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Keep your brain fit

Brain Ageing is of late is one of the much talked about subject. As we get older we would naturally feel the ageing factor in our body parts. But as far as the brain is concerned ageing factor is…

Create ringtone using the music you like

Mad Creator is a free service that lets you create a ringtone from your favorite song stored in your computer or online. You can also use a YouTube video to create a ring tone.

Cricket World Cup 2011 Wagon Wheel

World cup Cricket Mania is on and we are already charged up for the mega event. Like TV technology which took cricket to the next level, internet has also a part to play in this world cup. In the…

Wikipedia – A sum of public Human Knowledge

Wikipedia website which is the most widely used reference work in the world has entered into 11th year. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched this site in the…

Priority InBox feature in Gmail

Do you use GMail for your email needs? Then you must have noticed an interesting change in your inbox for segregating your mail as important one or unimportant one.

Google Instant Search- Try the magic!

While we are wondering how could Google search engine could fetch thousands and thousands of web pages in split seconds some times for the search phrases we provide, it has gone one step ahead and now…

Easy to use Mind Map Tool

Mind Mapping is basically organizing your thoughts with a detailed diagram so that you do not lose out on anything and basically a great way to give an insights into a plan.

Find Fonts that you like to use

For those who are much crazy about the fonts they are using in their documents to make them perfect, here is a cool website that identifies the name of the font from the image of the font you will be…

Lovelycharts-make your documents catchy

Did you ever think that offical documentations you create could have been more understandable and catchy had you added diagrams. Then lovelycharts.com that hosts web application is the simple and…

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