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Grant of Service Element to Pre 30.08.2006 released Non Regular Officers in Aggravation Cases

Grant of Service Element to Pre 30.08.2006 released Non Regular Officers in Aggravation Cases – Grant of Service Element to Pre 30.08.2006 released Non Regular Officers in Aggravation Cases – Full Commissioned Service to be taken in to account in the case of Commissioned Officers

ACDA(P), Office of the PCDA (PENSIONS) has issued a communication regarding grant of service  element to  Pre  -30.08.2006 released  Non  Regular Officers in Aggravation cases.


Circular No. 23
No. G-1/M/02/ICO’sNol.-XIV/2015
Date: 27.05.2015


1. The Director of Treasury
2. The Post Master, Kathua, Srinagar (J&K)
3. The Post Master, Campbell Bay (Andaman & Nicobar)
4. The Defence Pension Disbursing Officer        .
5. The Pay and Accounts Officer        .
6. The Pay and Accounts Officers Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
7.  The Director of Accounts, Panji (Goa)
8. The Finance Secretary, Gangtok
9. The Chief Manager, CPPC     .
10. The Manager, Link Bank        .

SUB:- Grant  of  service  element to  Pre  -30.08.2006 released  Non  Regular Officers in Aggravation cases.

REF:  This office Circular No. 02 dated 17.11.2006 (enclosed as Annexure A)


Reference is invited towards this office circular cited above under which GOI, MOD letter No. 1 (9)/2006-D(Pen-C) dated 30.08.2006 regarding grant of disability element in  respect of Non- regular officers released in  low medical category was circulated. As per para 2 of the ibid Govt. letter, the benefit of service  element  of  disability  pension  in   respect  of  non-regular officers  in aggravation case was allowed only to those who retired on or after the date of issue of the letter i.e. 30.08.2006 and past cases were not to be re-opened.

The GOI, MOD has now modified para 2 quoted above by issue of letter No. 16(01)/2012-D(Pen/Pol)dated 23.03.2015 (enclosed as Annexure B), and as per provisions contained therein, in the case of aggravation too, service element of disability pension in  respect of non- regular officers would be calculated after taking into account the full commissioned service rendered by them as calculated in  the case of Regular Commissioned Officers. As such EC/SSC officers in aggravation cases would also be allowed the benefit of revision w.e.f. 30.08.2006 as allowed  to attributable  cases vide  MoD letter dated  30.08.2006.  The terminal gratuity already paid has to be refunded as per existing orders. The   Pension   disbursing   authority   will   obtain  application   on  enclosed format  (enclosed  as Annexure   C) from  affected  pensioners  in  terms  of  these orders for revision  of their service  element  of disability  pension  and forward  the same  to  respective   Pension  Sanctioning  Authorities   for  notification  of  revised award.

This      circular      has      been      uploaded   on  PCDA(P)      website www.pcdapension.nic.in    for  dissemination   across  the  Defence  pensioners  and PDAs.

(C.B. Yadav)

File No. G-1/M/02/DP/ICO’s/ Vol.- XIV Date: 27.05.2015

Download Office of the PCDA (PENSIONS) Circular No. 23 File No. G-1/M/02/DP/ICO’s/ Vol.- XIV dated 27.05.2015


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