I am working in one of the Army Medical Unit as UDC. I am entrusted with the entire administrative tasks assisted by one erstwhile Group `D’ staff. This Group `D’ staff is helping me in mail entry/sorting and dispatching only.

Concerns of LDC and UDC cadres

Shri.S.Ramachandran who is working as UDC in one of army medical units is the author of this article

I am working in one of the Army Medical Unit as UDC. I am entrusted with the entire administrative tasks assisted by one erstwhile Group `D' staff. This Group `D' staff is helping me in mail entry/sorting and dispatching only.

My boss is an Army doctor and the entire responsibility of personal management of erstwhile Group `D' staff ,administrative tasks of other Group `C' staff and officer`s correspondences and their documentation lies on me.

Since I am the sole administrative staff, I have to perform the tasks of Accounts management/book keeping both public and unit funds, cash book maintenance,, record management, service book maintenance, preparation and submission of pay bills/claiming other pay related claims, TA/DA Claims, Stores Management etc and general routine office correspondences.

My responsibilities are enormous, and however Govt has not recognized our services and placed in the Grade pay of ` 1900 for LDCs and ` 2400/- for UDCs. My case is not an isolated one. There are many hundreds of LDCs/UDCs in the small units of Army itself. We are bearing the maximum responsibilities and are now equated with the Group `D' employees. Earlier I had a little respect from the Group `D' employees of my office. After the implementation of 6th CPC and the MACPS even that is also lost.

I can understand the Government`s intention is to bring equality in the pay structure of Government employees and to reduce the disparity between high and low grade as practiced in the developed nations. It is a welcoming trend, but when they are trying to satisfy the up-liftments of other categories without any functional disturbances why, LDCs/UDC is deprived from such upgradations.

I could recollect news which came in one of the leading news papers about 10 years back that the finance commission has agreed higher scales for LDCs/UDCs at par with assistants as Fundamental rights and Directive principles of the state policy assure equal pay for equal work. But it was told that finance ministry has turned down the proposal stating that it entails huge financial implications to the Government exchequer.

My anxious feeling is Government should immediately address the concerns of LDC and UDC cadres that these cadres are to be recognized monetary wise as well as grade wise by scientifically studying the responsibilities and nature of work assigned to these cadres.

The views expressed in this article are those of the guest author and are not intended to represent the views of GConnect.

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Now coming to Cadre review, the DOPT & CBEC should restrict the cadre review only to cadre up to Superintendent & give lump sum promotions. The Grade pay issue should also be settled once for all.


  1. RRs regarding basic qualification of LDC at the time of recruitment have changed from SSC to HSC. But GP has remained same.  There is only Rs. 100/- difference between GP of LDC and GP of Group D. When GP of LDC will be raised.

  2. The VI CPC has played havoc with the cadres of LDC and UDC. Clearly we can understand that the VI CPC has not even assessed the quantum of work and the output growth in administrative principles these cadres has handled for the Govt. Whereas for others the commission has wrongly studied and they have been enhanced with more grade pay. These kind of double standards has to be withdrawn and the grade pay of the more working category of LDC and UDC be merged to Rs 2800/-.


  3. really, a lot of injustice inflicted on ldc/udc. because ldc/udc is working on the subjects what an Assistant is doing. pay commission by pay commission, financial status ldc/udc is getting deteriorated. hence, the govt. should consider the merger or upgradation of ldc/udc and the udcs who are working for more than 4 years on the same grade may be upgradated to 4,200 grade. then thanks to govt.

  4. Sir after viewing all the comments with regards to revision of grade pay of clerical staff, it is seen that no major development is seen anywhere. Only comment and comment and reply to comment will not solve the problems being faced by clerical cadre. Due to unemployment highly profiled persons are also compelled to join the clerical job and this cadre employees work hard with full devotion to their duties. Officials sitting at higher post getting benefit of our qualification and assigning / engaging in tough job. Expectations from our officers under whom working is very high with minimum pay and perks. Clerical staff are engaged in all the work and nowadays working with technical equipment like operating computer system with so many softwares also but no extra previlage is given so for. Major job responsibilities in most of the departments being performed by us are as under:-
    Preparation and projection of budget report.
    Maintenance of Account.
    Preparation of Presentation in Power Point.
    Informing / reminding superior for day to day event.
    Preparation of draft statement of cases.
    Independent letter drafting.
    Maint of old records those working in colleges & universities ( 50 to 60 years back)
    And many more like multitasking duties such as photocopying, attend and resolve the problems of each and every person.
    I strongly condemn those who are not listening the problems of clerical staff and Enjoying with selfish nature.

  5. It is highly injustice. A PRT who joined is getting initially 4200/- GP and LDC /UDC even after 10 years of service they are not even getting 2800/- . Hope this matter will be disscussed in JCM/NAM meeting and take proper steps to enhance the salary and gradepay of UDC and LDC.

  6. It is highly injustice done to the LDCs and UDCs. A Primary teacher with PUC and Tch qualification is getting 4200/- grade pay but UDC with qualification of degree and computer knowledege is getting 2400/- though LDC and UDC are having lot of responsible jobs. The teachers are enjoying high pay for their less work and lot of holidays. Hope approporiate revision of pay for LDC and UDC may be made by the committee. the grade pay of LDC should be 4200/- , UDC – 4600/-, Assts – 4800/- and SO – 5400/-.

  7. In 6th CPC LDC are given MACP by raisiing grade pay only Rs.100 is really unjustice by Govt. for LPCs the grade of LDCs should be Rs.2400 kindly put the proposal to the approriate committee by justice

  8. Even the RRs of LDC/UDCs are amended and educational qualifications are increased from SSC to 12th. But, what about the Grade pay ? Why, no change in it ?

  9. Hello friends. If there is any proposal to change of G.P of LDC & UDC ?. Anybody knowing any news. If yes, intimate present postion of proposal. Kindly share this web page.

  10. My Dear Sir,
    The views expressed by Mr.Ramachandran was really heart touching and the material expressed in his article must be reacted by the Central Government organisation and it is high time for the President of India to come with a positive decision and illuminate the lights to the people grieve striken and also to Sri Ramachandran.
    I was appointed in 1989 in Railways in Group D and after passing 21 years of service I am still in 1900 grade pay and shouldering higher responsibilities.
    I earnestly request the Government of India to show some sympathy and uplift the Jr.Clerks with grade pay of Rs.2400/- and merging the grade pay of UDC i.e Rs.2800/- with Rs.4200/- on par with new designation office supdt.

  11. sir.
    I am a ldc of DOAC, of 2002 select list and I am in 34th position in department. sir nowdays you knows that ldc grade pay is 1900. Peon, Daftary and group ‘D’ has too 1900 grade pay. What kind government give 6th CPC to us. I could not understand. Can we belongs to Group ‘D’ works. We are graduates and government why did not give to us 2400 grade pay to us. Nowdays inflation is high and family kept in food, and market giving high price facilities. How we can adjust. Government is giving 10% dearness allowance to Government employees. But we goes to market. They give high price facilities. We are in very dificulty, however we adjust. so please government should increase ldcs grade pay.

  12. Dear Ramachandranji and all ! Where and why you are crying for upgradation of pay scales of LDC/UDCs? Never expect such benefit from GOI, because, we are too far from CSSS/CSS. But who are sitting near CSSS/CSS are nobody but LDC/UDCs/Steno Gr.III like us. They don’t want to open their mouth due to fear of transfer to J&K, NE or Andaman. They are very happy with their family in Delhi and enjoying their lifestyle. What do you think? If we shout from subordinate offices, would the Govt. hear us? Remember, the Bureaucrates will finish this India one day and we LDC/UDCs will be turned into begger on the roads. Most important thing is that NOBODY WILL BE BENEFITED IN SHOUTING HERE INSTEAD GOING TO COURT/CAT. AM I RIGHT???????

  13. This LDC/UDC posts are the most neglected lot Pay Structure wise. But the quantum of work done by LDC/UDC is the maximum in any department. Govt. is not recognising the post of LDC/UDC as the backbone of any organisation/department from the point of view of work executed. I feel the Union/CSAD organisation is not giving much importance to the disparity shown by the govt. in respect of the Pay Band / Grade Pay of the LDCs & UDCs. 6th CPC was a boon to all Central Govt. Employees, except LDCs & UDCs from the point of view of Grade Pay. Usually if one notices the Grade Pay Slab is 1,300, 1600, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2400, 2800 and next GP is 4,200. The difference is Rs. 600/- maximum and Rs. 100/- minimum. But from Rs. 2,800/- it is Rs. 4,200/- a difference of Rs. 1,400/-. This should be properly amended. The LDCs Grade Pay should be Rs. 2800/- and one more slab should be Rs. 3,500/- atleast for UDCs and for Accountants it should be Rs. 4,200/-. God only help us.

  14. I really feel sorry for the plight of the cadre of LDC’s and UDC’s and the like in almost all Govt Deptts. The Grade pay of 1900 and 2400 is grossly inadequate in proportion to work entrusted to them. When Govt can upgrade Group ‘D’ staff like peons etc with grade pay of 1900/ why didn’t they increased the grade pay of LDC to 2400 and UDC to at least 4200 is really not understood ? Govt is free to give Grade Pay of Rs. 10,000/- to Group ‘D’, cadre and no body will have any problem in elevating their status and cause, but that does not give any lever to down push the real workmen in the Govt Deptt. I m really sorry to say the govt. has encourge to the employees for corruption. this type of mistakes all the employees has not working their allotment and day to day work, he is frustrate.

  15. Ramachandranji have raised a true fact. In our country, we can see, a lot of political color joined hands for each and every irrelevant subjects and making hue and cry. Ramachandranji have raised a genuine cause and nobody including employees associations is ready to fight for this. I think LDC and UDC comes in lower level in hierarchy and because of that only, nobody is interested in this cause. We have seen a lot of supporters in Govt., Political and religious organizations to support Mr.Kasab who had killed lot of innocent people in Mumbai and Mr.Afzal Guru who had been convicted for attacking our foundation of democracy-Parliament. Here injustice is done to LDC and UDC cadre. We have to bring this greivances to the
    concerned authorities. Positive action is urgently required….

  16. Nawal Kishor Kaushik

    I am UDC in Central Govt Office. I also agree that minimum grade of an LDC should be Rs.2400 and that of UDC should be at least Rs.2800. Please let me know if anything in this regard has been agreed in Anomaly Committee. We should get this grade pay wef 01 Jan 2006. Kindly fwd my request to appropriate authy so that every clerk in Central Govt is benefitted.

  17. dear ramachandranji,
    Not only you all of LDC/UDC working in subordinate offices are facing the same problem. all the LDC/UDCs of subordinate offices working all over India had to unite and fight against this parity. In our office LDCS who got 2nd ACP prior to 6th CPC are drawing Rs.4200/- as gradepay where as the LDCs who got 1st ACP prior to 6th CPC and getting 2nd ACP after 6th CPC may draw Rs.2800/- and the LDCs who got 1st ACP may draw 2000 as grade pay and in 2nd ACP they draw 2400 as grade pay. Is it not a disparity among LDCs working in the same organization. This may be brought to the notice of federations/GOI for consideration.

  18. It’s really a injustice . LDC & UDC doing much and getting less. Government should take steps for better pay.

  19. Dear colleagues
    Our comrade Ramchandran has now blown the whistle.  Now all of us should unite to make it more louder.  Once I had read that ‘ an office clerk is an ass’   Yes ! he is meekly enduring all the difficulties in the office from maintaining numerous files, ledgers, put up the PUCs , quoting the rule .explaining the rule positions to the seniors and after all having fixed the responsibility for the mis-deeds of others,  He is in the siutation to meet both the ends of seniors and group D staff.
       In DDA, you know, a mali who is having negligible responsibilities are getting the grade pay  4200 whereas UDC are getting the grade pay 2400.  Is it not amusing.

  20. Dear sir,

    It is a true fact the LDC/UDC are getting less grade pay compare to their works. Hence, I request all the LDC’s and UDC’s staff to come together and submit a joint memorandum through our associations to the Prime Minister, so that our demand will consider favourably.

  21. We agree your concern with LDC/UDC and more appreciable.
    Since Grade pay of Group ‘D’ civilian employee has been equaled to LDC. This injustice
    effected adversely the moral of LDC/UDC, as they are doing their job with responsibility. LDC/UDC in various Deptt dealing with Accounting/administration/computer work/in-out going for job related work/responsible for their work Whereas Group ‘D’ civilian doing their job as usual. Grade pay of LDC/UDC should be increased to boost up their moral so that they should be more efficient in their work. Please listen the LDC/UDC voice.

  22. Dear colleagues
    I don’t think our friend force in central govt. offices will have the same concern which we are having right now. As upgradation through cadre restructuring in central govt. has given them the desired benefit they are no longer bother for their poor colleagues . I dont know why JCM and all other confederation of govt. employees doesn’t see the injustice being done to poor LDCs and UDCs Is anyone listening! Pl do convey our plea to the concerned confederation who can bring it to the notice of higher authorities. thanks umrao

  23. Its the policy of britishers to less pay to clarical staff. they do almost all the works but get less pay because britishers engaged local persons for that cader to whom they never paid sufficiant pay. But our policy maker after getting indipendance applyed simply COPY PASTE regarding of pay to the clarical staff.
    So that higher officers is getting higher and higher pay (as before indipendance these are only britishers) after every pay revision.

  24. I really feel sorry for the plight of the cadre of LDC’s and UDC’s and the like in almost all Govt Deptts. The Grade pay of 1900 and 2400 is grossly inadequate in proportion to work entrusted to them. When Govt can upgrade Group ‘D’ staff like peons etc with grade pay of 1900/ why didn’t they increased the grade pay of LDC to 2400 and UDC to at least 4200 is really not understood ? Govt is free to give Grade Pay of Rs. 10,000/- to Group ‘D’, cadre and no body will have any problem in elevating their status and cause, but that does not give any lever to down push the real workemen in the Govt Deptt. I hope good sense will prevail upon the decision maker’s in Govt and some relief will be given to this cadre.

  25. Dear Sri Ramachandran, your article is 100% true. I was promoted to the post of Typist-cum-LDC in 1991, till date I am in the same grade. Till recently I was getting Rs.1900/- as grade pay. As per new MACP rules, I am getting Rs. 2000/- Grade pay after financial upgradation in 2nd ACP. Even after serving 19 long years in one grade I got a benefit of Rs. 100/- only in East Coast Railway. Whereas my juniors who were earstwhile Gr.’D’ are also getting same salary by way of abnormal increase in their salaries. Though their salaries are increased, they are working in the same post in which previously they are doing. They are not in a position to help Babus due to lack of knowledge in office administration works. In this connection, I suggest the authorities that the Grade pay of Rs. 1900 and 2400 should be merged with one grade pay and Rs. 2800 should be merged with Rs.4200 Grade pay to show some sort of relief to LDCs and UDCs.

  26. sir your initiative is highly welcomed I think all UDCs and LDC should come together and placed the disparity before the the government

  27. the sixth pay commission report has done a grave injustice to the cadre of LDCs and UDCs. when they merged all the Group ‘D’ Scales and they have been upgraded to Group ‘C’ and given one common grade of Rs.1800/-. every body knows that the Gr. ‘D’ are unable to read, write and communicate but they have been given the scale of Group ‘C’,. In the same manner the pay scales from Rs.5000 to 6500 have been merged and given on common grade pay of Rs.4200/- even later those in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 have been upgraded and given GP of Rs.4600/-. but what abouve LDCs and UDCs. In the administrative set up of subordinate offices of govt. of India the LDCs and UDCs are disoposing major administrative works. the cadre above them has no work and they have to simply to sign and pass the filles. but what is the grades pays given to them? they have been given 4 grades pays in the scales of LDCS and UDCS i.e., Rs.1900, Rs.2000, Rs.2400 and Rs.2800. when the cadres above and below them are merged and given one common grade pay, why the same scale has not been applied in the cadres of LDCs and UDCs. moreover in some of the subordinate offices the debarred employees are not able to get any benefits. a LDC working in a subordinate office and settle in a particular place if he get transfer to a farthest place without any benefit in remuneration how can he accept the promotion? the LDCs are low paid staff and the promotion should upgrade their standard of living. but in the prerevised structure there is no benefit to them if they get promotion to another place.
    Hence I suggest that the cadre in LDCs should be one common grade pay of Rs.2400 and UDCs of Rs.2800/-. if the grade pay will given like this, the disparities in grade pay of LDCs and UDCs will be balanced. more the concept of debar should be removed especially for the staff working in subordinate offices.

  28. DOPT is a farce. What is the difference between LDC and UDC. Nothing. Then why this bifurcation. A person joins as LDC and retires as UDC after 35 years of service. These Commissions are fake and totally skewed in favour of officers.

  29. Mr Ramachandran, You must remember that all pay commissions and the entire administrative set up is for the welfare of officers – note – gazetted officers only. They seldom think about supporting staff on the premise that they are large in numbers and hence can be treated with scant regards. The top management of the whole system/setup/machinery is biased towards common man and deserving people.

  30. Most of the central government offices runs only because of  of LDC’s and UDC’s.Government should note this ,create posts in higher cadre give  quick promotions and give better pay.Also government should change old name of the designations like LDC to junior Asssistant and UDC to Senior Assistant. 

  31. Dear sir, We are working in Kerala. The article is a fact faced by LDC/UDC. Even on implementation of MACP also after a long period of 10/20 years they are getting only an increase of Rs 100/400 GP. All of us are graduates and postgraduates. We hope that the govt. will take some step for considering our grievance.

  32. Dear(s) I have promoted through departmental exam (In merit) to the post of UDC and getting GP Rs.2400/-. Presently Senior LDC of my office is getting GP Rs.4200/- which I may never get in my whole service according to present Pay System. Another senior Peon of my office is getting grade pay of Rs.2400/- after 3rd MACP (What a nuisance). How and why he will respect my work as he is getting more salary than me. Will government wake up and rectify the problem created because of 6th pay commission.

  33. Dear Ramachandranji, Really It is very paiing to see the Grade Pays. Pay Bands are OK, but why after 10-20-30 years, only Rs.600/- increase that too through MACP. This is a total injustice. Earlier, normally from one pay scale to next, atleast Rs.1000/- increase was there. This must have now to Rs.4000/-. This issue also needs attention of Government. Regards.

  34. Income Tax: Tax Assistant with eligibility condition of graduation + 8000 key depression speed on computer are only getting grade pay of Rs.2400/-. Is there any one who raise this issue before National Anomaly Committee or Departmental Anomaly Committee? As every one aware that Grade Pay 2400 is replacement scale of UDC who qualified with graduation only. Federation (ITEF) failed to understand the grievance of Tax Assistant & no hope from ITEF.

  35. Dear Sir, The facts you have mentioned is prevailing in all departments. The JCM has taken up the issue and I hope it will be solved.

  36. Dear Sir, you have shown the real picture of LDC’s and UDC’s working in Central Government offices in your article.These two categories are the worst effected in this 6th cpc. After combining the Group D with Group C what ever little bit we had………. is also finished.

  37. I joined in 1994 as an Accounts-clerk-cum-typist (ACT), in Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, an autonomous body under Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India. ACP was given to me in the month of August 2006 when I was in the pre-revised scale of 4000-1000-6000 and the new scale given under ACPS was 5500-175, which was withdrawn in 2008 by the Ministry saying that I am not eligible for the scale (5500) and as per hierarchy it should be 4500. Now when 6th CPC came the Minsitry gave the directives to fix the pay on 1.1.2006, calculating 1st ACP as 4500 with 2800 Grade Pay. But as I got my ACP in August 2006, that was neither taken into account in 1.1.2006 nor re-fixed. I am still drawing 2400 grade pay and my ACP given in August 2006 has not yet been considered. I want to know what are the rules applicable to my case. should not ACP given after 1.1.2006 be considered for me and if it is then which way ? Please advise me.

  38. Respected sir. I am working as a UDC in Govt. of Pondicherry. It is very regretted to say that we are getting less G.P, espectially the LDC, which only 100 Rs difference with Gp D staff. Our work is much more, which is prescribed to us in the Office manuval. I request to the concerned authorities kind look after our case and increase the GP of LDC & UDC, for which very help to this categories. Thanking you sir.

  39. hello sir, i am also working as UDC in Government of Puducherry. In Puducherry all LDCs and UDCs are facing the same. After retraining of Group D staff for 45 days (for name sake) their grade pay has been revised from 1300 to 1800. Only Rs.100 is the difference between us. In addition they also receiving other allowances such as washing allowances etc., wherein the gross salary of a Group D is more than an LDC bearing the maximum responsibilities. Is there any revision for 1900 / 2400 Grade pay holders

  40. hello sir !
    At last I heard some voice which is really lacks space inthe entire Government arena. Most of the LDCs and UDCs after putting some years of service in Govermment are doing tasks which are otherwise held previously by Assistants, Head Clerks etc. Both the 5th pay commission and 6th pay commissions done monumental blunders while deciding the pay of the LDCs and UDCs. Take any organization , most of the administrative work is being handled by these staff only which of late assisted by Group D promoted staff. My sympathies are with you. It is better to put these grievances to JCM for permanent solution.

  41. The views expressed by Mr. Ramchandran is the voice of all LDCs/UDCs who are in such pathetic condition. I am also one of those, though I got promotion as ad-hoc assistant after puting in 14 years service in UDC grade. I have been working as Assistant without any financial benefit since I was appointed as LDC. Majority of LDCs joined in 90s and thereafter are graduate and Post Graduate but their sheer grace of luck they could net get through Assistants grade Exam. Even our Seniors (CSS) do not recognise efforts LDCs/UDCs. Our Union should immediately take some steps to bring out from the frustration of LDCs/UDCs. Hope Our Leaders will do something in the matter.

  42. The author has not only expressed his views, infact I think he has spoken about the suffering met out by LDCs and UDCs in various departments of Govt. The Government should come forward to address the genuine grievances of this cadre and shouldn’t indulge in step mother treatment met out to them citing financial burden. The payscale of this cadre should be merged with higher payscale and shouldn’t be merged with lower scale of 6CPC.

  43. The VI CPC has played havoc with the cadres of LDC and UDC. Clearly we can understand that the VI CPC has not even assessed the quantum of work and the output growth in administrative principles these cadres has handled for the Govt. Whereas for others the commission has wrongly studied and they have been enhanced with more grade pay. These kind of double standards has to be withdrawn and the grade pay of the more working category of LDC and UDC be enhanced.

  44. Dear Rama ji, I am also working as a UDC at a defence establishment and overloaded with variety of work. I fully agreed you views. Thanks 2 u for expressing this article. I don-t know who foolish people represented LDC/UDC in the 6th pay commission cell. Just see the difference of GP between LDC – UDC and UDC – Assistant ????? 

  45. Well written article! aptly describes the present status of LDC and UDC cadre as of today. In our organisation (Prasar Bharati) our status is far worse. We are neither taken as employees of Prasar Bharati by sanctioning us the upgraded scales, nor treated as on deputation from govt. by giving Deputation allowance. Pay scale will be as that of CG staff without deputation allowance and the status is deemed deputation meaning without any deputation allownce.  When PB was started the real workload increased mainly for administrative staff, both personnel and finance. But the financial upgradation was given only to the Programme and engg cadre.  So there is something terribly wrong with the way LDCs and UDCs are treated in the entire Govt. setup. Sincerely hoping somebody high up there reads and acts positively on your article. 

  46. Dear Sir,
    Your article on the problems of LDC and UDC are rightly explained and it reflects conditions of UDC’s throughout the country. Many UDCs do the duties of Office Superintendents in Many Offices. They should be given a non-functional MACP in the grade pay of Rs. 4600 as given to the Group B section Officers in the grade pay of 5400. The Govt. has to form a separate committee to look into the problem of UDCs.
    Restructuring of this cadre is very essential and to be done immediately.

  47. Dear Mr. Ramachandran, I

    I cordially support your cause of concern. The lower rung of staff of Govt. of India, who are burdened in their shoulder about 80% of work of the subordinate offices of Govt. of India in the field of accounts, administration, court cases, furnishing reports/returns, maintenance of cash books, financial transactions etc. etc. have been bitterly discriminated by the 6th CPC and Govt. You have not pointed out that the officers in PB-4 plus grade pay have been allowed financial benefit of ranging between 2.60 – 2.87 times, compared to their pay scale as per 5th CPC. The Govt. has played mockery to the LDCs by granting a sum of Rs. 100/- towards financial upgradation for his dedicated service of 10 years! This gives me to believe to disbelief whether there is any constitutional safeguard for the LDCs/UDCs in the country. I would suggest to all LDCs/UDCs to flood representations separately to Finance Ministry as also to Mr. KKN Kutty, Secy General of Central Govt Employees Federation, New Delhi giving strong logical arguments and urge upon the Confederation to take up the matter in the Anomaly Committee. In my conscience and opinion, financial benefit equivalent to one increment in the existing PB should be the allowed as MACP benefit in addition to fixation of pay as per FR 22 (I)(a)(1) read with CCS (Revised) Pay Rules, 2008. If that evokes no solution or prompt resonse by the Govt., Court Case should be the ultimate remedy for redressal of grievances.

  48. Dear Sir, This artcile of you regarding concern for LDC’s and UDC’s is highly welcome. The facts you have mentioned are the prevailing factor all across the administrative channel in almost all the departments. I would apprecaite if all the functionaries of our cadre take up this issue, I am sure government will come up with a solution. After all, we must represent ourselves if we need attention !!!!!

  49. hello sir, i am working as UDC in Government of Puducherry. In Puducherry all LDCs and UDCs are facing the same.

  50. Sir,

    I totally agree. I am a fresh recruit as an LDC. The group D staff in my organisation have now been upgraded to Group C Sub staff and their pay is now more than that of mine. Considering the amount of work i am required to do with my UDC, the sub staff are just coming in the morning and leaving in the afternoon, just signing the attendance register to show their presence. They try to boss around me and have no respect. Any work given to them is like giving to some illiterate person. Now if with the pay i am getting i too start acting like that what is the difference between us.

    I seriously recommend the government to reconsider the pay scales of the hardworking clerks.

  51. Dear Ramachandranji, I whole-heartedly support your article, but our collegeagues in sub-ordinate central government offices are sleeping. When they will realise this grave situation, I don’t undersrtand. Atleast after reading your article, they must wake up and raise their voice through JCM.

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