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Remember MOTIVATION to get self-motivated

Motivation is what keeps you moving. Without motivation you become inert, standing still, clueless, aimless and confused. Motivation is what makes you act in a desired manner, generally towards…

Seeing Opportunities through your mind

The Book titled 'Seeing Opportunities Through Your Mind' written by Shri.C.V. Subramaniam, Former Director, Department of Information Technology, GOI has been published in pothi.com.

What is in a Name?

What is in a name? People may ask; and readily quote Shakespeare in support; " What is in a name that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Yes, certainly so, for, even if you…

Make Your Obituary Shape Your Life

The title of this piece may look strange. Indeed no one will normally think of his or her death, when they are still active in life, let alone thinking of writing an obituary.

My Career – an Autobiographical Account

Many a time when my son saw me sitting idle, brooding, with nothing to do, (almost like 'now drooping, woeful wan, like one forlorn, or crazed with care, or crossed in hope -less love?)' he used to…


Idli - the expanded form of which could read: Indian Diet Loved by all Indians. While it is a favorite dish amongst South Indians generally, every Indian likes, why, even Americans and people in…

Cricket – Me, Tendulkar & Dhoni

Well, if you are a cricket player, and that too a batsman, the onlookers would all love it. Vow, great going, indeed, they will think and the commentators will be describing a lot.

The Capsicum Pakora

A brief sojourn of 26 hours, 30 minutes and may be 10 seconds in Kodaikanal more than convinced me that if there was a place on earth which could bestow on you the celestial bliss which is only…

Sachin – the ‘sathamaghan?’

The failure of Sachin Tendulkar on the fourth day of the Test against West Indies yesterday to score his long awaited hundredth hundred must certainly have broken the hearts of many an ardent cricket…

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