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Word & Excel Tips

Get Rich Free Fonts from Google

Are you fed up with the regular fonts that you use in your word, excel or Power point presentation? Google fonts is coming handy to wipe out this boredom.

How to remove blank rows from a table in Excel

Suppose you have a large table of data that is interspersed with lot of blank rows, how do you remove these blank rows? One way would be to sort the table. But what if you don’t want to disturb…

Include Rupee symbol button in MS-Excel Worksheet

As desired by many of the readers of GConnect, Shri.Mr.N.Masilamani has developed this excel addin along with a script to include New Rupee Symbol in your MS-Excel worksheet as a button on standard…

Quick and easy ways to select text in MS Word

Here are a few tips to save some time while working in a Microsoft Word document. Once you type out the text in Word, if you want to work on a portion of the text, like say apply some kind of…

Get the Find dialog box out of the way

You probably already know how to look for a particular word or phrase in a Word document or Excel worksheet using the Find feature. You can bring up the Find dialog box either from the Edit menu or…

Using bookmarks in Microsoft Word

Almost everybody has worked with a document that is more than 10 pages long. When working with these long documents it can be extremely difficult to find the information you want. You can solve…

Continue list numbering with a paragraph in between

You can take advantage of a nifty Word feature that allows you to easily pick up numbering where you previously left off. This is great for numbered lists that are interspersed with paragraphs that…

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