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Windows Tips

Get Rich Free Fonts from Google

Are you fed up with the regular fonts that you use in your word, excel or Power point presentation? Google fonts is coming handy to wipe out this boredom.

Difference Hibernate and Sleep mode in Windows

You might have seen two options known as Sleep and Hibernate in your computer that is loaded with Windows Vista or Windows 7 for temporarily suspending the operations of the computer. Apparently,…

Know more about Data Size

In computing, data and programs are stored either permanently or temporarily.  Do you know how this storage is measured ? Below is a list commonly accepted units of data storage. Bit A Bit is…

Use ClearType to Enhance Screen Fonts in Windows XP

This is a simple tip to make fonts clearer if you are using an LCD monitor. Windows XP has an option to enable ClearType font rendering. By default it is disabled. With the ClearType font rendering…

How to quickly rename a list of files

When you download photos from your digital camera, they often have unrecognizable names. Renaming them all one by one would be really tedious. However, you can rename several similar files at once…