. But it is not understood on which basis govt is claulating the pension. In this regard I put a complaint to PCDA pension Allahabad. No reply recd so far.

  15. Allarapu Achyuta Rao

    My Ex-Airforce friends
    Teji Rao, Sambi Reddy, B Venkata swamy, odelu, Ranga Rao,Gowda, PV. Koteswara Rao ,CN Rao, MSC Rao pl contact me on mail
    18-8-1978 to 31-8-1993, MTD- 265

  16. Allarapu Achyuta Rao

    hi my old friends
    iam ex-sgt A. Achyuta Rao MTD 622629 (Airforce Boxer) if any of my old friends see this pl contact me. iam at present working in abroad.

  17. Allarapu Achyuta Rao

    i 622629-R,ex-sgt A. Achyuta Rao, MTD retired from Indian Air Force on 31-8-1993
    can anyone pl tell me how much i will be benifited in one rank one pension.


  18. Friends,I have copy of new  pension code for PBOR,(sorry Hony Lts and Capts not included). You may ask me for

  19. Pension of personnel below officers rank(i.e JCOs equivalent and below)retired prior to 01 Jan 2006 has since been revised wef 01 Jul 2009 The details could be seen from PCDA(Pension)Allahabad site Pension details are given in their circular No 430.

  20. Thanks that at last the Govt issued the long awaited orders although there are some critical issues like a Leading Aircrafts man who is put in 15 years of service gets approx. 100 rupees more than a sergeant who is also put in 15 years service. A sergeant is two ranks higher than A leading Aircraftsman. This is really surprising as to how such mistakes can happen.

  21. dear , we are hearing that “so called one rank one pension is going to implimented , not in same sense , something near to that , around 9 points weere given to the commitee in that 7 points are agreed but 2 points are not agreed , god knows what is that 2 points ?any how any one want to know about the news pl refer the Times of india 11march 2010, 4thapage , it is given clearly and rest we can give to “”God””, i hope they may give some bone pices to Ex-serviceman b’couse the election may comming near future .still some thing is better than nothing , but donot expect too much some thing 400 to 500 hike only not more .And they are making more differnce between the pre 2006, and ,1996,and 1987 etc
    only god can save ex- service man .

  22. Ex Sgt. Jai Prakash Kain

    Good news for pre Oct,1997, let’s hope best for pre Jan,2006. Thanks to Government and BJP leader LK ADWANI.

  23. now the orders are out can anybody tell the exact increase in pension at present i m getting 6242 retired on 31/05/2002

  24. Now the news came in today Gujarati News paper the OROP have finalized and Notification will come in notice shortly. So we should wait for few days

  25. According to PTI news, orders for improvement in pension for retired JCOs equivalents and below have been issued by Min of Def on 08th Mar 2010. This is for the information of all concerned.

  26. K Gopalakrishnan

    Dear bros,
    Now u all r aware that prime minister of india lied  on the floor of the house that enhancement of pension to all JCOs and other ranks have been implemented. In earlier I have mentioned about the congress mood in regard to OROP.Someone relied me that the PM and the sonia are very honest .now this way. if anyone could contact Mrs Mamta Banerjee and Shri M Karunanidhi , their word will be heavily heard by the congress soasto remain in power. Or we should go to court for which someone, Major RS Saini or others who resides at Delhi  lead .Contributions for the same can be call for through news paper, That only the last chance for us.
    always ur brother
    K Gopalakrishnan
    0491 2538563
    Note :Am retired from Corps of Signals on 01 Jan 90 after completing 24 yrs of service

  27. Sub chandra deo sharma


    I was retired from army as Subedar on 31 Dec 2003.

    Kindly provide the exact pension amount on my email ID according to one man one pension scheme

  28. hi….,
    i had in army(Hav) for 16 years.
    i want to know, did the gov. will provide pensions Year wise or our Service wise….!
    if it is service wise, how…?

  29. dear bros, Soman,KK Kumar an Jayawant,
    Why u peoples r quarelling  with each other for common cause. I think u all r well settled and only open this blog for leisure. Stop this.

  30. I am X Group Retiree from IAF as JWO ( last rank held for 06 Months) after 20 Year in 2005 ,could you kindly explain the calculation When the improvement in pension is implemented or materialized . Please tell us whether minimum guaranteed pension as per 5.1.47 is applicable for defence personnel.

    • Dear Tripathi- As per GOI letter dated 11 nov 2008, you are entitle for the last rank pension(i.e JWO pension). My case is also similar like yours. you can contact me on my phone 022-27230021.

  31. Dear Bros,Since I being reitred both from bank and army (Corps of signals),try to understand the feeling of various ex faujis through their blogs in regard to one rank one pension.Now I try to understand from the pension cell of congress, they are not in mood to implement OROP now or after.Even the amount kept for implementing COS report goes to lapse. There is no one in parliament for our cause. And our superiors are mum as they will get some Lt governors or ambassador post after retirement.Let us cry loud

  32. Hellow Sirs,
    The Government should immediately and without any further loss of time implement the decision whatever it is, as the ex-servicemen are waiting it very eagrly.


  33. Hallow sirs,

    Ref Shri Gopala krishnan’s mail of 9 dec 09. we should get ourselves organised and must assemble in Delhi and take the help of of the MPs of all political parties and meet PM. The bureucrats are ofcourse against this, Even the president of India is keeping mum after her announcement that something will be done by june 09. Everybody should indicate their emailId and telephone no and place of residence so that we can contact one another. The exservicemen association authorities are now mum and not progressing the case. My email Id is state units must unmite and find out a leader who can vouch for us. Such leaders may indicate their interest and contact details here, so that people can contact him. Pl come out .
    for the time being this much, more I may write later. Let me see what is the response of the readers.


  34. Dearest bros,
    As I already mentioned on 23 jul that there will be no OROP to any one. This comes true to the question by Smt Sushama Swaraj in the lokhsabha, wherein Min Pallave Raju, state min for defence clearly claried that the committed has recommended that OROP is not possible due to administrative reasons. Now the govt is safeguard its face from contempt of notice from the hight court of haryana and punjab. We are crying in this blog and no one other than us seeing this.Even the media is being censured by the govt in regard to our movement.
    thanking you
    K Gopalakrishnan,ex 6316087 Corps of signals. If anyone knows pls contact me in email

  35. All my exsericemen friends,
    on a recent communication with a senior authority of the exservicemen association, I am told that the govt is not keen to pay OROP. From the conversation, the leaders of exservicemen are not interested to get it implemented. What I suggest is that the state associations now get united and new leaders be elected and then those new leaders may fight for our welfare.

    No news from from our leaders, pl send this information to all the state associations. Otherwise let the leaders come out as to what they transfired with the govt. Poor and starving situation with exservicemen in their 80s and 90s. No one is ready to look after them. Please get united at respective areas.


  36. i retired on 28 feb 1998 as a sub(hony/capt) what will be the benifit when govt. accept one
    rank one pension plz tell me about 70% of pension of last pay. thank you
    u can contect me on my E-mail id which is (

  37. It is found that the Govt. has already approved pensionary benefits to all sections of PBOR and Ministry of Finance has already sent the report of the Cabinet Secretary to Smt. Neelam Nath, Secretary D/O Ex-servicement Welfare on 09.07.2009. But the MOD/Deptt.of Ex-servicemen Welfare has not taken care to furnish the pension tables till date for which 12 lakh ex-servicemen are deprived of their entitlements since July 2009. Therefore It is requested to kindly make immediate orders to PCDA and all PDAs.

  38. Dear Sirs I got retired on 31 Aug 2009,till Ididn’t received my PPO,anybody retired after 31 March 2009, got their PPO.Thanks for valuable information.

  39. X Sergeant jayvant walawalkar Indian Air Force

    Dear Ex Sgt Sukamal Sengupta, please contact me on my e mail id, it is, i will explain you. Thanks & Regards, X Sgt Walawalkar JY

  40. Dear,

    jayvant walawakkar, could u kindly help me please by enlighting me what actually mean OROP as declared by G

  41. Hello friends. I am Ex-JWO of Group I (Radio/Fitter) Air Force (WO 77 and WM 122) any of my entry mates? I request to have patience and wait for the circular from CDA in respect of OROP announced by Finace Minister, Defence Minister and thje Prime Minister from the rampoarts ofed Fort of Independenc Day. Govt. cannot go back on this issue. As you have wated for so ong please have little more. I request you to kindly avoid using filthy language and insted share your good views through this channel and have friendship. Thanks and regards to all the vetrans.

  42. X Sergeant jayvant walawalkar Indian Air Force

    This is once again for PV Soman, Ex-Master-at-arms,Navy, who passed dirty comments on me on 23 Oct 2009, Dear Soman, do not hide, you have to reply me, or else, you got to take back your dirty words. You must know, what sin you have done. Thanks & Regards.

  43. I m an Ex- Hav/Clk GD, taken premature retirement after 21 years service on 28 Feb 2003 . Date of Joinin 30-11-1982

    What will be my pension according to Sixth pay commission and OROP .

    When the OROP to be implemented or materialised.

  44. Vijayan Pillai (Ex Sub Maj)


    one rank one pension is defined in many ways according to their own eyes. The orders for OROP is not issued by the Govt yet but some roamers were given wide publicity which may be right or wrong. As per this for calculation of OROP they have given some high lights. They have given weightage 13 years for Sep/AC/Sea Man, 11 years for Nks/Cpl/LSM, 9 years for Hav/Sgt/PO and 5 years for JCOs/Warrant ranks/CPOs. Pension will be 70% upto the rank of Hav and 50% for JCOs and above. For calcutation of pension the average of minimum and maximum pay scales of the rank is taken. Hence the calculation comes as under :-
    Average of min and max pay of the rank/ (70% or 50%)*(No of years served+weigtage of the rank)/33. The total service plus the weightage should not exceed 33 which is the maximum for all/any ranks. for eg, A Sgt put on 20 years will get basic pension 70% of 11640+25000/2*29/33 ie. 12830×29 / 33 = 11275 (basic pension as on 01.07.2009) is very much higher than he is drawing now. However the firm orders are still awaited. Fruther clarifications are welcome throuogh my email Thanks

  45. Vijayan Pillai (Ex Sub Maj)


    one rank one pension is defined in many ways according to their of eyes. The orders for OROP is not issued by the Govt yet but some roamers were given wide publicity which may be right or wrong. As per this for calculation of OROP they have given some high lights. They have given weightage 13 years for Sep/AC/Sea Man, 11 years for Nks/Cpl/LSM, 9 years for Hav/Sgt/PO and 5 years for JCOs/Warrant ranks/CPOs. Pension will be 70% for Hav and 50% for JCOs. For calcutation of pension the average of minimum and maximum pay scales of the rank is taken. Hence the calculation comes as under :-
    Average of min and max pay of the rank/ (70% or 50%)*(No of years served+weigtage of the rank)/33. The total service plus the weightage should not exceed 33 which is the maximum for all/any ranks. for eg, A Sgt put on 20 years will get basic pension 11640+25000/2*29/33 ie. 12830×29 / 33 = 11275 (basic pension as on 01.07.2009) is very much higher than he is drawing now. However the firm orders are still awaited.

  46. jayvant walawalkar

    This refers to comments made by PV Soman, Ex-master-ar-arms,Navy on oct,23, 2009.
    Dear Soman, you should go to website, where you will find my complete profile.afterward,please do talk to me or write to me, my email id is Thanks & Regards, Ex-Sergeant Jayvant Walawalkar, Indian Air Force

  47. Hi

    I am Ex-Sgt Sukamal Sengupta , Radio/Tech-113,114 guys or conversion R/F-154,155 batch or footballer of airforce please contact me on this blog or email address to cherish our good old days at Bangalore. And also enlighten me about orop. I also find in this blog that those officers who never care for welfare of PBOR during their in service are airing their grievences for orop. Let us take it the way it comes .

  48. PV Soman,Ex-Master-at-arms,navy

    This is in respect to the comments made by one ,Mr.Jayavant Walawalkar on 31August 2009,on this platform:

    This subjects are being highlighted by, ex-defence men who sincerely devoted their life to safeguard the nation,only because of which like you people are still alive to suck the blood of BHARATHMATHA ,with out showing any integrity or patriotisam towards the country.You seems to be a BABOO who hate the defence personnel always.If this subjects are causing inconvenience to you then what can we do?
    Nobody is compelling you to look into this ,at all. Mr.ghatty, better learn the manners first.OK.

  49. PV Soman,Ex-Master-at-arms,navy

    I request the primeminister Mr.Manmohan singh to look into the grievences aired by the people ,who had rendered their youthful life to the nation to safe guard her people, including the idot politicians, who have no commitment towards the nation or
    its people.
    Keeping the ex-servicemen dissatisfied is not a good sign for the country as the personnel in the armed forces of today ,are also watching the neglect shown towards their
    ex-community,and may
    would affect in their morale,which may lead to serious circumstances later.
    There for ,being respectable to everyone in the country and not being a cheating charactor like every dirty politicians, I humbly request Mr. Manmohaji to implement the one rank one pension at the earliest opportunity itself for which the entire ex-service personnel would be grateful to you.We all have lost the faith in the present pesident ,to whom ,precious medals were handed over in protest,a few months ago.

    thank you,

  50. Dear fellow PBORs,

    Enough bedate has been made on this site. The officers are/were always better placed and way ahead of PBOR, they have better avenues for their resettlements. One rank one pension may hardly matters to them. What remains to be seen is that a considerable time has since been elapsed, however nothing has been herad as to what exact benefit made in announcing equal pension on equal ranks. The details are still not forthcoming. Should some one elabrote.

  51. I am an EX po/SR,Retired from navy on 30-nov-1988. what is my pension according to OROP, When the orop implemented. THANKS





  53. Ex Sub J c Sekharam

    Our great Senior officers & other related manpower who fought & achieved the positive result of sanctioning ONE RANK ONE PENSION for exservicemen is like a godgift. Now I request them to bless this to efective exservicemen as soon as possible by conveying our great Prime Minister,Defence & Finance Ministers so that the very old personnels at thier last days may enjoy instead of some other will enjoy.

  54. new formula may be like this((Max Basic in the rank)*1.86(+grade pay+Msp+XgradePay))*(no of years service+5)/66Eg if one has retired as MCPOII in navy no of years 15 then((9720*1.86)+4600+2000+1400)*(15+5)/66=26080*20/66=7903/-latest pension may be(7910+27%DA)-cummutaion=8695difference 8695-6848=1847/-A rise of approx rs 1850/-my email

  55. US Government delcares that some of the companies dealing in Defence contract has been paying huge bribes to Navy Officials.
    I want GOI to investigate all Ex Navy officers assets and savings and also serving officers. They have looted the country and cheated poor Indian Navy Sailors by providing inferior materials and equipments. All Officers lead a luxurious life without any work and on top they make Millions of dollar by bribe. If this is from USA think of bribes going from Indian Companies to Officers.
    It is high time we start a joint effort to find the sources of saving and money, asssets of Navy Officers.
    The swiss govermnent has accepted to show the accounts of Indians black money stashed in Swiss Banks and I request the GOI to start with the ex defence officers name. 

  56. Vijayan PK, Ex/Hav/Clk (GD)

    I m an Ex- Hav/Clk GD, Retired from Service on 01-01-1988. Date of Joinin 15-11-1971

    What will be my pension according to Sixth pay commission and OROP .

    When the OROP to be implemented or materialised.

  57. Ex-Sgt OP Maharshi

    Everything is declared and said by PM and Finance Ministered but what is truth?Truth is that till now , Not a single rupee is given till date. Can some one tell us what is the current salary of Ex Sgt of X group served 20 Years in IAF. Any update.


  59. Hi All,
    Why are we wasting our time by crying about one rank one pension? It will never happen. Our armed forces are for Officers and rest as someone has put here are slaves. All benefits are only meant for Officers and rest are just to serve them.Officers lead a luxurious life by getting free ration which can be eaten by 05 soldiers!! Has any one thought of this? All human beings calorie requirement is same and how can this differ with Indian Armed forces officers? Many of them sell it in black market!!Shame on them.
    Selfish to the core these people will not do anything for the PBOR.
    Officers of Indian Armed forces need to think about this.









    • dear sree kumar K K.

      God bless you to useing such fine language.

      • K Gopalakrishnan

        Dear Mahajan,
        I had to wait for two months  to reply to you.Now the picture have been clear. Now express your views in regard to KK Kumar. I will expect a reply from you.

  61. Please also keep me informed of the updatres of one rank one pension details. I had served the Indian Air Force for twenty years. I got discharge from IAF on 31st March,1988. I was Substantive Sergeant of Clk GD trade. Last unit served is AFRO, New Delhi. I wrote to Air Force ..Record Office (NERW). They promised me for an early and prompt reply but so far I have not received any information in this regard. My e-mail is and cell No.9493106964 . I am residing at Rajahmundry, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.

  62. please advise the formulla to caculate pension for armed forces as per one rank one pay scheme

  63. I understand all retired IAS / IPS officers and Judges are already getting one rank one pension.If the Govt of India is keen to do justice to the Armed Forces personnel, the Govt should apply the same yardstick , at least,about the date from which OROP is to be implemented and cancel all decisions about pre and post 2006 or 1997. And What happened about the 50% Military Special pay that was to be added to the pension from October 2008 ?

  64. hey all pl visit the site for the day rm has announced about payment of orop arrears before diwali. let us c wether so called orop will c the light of day. recently there was a press conference addressed by president iecl punjad & chandigarh vet prabhjot singhji .it was n ultimatum to govt to immediately release the benefits due to jawans like orop, 70%,and others.

  65. hey i m ex sgt and just went through all comments
    in fact no one know
    what our FM
    declared and what we will get ie pre and post pensioners no worry every body will be
    given nothing except mayushi be cheerful ya what ever govt give its only for

  66. my father worked in d.s.c and he expired in 1996 aug his rank is l/naik can i know how much pension will be increased for him my is getting the pension

  67. Dear Faujis, The One Rank One Pension annnoused in the last budget speech itself is an eye wash and an insult to the ex and serving defence force personnel. As long as ex servicemen’s are not paid equivalent to the prevailing 06th pay commission pay scale the dream of one rank one pension will remain a dream for ever.
    Government’s intention is to please the PBOR s with peanuts and take the full credit of implementing the so called one rank one pension. Neither the general public nor the media understands the financial benefits of one rank one pension to the ex servicemen community.
    We also should protest against the way it was put in parliament the so called budget announcement speech using words for which our bureaucrats’ are very clever and also it misleads the general public.
    Of corse it will be an improvement for the PBORs from the present pension but not going to make any “substantial” differences as it was put in the parliament. The clever bureaucrats’ who wrote those lines are the culprits.
    What was the intention of avoiding the ex officers? Why it has avoided the ex officers? Are we all from the same family irrespective of rank? Are we all ex servicemen? Then why only to PBORS? This is politics divide and rule!!
    As British did with us our own government is also playing politics with its Ex SOLDIERS.
    I retired from Indian Navy Aviation branch as a Chief Petty Officer on 1994 December with sixteen years of service and get 6100/ monthly pension. On enquiry with other recently retired ex Navy chiefs, I found they take 14000/ monthly pension. Good for them!!
    Can I say Iam ashamed the way our Government treats me or can I say it was a wrong decision to join the Service? I do not know. All are worried of themselves including the Chiefs of 03 services and other senior defence serving officers who are not coming to protest such disparities.
    Iam happy to see the 06th pay commission makes defence service career very attractive for the youth of present day India. Jai Jawan.


    Dear friends, If OROP is implemented, will our pension keep increasing as per the latest pensioner who got the benefit of 6th pay commission ??? And please tell me, from which web site I can get the details of this OROP.

  69. Dear sir,

    I feel & undersatnd that all exserviceman / retired defence personnel became a overburdon to the Government for paying pension to them like some fool childern think overburden about their old aged parents. What mistakes has been done by the seniors ( old pensioners who are pre 10 Oct 97 ) were kept at lowest scale. Who has suggested may be from very rich back ground or some time i dought how they became a seniors babu and sit in commetee if they could not understand ground level difficulties. Dear sir, i am sorry & compelled to write that if you all ( commetee members) could have been in place of suffering person ,Think what will be your condition ?. Most of ex serviceman could not build their house as grownup children & their marriage problem. A retired ex service man having 1 or 2 daughters are in marrigeable age 22 & 20 yrs. Did you think grownup daughrer’s father can sleep at night who retired before 10 Oct 97. What even money he got at that time of retirement he is utilising his children education or to run kitchen etc. Because he is jobless and getting very low pension. How he can buy a house/ build up . Pl think all of you & give your comments. —————Regards cp singh

  70. one rank one pension is a very old demand of all ex service men. had it been a demand of MPs or MLAs it would have been long back shows how well they r concerned about us. now that upa govt has announced that they r going to fulfil this demand i still doubt their sincerity, there is not going to b much difference

  71. Lt Col Yogesh Sharma

    fine. thanks

  72. Lt Col Yogesh Sharma

    Apropos comments of Col Rajaraman on Sunday, July 19, 2009 (20:41). It is surprising that the Defence Services Chiefs have kept mum on the confusion created by the statements of the Hon Prime Minister at Red Fort, of the Defence Minister and the Finance Minister in Parliament. The Defence Minister announced in the Parliament OROP for all ranks including officers. The Finance Minister announced in the same parliament ” the government has decided to substantially improve the pension of pre-January one, 2006 defence pensioners below officer rank and bring pre-October 10, 1997 pensioners on par with post- October 10, 1997 pensioners”,which by no stretch of imagination is OROP. The Prime Minister while addressing the nation from the Red Fort announced OROP for JCOs and OR. One Rank One Pension means that an ex-serviceman of a particular rank, who retired before 01 Jan 06, will draw the same pension as a person of that rank draws who retires after 01 Jan 06. Why is there a difference on this point among the Prime Minister and Finance Minister? Are they working at cross purposes? Or is it that one does not know what the other is saying? Or is it that they both do not know what they are talking about, and the babus are making a spectactle out of them both? The difference between the statements of Defence Minister and Finance Minister in Parliament is not only a cause of concern to the country as the one is contradicting the other, as both are misleading the country, and perhaps it may also involve the question of misleading the Parliament, which is serious matter. The contradiction between the Defence Minister’s statement in Parliament and the Prime Minister’s statement from Red Fort regarding the OROP for officers is also a serious matter. Then there is the case of the OROP for the officers of the rank of LT Gen. What about the other officers? Are they not important in the conduct of war and hence the defence of the country, or does the Govt of the day have less faith in their patriotism? No one knows who is saying what or who is meaning what by whatever statements they are making.

    To a lay person it would appear to be a case of confusion confounded. Does it typify our national character? Look at what the official statement issued at Sharm Al Sheik mentions in writing, and what our Honourable Prime Minister has been saying inside the country – in Parliament and in public. Is he confused or was he misled by his assistance, specially the Babus, because one would not expect much from the Honourable Foreign Minister? Take the case of our nuclear capability. Who is saying what about whom at what time? They all are talking whatever they comes in their mouth without taking into the consideration the vital interests of the defence of this country. The only beneficiary in this game are the enemies of this India.

    Does we have a strong contingent of fifth columnists in our midst, who are hell bent on lowering the morale of the armed forces, weakening the faith of the people in the Govt, destroying the confidence of the general population? If that be so we can only pray to our Gods to save our country!

    This a time when we need Generals like Thimaya, Carriapa, Candeth and Bhagat. It is sad that the successive Indian governments have dangled the carrot of post retirement benefits to our generals thus sapping their moral fibre and lowering their commitment to the men they command or those who preceded them.

  73. I am retired Havildar in Jul 2003 from Army Ordnance Corps and now my whole pension is Rs. 4379 (P.M.) so what will be my new pension after fixing of ONE RANK ONE PENSION concept still in Aug 2009 i got only above mentioned pension as per declaration we must get benefit in July 2009 but when will we get the benefir and waht will be my new pension plesae help me in this regards send the details on my mail : at the earliest please . My mobile No : 9689930122

    Makarand Kulkarni

  74. jayvant walawalkar

    Respected Sirs, This is not welfare meeting. This is public platform, every INDIALother than defence persons reads this, have some discpline. please do not fight on OROP or salary etc. Let us work for better INDIA, then we will get everything what we want.

  75. Ex Sgt Amar Singh Verma

    Dear Sir,
    It is almost good news ,that one rank one pension battle has been won but it will be true when we all will get our new pension, best regards to all exs.

  76. Hello… . my papa retired on 2004 and he did his job for 26 or 27 years.After completing the HAV rank when he got the JCO rank, he retired 3 months later that position.After the 6th pay commission, now a date he is getting RS-5890 .So how much will he get for this OROP and from which month the new payment will come to his pension book.Please make me clear for which i wiil be highly obliged to you.

  77. There is a too Much Varriation in the Pension of Petty officer and Chief Petty officer retiring at the same period after putting Equal shall not be considering by the view order of sister services, It is Very hard to Surview at High Sea as the Petty officer is A BACK BONE of War Ship.

  78. What will be Min. Pension to Sepoy at par.

  79. It is a Very good Decision taken by UPA Govt,Initiated by FM Shree Parnav was a wonderful News for Specialy for Rank of Sepoy to Havildar and ir- respective for Navy and Air Force ranks. on the one Rank One Pension in the Month of July to Celeberate forthcoming Dusera and Festival Vaccation.

    But the things are Very Close,When the Finance Ministry is giong to Release the Order to Pay at Par for New Penssion Aided With Modified Pension along with DA from 1st July.Govt Should Consider the Minimum Pension Double ,Camparing to Compalsury Wages granted for Daily Wages to Mazdoor.

  80. Ex-Sgt OP Maharshi

    I am EX-Sgt OP Maharshi and We, the Ex-Air Warriors are Happy to find our voice in the ears of Govt of India and get it approved. lastly Govt Agreed to take care of the people who cared of mother land.
    May I know my pension. I retired on 30 Jun 2003 after 20 years of service in Indian Air Force.

  81. Sub Maj Ajit Singh Rahi

    Thanks to the forum of Ex Servicemen and our Honourable Chairmen Lt Gen Kadiyan
    That our long out standing demand has been met out.
    I also wish to submit that the pre 1997, post 1997 and 1.1.2006 these dates are very confusing . Please lets know details about OROP so that one could come to about his revised pension and able to check up the accuracy of PDA. May I also request to intimate likely date of issueing Gezett Notification to implement one rank one pension. Thanks.

  82. i got retired in Dec 92 as CHELAR (CPO) can any body clear what would be my pension

    • In case you want to get your pension checked.

      please contact with following details.
      If want exact calculation of your new basic Pay, U need to furnish the following data (a) basic Pension at the time of Retirement, (b) Amount Commuted (c) Last Rank for Pension (d) Date of retirement (e) Group (f) are u getting medical allow/ Echs member (g) exact amount of pension being drawn every month as on date and also mention the date.Regards
      Rajeev Behal 93571 72728

  83. I was retired from army during the year1996 July and now i am receiving pension after 6th cpc is about 3818. now what can i expert my pension after one rank one pension

  84. Dr.C.V.Krishnaiah

    Dear friends,

    I too searched all websites for details in vain. Only Government of India should release the details to media. Then we will come to know. It is true for implementation, budget has to be passsed by parliament, since passed. The Govt. can make the details public. Or Our Ex. Servicemen Association can ask through RTI channel.
    Pending receipt of details, On plain reading it is to be understood “One Rank One pension” means : “Since in Defence the rank is stamped on a person for his life ” It is to be understood, irrespective of the date of retiremnet, groups, and trades all personnel in that Rank will get the same basic pension. (Now the question for debate is :- Whether length of service to be taken into account or not? I opine it should not be? All corresponding Ranks in all three Services are entitled for the same pension. Then rankwise pension will differ.
    I feel in addition to PBORs, equity of justice demands all officers are to be made eligible.

  85. Sub Maj Ajit Singh Retired

    Though Govt have accepted the recommendation and announced in The Parliament and on the Independence Day to give the benefit to the defence pensioner who retired before 01 Jan 2006, but no notification has been issued to implement it. I hope keeping in view the grieveiance of pensioners, Govt vill issue necessary innstruction to the paying authorities to to implement it without any further delay. I also hope all beneficiary may draw their dues before Diwali.

  86. i was retire from indian army. My date of retirement was 20 oct 1987 on completion of 17 years 5 months and 20 days. Rank at the time of retirement was NK. Now my BP is Rs 3720 as per 6PC. What will be my BP taking into the consideration of OROP. pl reply

  87. Pl refer my request dated Aug 10 I have forgotton to give my adress.Be kind to provide the required ruling or Court’s order on my E mail… Thanks Jagtar Singh

  88. Dear brothers, We all are worried about the benefits of ONE RANK ONE PENSION but this has created a differnt catagories among us.We are just dicussing the facts and not trying to catch hold the actual wrong/mistake done by the report.I think we all shall get together and under the command of Prersident of our union at Delhi & we should approach the Sup.Court and get the mistake rectified without any further delay. Thanks.

  89. I was in the Indian Air Force. My date of retirement was 01 December 1985 (last date of working was 30 November 1985) on completion of 15 years. Rank at the time of retirement was Sergeant. What will be my Basic Pension, DA Medical Allowance etc taking into the consideration of ONE RANK ONE PENSION.

  90. m narayana murthy

    i am very much pleased to see the comments and the replies given, i would like to know what will be my pension after OROP my date of retirement 31.01.05 after serving 20 years in Indian Air Force.

  91. Sir,

    I was retired in 31st July 1995 from the Rank of Sub(Hony Capt.). Please tell me the benifit under one rank one pension

  92. As per budget speech of Fin Min, the OROP is approved for few ex-men. All Officers are debarred.
    In fact it is not understood whom to believe. The Fin min says some thing else where as def min says some thing else. If the def min is right the govt needs to be congratulated for fulfilling its promise and long pending demand of def pensioners but if fin min is to be believed it is shame and disgrace to the concerned auth who drafted and approved OROP. It is shame for govt. for such action. The debarred def pensioners wish to know:
    Are the debarred pensioners are not the ex-men, did they not serve the nation? Did they not fight and many of them give their lives while fighting against external and internal enemies, whose families and children suffered? Could the def pensioners served or fought the wars without officers/can it be ever possible in future? Were the deprived def pensioners not sincere honest loyal faithful obedient dutiful submissive docile tractable and disciplined soldiers?
    If the fin Min is right, the following is submitted by:
    Lt. Col. (Retd.) K L Jaspal,
    H. No. 28, Sector 21-B, Faridabad, Haryana. Pin-121001.
    Mobile Phone No. 09471889885
    Email address:
    1. In accordance with the contents of Article 14, this piece of writing is to throw light on similarly circumstanced country men who cannot be and must not be arbitrarily divided or categorized or classified by the state for debarring some of them from the benefits whenever announced by the Govt. Efforts are made to explain that already existing classifications/categories of pensioners are founded on an intelligible differentia which distinguishes pensioners that are grouped together. Whenever and wherever, the state has ever made any deceptive efforts to further classify the pensioners for its own financial or any other interest, but that was against pensioners in financial or in any other manners, it was checked by the Law of the Land. Many of the courts of the country including the Apex court of India always stood by Article 14, which forbade the Govt. from doing so. Article 14 is therefore specifically incorporated in the constitution to ensure fairness and equality of treatment to all the countrymen of the nation, so that all of them are treated alike both in privileges conferred and liabilities imposed by the state or any of the state’s authorities.

    2. Article 14 of the constitution strikes at arbitrariness of the State action and ensures fairness and equality of treatment to all the country men of India. This article is attracted where equals are treated differently without any reasonable basis. The principle making the guarantee compulsory and obligatory is that all persons similarly circumstanced shall be treated alike both in privileges conferred and liabilities imposed. Equal laws would have to be applied to all the persons happened to be in the same situation and there should be no discrimination between one class of persons from the other classes of similar persons as regards the subject-matter of the legislation, their position is substantially the same.
    3. The Article 14 further explicitly and unambiguously forbids class division by the state. This Article, unequivocally explains that the classification already made is founded on an intelligible differentia which distinguishes persons or things that are grouped together from those that are left out of the group and that differentia must have a rational to the object sought to be achieved by the statute in question.
    4. It is well known that the pension is a right and not a bounty or gratuitous benefit. The payment of pension does not depend upon the discretion of the Government alone but it is governed as per the constitution of the nation and by the rules framed by the parliament. Thus, a government servant coming within the preview of those rules is entitled to claim the pension.
    5. Since inception of defense forces, the defense pensioners have just in one class; irrespective of ranks they wear i.e. retired defense personnel called ex-servicemen or defense pensioners. Whenever the pensionary benefits were ever enhanced by the Govt., these have been made applicable to all the pensioners, irrespective of their dates of retirements or ranks they wore.
    6. Factually, Just to partially approving the concept of OROP and denying the benefit to a large number of defense pensioners, the Govt. of India have divided one united and unified the homogeneous class of ex-servicemen/defense pensioners in number of classes as under:
    7. Firstly: Post 2006 defense pensioners and secondly: Pre-2006 defense pensioners. Such a division was never made earlier for affording any pensionary benefit to a few of them and debarring all others after any of the Central Pay Commissions.
    8. The pre-2006 defense pensioners have been further divided in other two classes; Firstly: Pre-1997 defense pensioners and secondly: Post 1997 defense pensioners upto Dec 31 2005. Even such a division was never made earlier for affording any pensionary benefit to a few of them and debarring a large number of all others after any of the Central Pay Commissions.
    9. They have once again divided the defense pensioners in other two classes: Firstly, defense pensioners that of personnel below officers’ ranks (PBOR) and secondly, defense pensioners of officers’ ranks, in spite of the fact that they always have been a unified class of es-servicemen/ex-defense pensioners. This too has never happened in the past that one part of defense pensioners is to be given enhanced pensionary benefits and other ones are to be denied/debarred.
    10. Like-wise, the govt. just to re-introduce the pro rata clause of 33 years, have also divided all pensioners i.e. the defense pensioners as well as civilian central govt. pensioners in two classes: Firstly, the present pensioners i.e. post 2006 pensioners to give full pension on completion of 20 years service, and secondly, pre-2006 pensioners to re-fix their pension on the bases of completion of 33 years of service, in spite of the fact that 6th CPC has completely removed this earlier existing clause. The division of pensioners in this manner is just for applying pro rata of 33 years, only i.e. in the case of pre-2006 pensioners alone, though this clause stand removed by the 6th CPC. However, even such a division was never made earlier for affording any pensionary benefit to some of the pensioners, while others are to be denied after any of the Central Pay Commissions.
    11. It seems if the govt. has divided the pensioners with ulterior, underhanded, mysterious and inexplicable motive so that none of the large number of pensioners can put forth their grievances unitedly.
    12. It is surprising to note that our own Govt have adopted this sort of a policy of dividing even the defense pensioners who have been nation’s bravest heroes, most sincere, honest, loyal, faithful, obedient, dutiful, submissive, docile, tractable, and disciplined soldiers during their service. They served the nation in most hostile, unfavourable conditions and difficult terrains on its border to safe guard its safety and security. They fought against external and internal enemies, without caring of their own life as well as future of their families and children. The Govt must have done not so, rather, must have some soft corner to do justice to the pensioners, especially to the defense pensioners, who have given their entire prime youth in service of the nation.
    13. It is that of paramount importance that soldiers’ welfare while they are serving as well after their retirement must be taken care of, so that they do not have to worry, vacillate, remain anxious, agonize, and lose sleep and their proficiency, competence, performance, drive and morale is never effected adversely. If it is not done, the morale, self-confidence, self-esteem, and buoyancy of the soldiers are most likely to be effected adversely. Considering the conditions a soldier is required to serve, nature of his duties and expectations from him, suitable candidate may not like to join the forces, which will not in the national interest and may prove to be disastrous and catastrophic at some unknown stage
    14. Principally, the concept of ONE RANK ONE PENSION (OROP) implies that, all the defense personnel, who have retired or will be retiring from the same rank/post with the same length of service, should always get same amount of pension, irrespective of their past or future dates of retirements and total length of service they rendered or will render for the national security.
    15. The demand of One Rank One Pension (OROP) had been pending since decades. The govt. has divided the defense personnel in number of classes just to debar a large number of them from the concept and benefit of entitlement of One Rank One Pension (OROP) before its approval.
    16. Astonishingly, the Govt. of India while approving the concept of One Rank One Pension, have completely ignored, unobserved, disregarded, overlooked and by passed the contents of Article 14 of the constitution of the country as well as judgements of the Apex court and various other courts of the country.
    17. The demand of “One Rank One Pension (OROP)” of defense personnel is long outstanding and has been raised time and again by the defense personnel/pensioners. Unfortunately and regrettably, all the preceding CENTAL PAY COMMISSIONS (CPCs) and the Governments have been shying away, refusing, declining,, throwing out, denying, and thrusting aside this legitimate demand for decades. It is mentioned with anguish, agony, pain, grief and distress that it had been happening despite the fact that main national political parties of the country like National Congress Party and Bhartia Janta Party, have been including this demand in their previous election manifestoes. This subject was also included in the President’s address in the Parliament in 2004, thereby making One Rank One Pension (OROP) the declared policy of Government (not that of any particular political party).
    18. The National Congress party and Bhatia Janta party had incorporated in their election manifesto before the preceding general election to approve the concept of providing One Rank One Pension, the long outstanding demand of defense pensioners. None of the political party mentioned that the concept of OROP will be approved in the case of a few of the defense pensioners by dividing them in various classes. Accordingly, the issue was taken up by the present UPA Govt from the very beginning on assuming the power of its second tenure.
    19. Nevertheless, it is most disappointing to note that while approving One Rank One Pension benefit, a large number of the defense pensioners “personnel below officers ranks” and all the defense pensioners of the officer’ ranks have been debarred/left out of this legitimate benefit and approved in case of some of them. It is regretted that while approving OROP, the defense pensioners have been divided in number of classes by the govt. just to debar a large number of them from the concept of One Rank One Pension benefit. From the action of dividing the defense pensioners in such a manner, it can be clearly seen that the govt. has totally violated, disregarded, ignored, unobserved, overlooked and by passed the contents of the Article of the constitution of the country.
    20. The UPA Govt. must fulfill their promise, assurance and pledge since it was incorporated in their manifesto/agenda of providing OROP in totality for all the past, present and future defense personnel/pensioners without dividing them in various classes as has been presently done.
    21. As a result of the most undesired action of dividing the defense pensioners, they feel to have been cheated, disenchanted, let down, embittered and disillusioned by the govt. It was never expected and imagined that the present govt. could do such a great injustice to them and it would approve the concept of One Rank One Pension benefit just for a few of the defense pensioners and a large number of them would be excluded and debarred from this long awaited legitimate demand. The govt. and the concerned authorities therefore have done a most heinous, monstrous, atrocious, odious, shocking, wicked and scandalous act of debarring the old soldiers from getting their long awaited due.
    22. It is regretted with extreme pain, distress and anguish to point out that by dividing the defense pensioners in number of classes in such a deceitful manner, the govt. seem to have treated the left out defense pensioners from the approved preview of One Rank One Pension as if the debarred defense pensioners have been disloyal, or discarded, or undisciplined, or traitors, or conspirators, or collaborators, or defectors, or deserters, or spies, or double agents, or turncoats. If it is not so, no govt. could ever think of meting such a shabby, scruffy, dilapidated, grungy, disgraceful, shameful, shocking, outrageous, scandalous, dishonorable, discreditable, reprehensible, appalling, biased, prejudiced, unfair, bigoted, inequitable and discriminatory treatment to any of the defense pensioners.
    23. The debarred defense forces pensioners wish to ask the present Govt. and the concerned authorities to reply to the question: Does any of the authorities who approved such an awful, appalling, shocking, evil, wicked, depraved, brutal, and abysmal action of dividing the defense pensioners in such a deceitful, cunning, devious and deceitful manner and debarring a large number of them from the benefit of OROP have any answer of the following questions in support of their misdeed, transgression and misdemeanor:
    a. Are the remaining debarred defense pensioners for whom benefit of One Rank One Pension has not been approved are not the ex-defense personnel and did they not serve the nation, may they be officers or PBOR of pre-1997 period and the officers of post 1997 period?
    b. Did all the debarred defense pensioners when in service of their beloved motherland not fight and many of them not give their lives while fighting against the external and internal enemies, whose families and children have suffered and are still suffering till date?
    c. Could the defense forces pensioners served or fought the wars/battles against the enemies without the officers or can it be possible ever in future?
    d. Have the defense pensioners who have been debarred from the benefit of OROP not served the nation like other soldiers for whom the concept of OROP has been approved?
    e. Were the deprived defense pensioners not sincere, honest, loyal, faithful, obedient, dutiful, submissive, docile, tractable, and disciplined soldiers while they were in service of their beloved country?
    f. Did the deprived defense pensioners not give their prime youth and some of them their lives in service of the nation while they were in service?
    24. The whole nation in general and the debarred defense pensioners in particular would like to know the answers of the above questions and similar many more questions. It is felt that no concerned authorities can ever answer the above questions.
    25. It seem that the authorities think that all the debarred officers and some PBOR are from the royal families like Maharaja Bhawani Singh who did not take his pay except Rupee one as his salary. Hence, they need not get the benefit of OROP.
    26. OR, they think that the debarred officers and PBOR pensioners are multi millionaires/billionaires like politicians who keep spending in crores for fighting elections, hence they are not required to give the benefit of OROP. Surprisingly, all the MPs, irrespective any amount of wealth they possess, even then they get full pension for each and all of their tenures for any amount of period they remain MPS, where as the defense pensioners are denied full pension/OROP for their such a long service to the nation.
    27. It is emphatically and vigorously pointed out that such an action of dividing the defense pensioners and debarring a large number of the existing pensioners is that of denial of equal benefit for fixation of pension for the pre-2006 defense pensioners including defense officers’ pensioners. Such a division of defense pensioners is the explicit case of arbitrary introduction of words of limitation as per Article 14. There is nothing immutable and incontrovertible about the choosing of an event as an eligibility criterion subsequent to a specified date. As the event is certain but its occurrence may have happened to be at a different point of time, it is considered wholly irrelevant and arbitrary, having an undesirable effect of dividing a homogeneous class of defense pensioners and creating discrimination among them, which can be easily severed and set aside by any court of the country.
    28. The Govt. is fully aware of the contents of Article 14 and its requirement/importance. It seems that the govt. by dividing the defense pensioners has intentionally and deliberately violated and disregarded the spirit of Article 14 as it has completely ignored, unobserved, overlooked and by passed its contents. It is therefore just and proper that the words introducing the arbitrary and fortuitous circumstances which are vulnerable as denying equality be severed and struck down by the govt. with immediate effect.
    29. It is strongly felt that if the govt. still justify their action of dividing the defense pensioners and debarring a large number of them from getting the benefit of OROP, in that case, it is suggested with anguish that all the debarred defense pensioners who are considered a fit case for their disqualification and debarring then from giving the benefit of One Rank One Pension; it is better “all of them be shot dead or hanged, so that none of them are required to be paid any amount of their pension”, rather than wounding and insulting them in such a heinous and atrocious manner.
    30. As mentioned at para 10 above, the DP&T (P&PW have retained the clause of pro rata of 33 years, quoting; it is as per pension regulations of 1972. The pension regulations were originally framed afresh at that time when number of clauses were incorporated in these regulations. It may be noted that most of the clauses have undergone changes since thereafter.
    31. It is clear that the pension is admissible to the eligible employees in accordance with the pension regulations of 1972. The pension regulations of 1972 lay down as to: How much should be the pension, how it is to be calculated, when it is to be revised, how much and when it is to be revised, after how long one should be entitled, how it is re-fixed e.t.c. These regulations are being changed periodically since 1972. Nevertheless, these have always been uniformly applied category-wise/class-wise, but class/category was never further divided to give benefit to some and deny the others. Rather, it has always been done without any discrimination. However, if the Govt. ever divided the category or class of employees for whatever reasons that happened to be against the interest of some pensioners, the courts of the land always struck down such divisions. Hence, in view of the fact that 6th CPC has removed the period of 33 years service for giving full pension and full pension, which now is eligible after 20 years of service; retaining the pro rata of 33 years for pre 2006 pension alone is highly illogical and discriminatory.
    32. It is reiterated that dividing the defense personnel in various classes just for approving the concept/benefit of OROP for a few of them and denying it to a large number of them. Also, dividing all other pensioners as mentioned above, is just for applying the pro rata of 33 year for re-fixation of their pension after 6th CPC. It is emphatically, forcefully, ardently, insistently, strongly, heartily and vigorously stated that while creating such a division among the defense as well as all other pensioners in this manner, the Govt has completely, totally, entirely, fully, utterly, and absolutely neglected the principal of equality and the contents of Article 14 and even overlooked, ignored and disregarded the judgements of the Apex Court of the country and also various other courts delivered their judgments in adopting the principal of equality in the past.
    33. Further, the govt. and concerned authorities, are also well aware that the Constitutional Bench of Honorable Supreme Court of India gave decision in the case of D S Nakra and others Verses Union of India (1983) 1 SCC 305 . One of the questions posed in the case was whether a class of Pensioners could be divided for the purpose of entitlement and payment of pension into those who retired by certain date and those who retired thereafter. The Constitution Bench held that such division being both arbitrary and unprincipled; the classification did not stand the test of Article 14. The argument that the cut off date had to be fixed in view of the limited financial resources available to cover up additional expenses to be incurred on account of revision of pay scale was not accepted by the Constitution Bench of the honorable Supreme Court.
    34. The above Judgement pronounced by a Constitutional Bench of Supreme Court is available at for the benefit of all who want to read it.
    35. The case dates back to 70s when the Government had introduced Liberalized Pension Scheme. Earlier pension was calculated based on the average salary of last 36 months. Under Liberalized Pension Scheme, the provisions were changed to calculate the pension based on the average salary of last 10 months. This was applicable to all the present and future pensioners. The case was filed by one retired civil officer (subject to Central Civil Pension Rules 1972) and one retired defense officer (subject to Army Pension Regulations) and the third petitioner was a Registered Society. Only the following extracts of this judgment will clarify the of the Apex court, which is the position:
    a. “Proceeding further, this Court observed that where all relevant considerations are the same, persons holding identical posts may not be treated differently in the matter of their pay merely because they belong to different departments. If that can’t be done when they are in service, can that be done during their retirement? Expanding this principle, one can confidently say that if pensioners form a class, their computation cannot be by different formula affording unequal treatment solely on the ground that some retired earlier and some retired later.”
    b. Further “All pensioners whenever they retired, would be covered by the liberalised pension scheme, because the scheme is a scheme for payment of pension to a pensioners governed by 1972 Rules. The date of retirement is irrelevant. But the revised scheme would be operative for all from the date mentioned in the scheme and would bring under its umbrella all existing pensioners and those who retired/retire subsequent to that date. In case of pensioners who retired prior to the specified date, their pension would be computed afresh”
    36. The above part pertains to clearly explains that while approving OROP, the defense pensioners of officers’ ranks and defense personnel below officers ranks must not be differentiated. It also clarifies that the pensioners must not be divided in various classes on the ground that some retired earlier and some retired later for giving the benefit of OROP to some and debar others as well as adopting pro rata of 33 yeas for some and giving full pension in 20 years to others.
    37. It is abundantly clear from the above extracts that the Hon’ble Supreme Court, upholding the Article 14 of the constitution of India has already objected to the division of pensioners and accepted the principle of equality and this is the Apex court of the country which enjoys the status of the LAW OF THE LAND.
    38. The Apex court judgements apply exactly to the case of all the debarred defense pensioners for approving One Rank One Pension for them irrespective of their date of retirement and rank they held before their retirement. If the govt. still does not reconsider their decision of approving the concept of OROP for all the defense pensioners, it will be the contempt of court orders as well as disregard and disrespect to Article 14 of the constitution of India.
    39. Deprival of due and that too justified due of approval of concept of OROP for a large number of the defense pensioners including retired officers has created gloom and obscurity as well as a great resentment, antipathy and umbrage amongst the pre-2006 defense retirees.
    40. It is submitted that it may not be possible for the debarred old disciplined defense and civil pensioners to do what other civilian force of the country can do, due to their old age, poor health, left over responsibilities and financial constraints; moreover all of them being spread in far flung areas and some in most remote areas in the country. They are unable to approach any of the concerned authorities or Courts of Law to seek justice due to their inabilities and constrains. The govt. therefore must not take undue advantage of their inabilities, rather, must have mercy on them to give OROP to all the defense pensioners irrespective of their date of retirement and the ranks they held before their retirement and remove the clause of pro rata of 33 years for re-fixing their pension, as this clause is completely removed by the 6th CPC for all the post 2005 retirees.
    41. It is mandatory for the Govt. to Adhere, regard, observe, respect and honor Article 14 of the constitution of India and number of Apex court judgements on the subject, as well as considering the nature of services the defense pensioners rendered in extreme unfavorable climatic conditions, and terrains against external and internal enemies of the nation for the security and safety of the country and the countrymen. As such, it becomes, necessary, unavoidable obligatory, binding and compulsory for the govt. to reconsider the matter to have sympathetic consideration in favour of old soldiers to approve One Rank One Pension for all of them without any discrimination, and prejudice.
    42. The govt. and the concerned authorities therefore to please do look into this matter without any prejudice, narrow-mindedness, discrimination and insularity to initiate immediate action and issue amendment to sanction One Rank One Pension for all the defense pensioners without any disparity of ranks. It is equally essential to remove the unwarranted, gratuitous, uncalled-for, unjustifiable and unsubstantiated pro rata clause of 33 years for the pre 2006 pensioners.
    43. In view of the facts, particulars, details, specifics, documentary evidence and veracity explained above, all the defense pensioners, most industriously, earnestly, vigorously, sincerely and honestly request and appeal to benign self of the President of India, Vice President, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister, all the Ministers of the Govt., MPs of the country and concerned authorities to please examine, and review the case to approve the principle/concept of One Rank One Pension in totality for all the defense forces pensioners without attaching any strings of dates of retirement or ranks they wore before their retirement.
    44. Also, another earnest request is made to remove the clause of pro rata of 33 years for all the pre-2006 pensioners for fixation of their revised pension.
    45. The most urgent action in the matter is solicited please.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Lt. Col. (retd). K L Jaspal.

  93. To all my friends who joined armed forces during first national emergency declared during chinese aggression in 1962 and got early discharge from service and joined other civil services and got counted the armed service for pension /other benefits
    either through office of the employer or through high court ( other than Punjab state) .Can any one help me with courts orders/ orders from Govt of India. I joined the IAF on 1966 during emergency and got discharge in 1981 could get chance to join All India Radio in 1985 retired on supernuation in 2008 . During my service in AIR I had been asking my office to count the service but denied on the basis NOT FEASIBLE. It has come to my notice that there is some orders for the same .kindly help me with some rule/orders. Thanks Jagtar Singh Ex CPL

  94. Dear Sir, I had retired wef 01 Jan 2005 as Subedar (Clerk).As per 6th CPC my pension fixed Rs 10532/pm and arrears for the same also credited (40%) in my personal account and rest of arrears may be credited on due course.May I request you to confirmed what is the effected dates of the OROP and credited to our account. May also request for a table like arrears of 6tth CPC published be available so that everyone could understand easily their entitlement. Once again thanks to Gen Kadiyan for projecting the OROP of ESM to the Govt.

  95. sir,
    I have retaired from army as sepoy on 31st Dec 2005. my pension starts from 01.01.2006. what will be my pension in one rank one pension ? please mail me

  96. Thanks to the forum of Ex Servicemen and our Honourable Chairmen Lt Gen Kadiyan
    That our long out standing demand has been met out.

  97. Dear All,

    It is rather surprising to note the claim of the Government as to the acceptance of the ONE-RANK ONE-PAY for the Armed Forces personnel below Officer”s rank. They only revised the Scale of Pay and Pension as per the revised 6CPC reccommendation and Government acceptance with some amendments of addition and substraction. It cannot be called acceptance and grant of OROP. The befooling of the Nation”s Armed Forces by Government machinary of beaurocrats, depriving the Armed Forces of its justifiable rights and emoluments has already affected the intake. The day is not far off when it is to become mandatory for every Indian citizen to compulsorily enrolled or recruited the Forces. Befor reaching that stage it is better to give them thrie due and status.

  98. Dear Friends, The Finance Minister has given a long awaited nod to the demands of OROP. We are guessing and uncoding and waiting for it. Hope as always this is not sweetly coated capsule containing bitter dose. The country and citizens need to note that there were families who were representing by generations, in the forces. They are never ambitious of achiving unrealistic but enough to live in society with dignity and pride which itself is a lifeline for a JAWAN.

  99. I retired as Subedar group X,in basic pension Rs-4895 on 30 sep 2003.what is my basic pension after accepting one rank one pension. Pl provide the rankwise pension table on my e-mail add.

  100. All government servents and pensioners have got some amount of mony as arrears after the declaration of 6th CPC except ex-servicemen retired after 1st Jan 2006. The poor ex- soldiers have neither received arrears nor have they any information on their entitlement. Is anyone listening………?

  101. Lawange H.R, Ex MCAM II, IN

    Dear Friends, The Finance Minister has given a long awaited nod to the demands of OROP. We are guessing and uncoding and waiting for it. Hope as always this is not sweetly coated capsule containing bitter dose. The country and citizens need to note that there were families who were representing by generations, in the forces. They are never ambitious of achiving unrealistic but enough to live in society with dignity and pride which itself is a lifeline for a JAWAN.

  102. Dear all,

    I wish to find out some of my entry mates(course mates) through this blog. Any Air Force guys who was in 3GTS during 1975 ..76 & 78 – 79 chaps Per No. stars with 632….. Any one with me in Military college of tlecommunicatuion Eng. Mhow OCB IAF 29, (I was the Best student), we can share the nostalgia. finally those worried about present pension after the orop itw really works out to be at an avg. 1458/- ex cipher do not miss zero’s, mail me at and if anyone in and aroud Dubai call me 0501018604, from India 00971 50 1018604 Cheers, I really miss that OLD MONK evenings I spent in SNCOs mess for 13 years, gud day and cheers (kursiyams, praji version)

  103. if possible, can anyone please refer me the link where i can find the pension scale as per OROP as per qualifing service.

  104. Sir, I am retired fro Indian Army during 31 Jul 1995 after completion of 17 years 21 days of service I want to know about my pension after One rank One pension. please clarify.

    • If want exact calculation of your new basic Pay, U need to furnish the following data (a) basic Pension at the time of Retirement, (b) Amount Commuted (c) Last Rank for Pension (d) Date of retirement (e) Group (f) are u getting medical allow/ Echs member (g) exact amount of pension being drawn every month as on date and also mention the date.
      RegardsRajeev Behal93571

  105. It is understood that the details of Govt decision on OROP could be notified only after passing the budget by the parliament.The budget is likely to be passed by the parliament by 31 Jul 09.

  106. Kindly See my comments on 19 Jul 2009.

    This govt is working on a clear strategy. After the budget announcement , the RM announced in the parliament that officers are also getting the OROP. The whole lot of newspapers have published it and the general public opinion is that OROP in its true sense has been granted to Armed forces personnel. It is understood that a large number of Bill boards have come up in vantage points in delhi roads, showing photographs of sonia, manmohan and others and saying this Govt has given OROP in full . The ESM Chairman Gen Raj Kadiyan has already written a letter to Smt Sonia gandhi protesting against this. We should understand that these are nothing but false propaganda by this govt to make an impression that they are doing great things for the Armed forces when on ground there is practically nothing being done and when they protest the public will see Armed forces as one who constantly cribs and is never happy whatever the govt does for them. . kindly see the blogs reportmysignals and indian militaryinfo to get the true picture of what is going on. My feelings is there is nothing much in the announcement of OROP even for PBOR and god knows when it will come. and officers relax be happy with what you got. The damage has already been done.

  107. Would like to know the time limit to release of pay orders for the military pensioners consequent upon the acceptance of OROP by the Govt. Gconnect, please post the details of increase of pension in this website if you have the same.

  108. Likely date of Publication of notification for OROP

  109. It is quite unclear why the concerned authorities are taking this much of delay to issue necessary instrucions for implementing the Govt decision as announced in the budget.Before making the necessary budgetory allocation,necessary home work should have been made and the actual benefit to each and every affected individuals might have been worked out. Desite of all these preparation, the concerned authorities are still holding the announcement , the reason of which is not understood.It is,therefore, requested to issue the instructions without further delay.

  110. Sethumadhavan.C.

    Dear sirs, I am retired from I.A.F.after 16 years of service as a Group I SGT during 1981 wants to know about my basic pension w.e.f. 1st july,2009. after the announcement of OROP in parliament. Would any one inform me through mail?

  111. i retired as por from .Indian navy wef 31oct retiring pension was rs 207 wef 1 .nov 1983.present pension is rs 3500 plus DR. how much would be my pension after implemention of new guidelines as reported in new goi budget for 2009-2010

  112. one rank one pension means all personnel below officer cadre and officers of defence forces must get equal pension irrespective of date of retirement. arbitrary increase in pension scales is unjust and unfair. pension should not be considered welfare measure rather a liability of government. it is sad that while govt plans pension for all senior citizens of the nation, retired service officers have to suffer injustice.

  113. it is amazing how the government works. while revision of pension for personnel below officer rank was definitely need of the day, revision of pension in respect of ex service officers is of equal necessity. to day a major can not maintain living standard of a junior commissioned officer. govt is responsible to contain inflation. all vicims of inflation must be compensated adequately.
    it is amazing that govt talks of improving pensionary benefits under the heading of OROP. 100 percent nutralization of rise in cost of living has never been done by govt during past. no wonder army career is not attarcting good talent and there is TREMENDOUS SHORTAGE in officer cadre in the army.

  114. K Gopalakrishnan

    dear ex faujis, I am mentioning this after read all comments on this web. No congress govt ever increase the pay of soldiers until unless by pressure from outside. Look the ministers who holds the key post. PM – he does not know what is fauji ut only knows world bank, former FM, he belongs from a ruler family and does not know about poor.
    DM , he wants only to keep his post intact. present PM is only the one who knows something about our country .then the IAS cadres ,why we should worry about them. let them play their game .where our chiefs, why they could not resist such movements. no OROP for any one. rest u think yourself

  115. It is realy stress for Ex-serviceman to wait for the Govt. order for such a long time to know the outcome of OROP implementations. I requst the Moderator of this website or anyone within the group who is aware about the situation to throw some light on it.

  116. Ex-servicemen are eagerly waiting for issue of Govt Orders for disbursement of the increased pension rates to each of them. Gconnect is requested to declare this if the details of increase is available with them.

  117. sir,

    please tell me what is the correct pension for pre 06 pensioner of paramilitery forces in the rank basic 4000-100-6000 without dp and intimate with effect from..

  118. Have the Fitment chart prpared and approved by the Ministry?. If so, kindly display
    on net for the information of Fauji.

    Ex Hav(Clk GD/SD) J. S Kenneth

  119. the recommendation and the calculation of the one rank one pay by the committee and how the rank has been taken into account for one rank one pay.

  120. I have retired as Havildar Clerk (GD/SD) after completing 16 years of qualifying service from the Army in 1984 with a monthly pension of Rs 211 pm. My present monthly
    pension is Rs 3729/- pm after 6cpc report. What will be my present pension after
    OROP announcement by the the Govt.

    • Hey John you need contact me since really you are getting less pension.

      If want exact calculation of your new basic Pay, U need to furnish the following data (a) basic Pension at the time of Retirement, (b) Amount Commuted (c) Last Rank for Pension (d) Date of retirement (e) Group (f) are u getting medical allow/ Echs member (g) exact amount of pension being drawn every month as on date and also mention the date.
      RegardsRajeev Behal93571

  121. The much awaited announcement for the so called OROP for PBOR is still elusive. But strangely the govt in an undue haste has announced a new pay band for non HAG + Lt Gens and consequently their pensions that has resulted in a considerable hike. Let me hasten to add that I don’t grudge this hike. But if one dispassionately looks at this cruel game this Govt and the bureaucracy is playing on Def Forces, following things are crystal clear:

    Firstly, when the majority of PBOR is awaiting and awaiting some announcement /issue of letter on OROP , Nothing seems to be happening on it. Does the govt think that a mere budget speech /RM statement in Parliament is good enough for PBOR. What is holding further action on the announcement particularly when they seem to have budgeted for it. Second, the initial announcement by the FM only talked of OROP ( whatever they mean by it) for PBOR. The RM in his announcement in the parliament has included officers also in it fooling the Public into believing that all officers have been included in the award of OROP. but it is not so. does this govt believe that only LT Gen are officers and others ranks in the officer cadre are not. Technically the RM may be right by saying that officers have also been included in the award announced by the govt. But what is the population of LT Gens in the Armed Forces . A miniscule less than 1%. The funniest things is Lt Gen have not even asked for it in the first place. Many of us do not know that this is a master stroke played by the bureaucracy through which they will extend and assure the same benefits to similarly placed large population of IAS senior officers . so this move for the LT Gen’s pay hike /pension hike is more intended to help IAS cadre than the Defence forces. The net result is PBORs should remain content with a mere announcement with no hopes of it materialising in the near future. A very small minority of Armed forces oficers will get this announced Hike. Almost 100% of IAScadre stand to benefit because they all raise to that level unlike in the armed forces. The other officers are left to suck their thumbs. It is a pity that our higly educated PM is not able to see the game plan of cabinet Secretary and his gang . The govt is happy having fooled the Uninformed general public into believing that OROP has been given to the entire Army across the Board.
    what a governace !!!!


  123. The report was submitted to the Govt on 26 Jun 09 and the Finanace Minister allocated necessary funds for grant of OROP.Actual benefit granted to the affected personnel is still to be announced by the Govt even after lapsing a considerable time.The concerned authorities definitely might have calculated the amount to be granted to each every affected persons to arrive at the total amount to be included in the budgetory allocation.The delay in issuing the necessary instructions is,therefore, not understood.

  124. I
    am Ex-Hav of Army (group-B) retired in 31 October.1996. After completing 16 years 2 months of service,I desire to know how much I will be benefited by one rank one pension.

  125. daer kumarasubramanyam, you have added one extra zero. actually it is 17500 per year ,or 1458 per month.please recheck

  126. S.Kumarasubramanian

    Dear Ex-Serviceman colleagues

    As per finance minister’s statement total expenditure expected is Rs.210000000000.(2100crore per annum)
    The total beneficiaries are 1200000(JCOs & PBORs)
    If the amount is equally divided then each will get a benefit of Rs.1,75,000/- per annum. Then it works out to Rs.14583/- p.m. per person. But the benefits will not be same for every one. It is going to vary from person to person. A Sepoy may get some benefit depends upon his present pension and his date of retirement and a Havildar may get another amount as per his present pension in relation to his date of retirement. I hope on an average people may get a minimum benefit of atleast Rs.2500/- p.m. more than what they are drawing at present. Especially those who are retired before 1996 are going to be the major beneficiaries. They may likely to get more than Rs.4000/- p.m.



  127. V Balasubrahmannian, Master Chief Artificer I (Retd)

    Brethren……..It is very clear from the sentences of statement tabled in the parliament …It seems a mere pension parity of pre 2006 pensioners with post 2006 pensioners due to the implementation of 6th CPC..And a one time increment for pre 1996 pensioners to bring their pension near to later pensioners …This is a normal practice done after every CPC implementations ( amount may be different/increased..thats all..) Whereas OROP in priciple is very self explanatory and doesn’t require any such supporting explanations ….And it seems OROP in its spirit is still a dream for lakhs of ESMs…..Anyway, thanks Col Rajaraman sir for your tips… pensioners ….

  128. Shailender Khanna

    He retired in 1968.

  129. Shailender Khanna

    Hi, My dad retired after 15 year of service in airforce as sgt. Now what would be his pension after this annoucement. If any body can mail me the on, would be obliged.


    i am ex-sgt of air force group-1 retired in nov.1988. After completing 15 years of service i desire to know how much iwill be benefited by one rank one pension

  131. who says this is one rank one pension? must cut their tongue for making this type of
    false statements, rather making fools the retired soldiers.could say that some improvements have made to bring to the’ one rank one pension’ so that may fulfill the
    dreams after 3-4 pay revisions.

  132. Col Mohan, just like other red tape chuvenists you seem another so called officer who think after all the benifits yoou all are getting u should get more n more.. see you still carry your Col tag in web world. Shame!!!

  133. pre 1997, post 1997 and 1.1.2006 these dates are very confusing . plz lets know detail about OROP so that one could come to about his revised pension and able to check up the accuracy of PDA. thanx.

  134. Ex-JWO Jayanta Mukherjee

    Dear Sirs and my friends,
    As so far nobody knows how much we all will be benifited by lumpsum or monthly basis its better to wait and watch otherwise like pay commission arrier most of us thought at least we can go for a nano, but all in vain.






  137. How can anyone know the calculation of new OROP scheme , Can any one tell that Pre 2006 will get same pension as new retirees or there are again some complex formulas governing new pension tables .

  138. i am ex HFO, retired on 01 Sep 2005. can anyone calculate how much i benefited by OROP

  139. Ex Sgt Sampathkumar

    REally a very good job Thanks to the Organisation who fought for this

  140. Ex Sgt Sampathkumar

    I have retired from Air force 31st august 1989 after 20 years and my trade was Telst /RT/Opr 3rd Group. What benefit i will get Please tell me.

  141. Government has not made public the recommendations of High Level Committee. It only says it has accepted the recommendation of the commiittee and no one knows what the recommendations are? Those of you are curious to know your new pension scales; keep guessing. One thing for sure, it is no where near to OROP. If that was the case goverment would have made it public with BIG BANG.

    Happy Guessing!!!!

  142. I would like to appreciate UPA Govt. for implementing OROP . But can any one give me an idea of new pension by 6th pc . I have serched all the sites for this documents

    what is the pension of pbor of iaf rankwise and pay scale of each rank of iaf of pbor.
    then only one can give a comments on OROP concept how much is benificial to pbor. kinly some one talk about it


    i am an ex-stg of air force group-1 retired in nov 1988. after completing 15 years of service i desire to know how i will be benefited by one rank one pension.

  144. I dont understand about pre 2006 retiered personel will be bring at par with current retiree or at par with 2006. kindly confirm one pay one rank pension plan not clear.

  145. I retired from Indian Air Force on31 May 1990 as a Sergeant. Can any one calculate as to how much monthly benefit I will get after one rank one pension formula declare in the budget. Thanks.

  146. The Government has decided to substantially improve the pensions of Pre Jan 2006 for defence pensioners below PBOR based on the recommendations of committee headed by Cabinet Secretary. Request place the recommendations. Whether all the pensioners pre Jan 2006 will be brought at par with post Jan 2006 ?

  147. Request place the recommendations of high level committee headed by cabinet secretary.

  148. bhalchandra G. Amonkar

    I am an ex- Sgt of Air Force retired in March,2000. I desire to know how I will be benifited by One rank one pension.

  149. bhalchandra G. Amonkar

    it will be quite useful to all exservicemen who have retired before 2006 incase a example is give to know the actual benifits of the one rank one pension implimentation.
    kindly do a favour

  150. Col Rajaraman jee

    Please break the statement and read, it will be more clear, which reads

    “…On the basis of these recommendations, the Government has decided to
    substantially improve (NOT bring at par) the pension of pre 1.1.2006 defense pensioners below officer rank (PBOR)
    bring pre 10.10.1997 pensioners on par with post 10.10.1997 pensioners.(NOT post 01.01.2006)..”

    This statement is precise and clear.


  151. It is reduction of difference in pension not bringing them at par, fourth pay commission and pre-fourth pay commission have been brought equal to fifth pay commission, NOT sixth pay commission, as post sixth pay commission difference in pension is very high, due to higher % , which is 70% of last drawn basic.

  152. Now my BP is 3720 how will i calculate & when will i come to know that i will get this amount.

  153. jayant
    I have not understood. Can you tell me where exactly I have gone wrong. I would be very happy to be proved my calculations are wrong and the PBOR can get much more than what I feel are getting by this award.
    Col S Rajaraman

  154. sgt ashok mehta

    how will we calculate & when will we come to know that we will get this much amount

  155. MACP is for civil employees. What about the ACP of PBOR in defence services. It seems that nobody is taking pain to implement new ACP scheme for PBOR.

  156. I have not understood what it means pre & post 97 retirees are also pre-2006 retirees, once Govt decided to enhance the pension of pre-97 automaticallyf pre-97 and post- 97 period is covered. I could not understood this double slab.

    • sir,
      its specified with post-97,because pre 97 retirees can’t avail this OROP.if its given pre-2006,it consist of all

  157. Rajaram,
    Thanks for your calculator. Please check No of Zero’s for 2100 crore.

  158. Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay

    At last the Govt. of India has accepted the long-pending demand of the Ex-Servicemen, which is praise-worthy. Now let the Giovt. speed up the further process so that the outcome reaches the affected PBORs at the earliest.


  160. Here are the verbatim extractS from the Budget Speech :

    Budget Proposal : One Rank One Pension for Ex-Servicemen (OROP)

    1. “….. On the basis of these recommendations, the Government has decided to substantially improve the pension of pre 1.1.2006 defence pensioners below officer rank (PBOR) and bring pre 10.10.1997 pensioners on par with post 10.10.1997 pensioners.

    2. Both these decisions will be implemented from 1st July 2009 resulting in enhanced pension for more than 12 lakh jawans and JCOs.

    3. These measures will cost the exchequer more than Rs.2,100 crore annually.
    Certain pension benefits being extended to war wounded and other disabled pensioners are also being liberalised.”

    A small calculation

    Annual Budget for this OROP Rs. 2100 Cr. = Rs. 2100 Cr X 100 = Rs. 210000 Lac

    Target beneficiary 12 lac jawans & JCOs ( as per FM)

    therefore, Average Per individual annual hike / benefit Rs. 210000 lac / 12,00,000 = 0.175 Lac

    Average Monthly benefit per individual is Rs. 17500 /12 = Rs. 1458/- only

    so what is the big deal and all the jubilation about ? how is it going to bridge the gap ?

    or is it that i am missing something or making some stupid calculation mistake.

    Col Rajaraman ( Retd)

    • Ex-Sgt P K Biswas

      Dear Sir,
      I fully agree with your opinion. Recently, in parliament house, the leader of opposition Sri LK Advani pointed out that inspite of declaration in the budget, the PBORs are yet to receive the so-called benefit till date. Our Hon’ble PM refuted the charge(!!!). Probably, he is not aware of the fact. Is it possible to bring the actual fact to the notice of the PM thru the Ex-Service Association?

  161. col Mohan@8:42 Jul 07

    It looks like it is the govt way of punishing veteran officers for siding with BJP during the recent election !!!! Nothing else can explain this deliberate ommission. But one day even this issue will have to be addressed. How soon, is anybody’s guess. Rajaraman

  162. At last the dream was fulfilled by showing green flag in current budget
    Thank God …now to the politician gods also. we prey now to the disbursing
    authority for speeding up .

  163. While the announcement of improvement in pension to Personnel Below Offocers’ Rank (PBOR) is a welcome news, it is amazing that the FM has not made any mention how the disparity in case of the veteran officers would be tackled. Or is it that no attention has been given to this issue. Government needs to address the case of disparity in pension for all ranks in Defence Services if they have a sincere approach to the issue of OROP.

    • The one rank one pension for PBORs was declared by the Hon’ble FM giving effect from JULY, 2009. But, to the utter frustration to the PBORs, the same is probably been red-taped. The senior officers got it thru Hon’ble court. PBORs are the weakest clan in the defence force and they look at the blessings of the higher auth’ty. Now, it is to see how long it takes the proper authority to shower blessings on PBORs.

    • OROP means for all & i am surprised as to how the Govt can keep officers away from the benefits.Even the movement that was led to have OROP  approved(partially) was by our senior officers up to the rank of Maj Generals.This is unfair on the form of Govt to have excluded officers.

      • Sqn. Ldr. J. P. Singh

        Govt’s each and every move is vote bank oriented. PBOR has a larger vote bank as compared to Officers. Govt is least bothered about who leads the Forces.

        • sir,,but u must listen to the force behind u leaders…there demands does matters.otherwise u won’t get force to lead.

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