Revised DA, HRA, TA and Other Allowances consequent on 6CPC implementation

Government has announced the the Dearness Allowance rates (DA rates) applicable to each half year from the year 01-01-06, consequent on implementation of Sixth Pay Commission report.

The following are the revised DA Rates :

Date from which Payable
Rate of DA per mensem
From 1.1.2006
From 1.7.2006
2% of basic pay + NPA where applicable
From 1.1.2007
6% of basic pay + NPA where applicable
From 1.7.2007
9% of basic pay + NPA where applicable
From 1.1.2008
12% of basic pay + NPA where applicable
From 1.7.2008
16% of basic pay + NPA where applicable

The following are the revised HRA rates

Based on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission, the earlier classfication of cities has been revised viz., A-1 to “X”, B1 and B2 to “Y” and C and unclassfied cities to “Z”. The rates of HRA applicable to X, Y, and Z cites are as under.

Classfication of Cities and Towns Rate of HRA as percentage of (Basic Pay + NPA where applicable)
X 30%
Y 20%
Z 10%

Revised Transport Allowances (TA)

Employes drawin grade Pay of Rate of Transport Allowance per month
## 13 cities classfied as A-1/A earlier Other places
Grad Pay of Rs.5400 and above Rs. 3200 + DA thereon Rs. 1600 + DA thereon
(i) Grade Pay of Rs.4200, Rs.4600 and Rs.4800
(ii) those drawing grade pay below Rs.4200 but drawing pay in the pay band equal to Rs.7440 and above
Rs.1600 + DA thereon Rs. 800 + DA thereon
Grade pay below Rs. 4200 and pay in the pay band below Rs.7440 Rs. 600 + DA thereon Rs. 400 + DA thereon

## A1/ A cities : Hydrabad (UA), Bangalore (UA) , Delhi (UA), Greater Mumbai (UA), Chennai (UA), Kolkata (UA), Ahmedabad (UA), Surat (UA), Nagpur (UA), Pune (UA), Jaipur (UA), Lucknow (UA), and Kanpur (UA)

Download Governement Orders for revised DA, HRA, TA and other Allowances


  1. asif s shaikh says

    i want to know that how much c l for disabled employee as i am disable with 70%. please provide me the gr of dte.

  2. Subrata Choudhury says

    I inquired earlier about revised rates of equipment maintenance allowances of inspectors and superintendents of customs & central excise deptt to which, your reply was that the order to that effect was yet to be issued. may i know if any such letter issued by the board meanwhile?

  3. says

    Hi, I manage a website too and I almost never see junk remarks on your articles. How do you manage to stop it all? Does one just physically moderate all of it?

  4. vasudevan .m says

    Teachers are getting only Rs.75 as FMA which they got before 1-1-2006 .Why this allowance not changed ?

  5. Sikander Aggarwal says

    I think TA depends on the city in which the employee is posted. Straight forwardly saying that TA is 800 plus DA thereon is not correct. It cab be 1600 plus DA thereon also if the employee is working in any if 13 notified cities as A/A1. Kindly check.

  6. harish chandra joshi says

    Sir in case I am entitled for HRA whatever I was drawing earlier at Delhi . Intimate rule position to enable me to apply for the HRA for attachment period.

  7. VJ says

    There is no formula for this you should be paid  `5000/- at time of completion of your 58 birthday.  The extra amount deducted by the employer should also be repaid.

  8. vinod says

    Sir, I am disable person employee in autonomus body (,jodhpur) ,Sir,I have two questions:
    1.Can I get promotion as a disable person ,although my 21 yrs has been complited in service.2.Handicapped Conveyance allowance is not sufficient in contemprorary facts.

  9. admin team says

    Dear sunanda
    For drwal of HRA A G.servant has to incur some expenditure on rent/contribute rent or pay house tax/property tax. In your husband’s case he is residing at office quarters that means NO HRA for him. If you are residing separately and incurring rent for your residence you may get HRA from your State Govt office.

  10. admin team says

    Dear harish

  11. harish chandra joshi says

    I have been transferred from Delhi to Manipur(NE) I regularly drawing HRA while posted at Delhi. I left my children at Delhi in a rented house. I reported manipur and immediately attached in a office at Delhi on public interest. Request intimate whether I am entitled for HRA whatever I was drawing earlier or not.

  12. Sunanda Mondal says

    i am a state govt employee(health dept).my husband is central govt employee.we stay at different place.he at his office quarter and me at my own home.can we both draw our full HRA ?

  13. m.k.chaturvedi says

    Hello sir,
    please clarify is it necessary to produce marriage registration certificate to enter the name of spouse in the service records. If iit is mandatory than kindly provide the order number .

  14. admin team says

    Dear Unnikrishnan
    HRA is determined by the station where your official HQRs ie. working place. You have not disclose where your office is.Then only it can be decided. A list of cities with classification for HRA is available Swamy’s Hand book


    I am staying at Dombivli.which is coming under Kalyan Dombivli Municipal corporation (KDMC), (Near Mumbai). What is the % of HRA I am eligible?

  16. JAYESH P says

    I joined in the central govt. Serviceon 8th April bangalore with a grade pay of 4200 . I want to know whether the full T.A of rs 1600 is eligible for that month

  17. surendra says

    i my doing working with central govt.and my pay scale is 9300-34800 with grade pay 4200 then how much be TA per month

  18. subrata choudhury says

    thanks for your answer. i request to be informed if and when such orders come into effect.

  19. admin says

    Orders for revision of uniform allowance for officers attached to CBEC are yet to be issued

  20. subrata choudhury says

    Sir, I am a Superintendent of Central Excise & Service Tax posted in Shillong Commissionerate. In our region, we are being paid equipment maintenance allowance at the old rates prevailing before Sixth. CPC. May I request to be informed if the rates of initial uniform allowance and equipment maintenance allowance have been revised in the Sixth. CPC and if so, what is the order/circular/letter no and the date from which the revised rates came into effect?

  21. says

    Sir, i am living in outliving accommodation with the permission of competent authority. Am i eligible to avail the HRA and what is the policy of HRA for outliving central government employees.

  22. sreedhar says

    can u please provide documentary proof to claim transport allowance as my office administrative people are insisiting for the proof.

  23. admin team says

    Dear sree
    We hope, you are eligible for Transport allowance for May 2010 as 1st and 2nd are happens to be holidays and your EL started only from 3rd onwards, those two days are to be treated as on duty.

  24. sree says


    i was not paid travelling allowance for the month of May.2010 for being on E.L.from 3rd May,2010 to 4 th june,2010.please confirm.


  25. kRuTiKa says

    may any body please help me to provide the circulars related to benefits 4 disabled government employee like CL leave, trans.allownce.. ,n other benefits as per 6th pay commission report……?

    pleeez do help me out…

    thank you,

  26. col m s sehrawat says

    sir i retired on 31/8/2006 with basic pension rs 29980/ my disability is 50%
    how much disability i shall get post 6th pay commission

  27. Salim Patel says

    Please tell me about LTC as per 6th pay commission. Break wise LTC like if the employee get 4200 gp so he is entitled for 3rd AC right….
    for 4600 gp, 4800 gp and other gp what employee will get as LTC



  28. nk_aa says

    I am working in MBA department of AICTE recognised instituition in Mysore, Karnataka. My pay scale is 8000-275-13500. What is the rate of DA, HRA and CCA applicable for the above scale.

  29. himgouri khedkar says

    i am working with cbse affliated school as L.D.C from 01/06/2008 at that time my scale was -3050-4590 later on the 6th pay comm implemented ,the school is implementing the scale as per state govt so what should be my current possition of salary in break up and i would like to how much is the maternity leave is apporved by state govt

  30. says

    I am promoted as Adminstrative officer4 Gr. III from 5500-175-9000 to 6500-200-10500 on 3-3-2008. I was drawing as on 29.2.2008 is 6900 in incometax deptt. pl.

  31. Aakash says

    I am working in central government in New Delhi. I am hearing handicapped. Government will not given me transport allowance double. The report is all handicapped are double transport allowance. Please issued the double transport allowance order to all. Please
    Thanking u

  32. says

    Dear Sir,
    I m working in a new college and we want make rules for travelling and diet allowance for touring purpose.So in this case please forward the rules in which we can give the relevant amount of our employee.Please help in this case and send the rules ASAP.We will wait ur fav reply………….

  33. v.l.shinde says

    sir. i retired from central govt.service on 31/03/ date of joining was 07/01/ cgeis deduction per month was rs.5-00 from date of joining to date of retirement as i did not opt in for later new central govt.employees insurance schemes.i am not given my due insurance money from dept.till today as dealing clerk does not know calculation formula for old cgei scheme. me in this matter.

  34. says

    as on 1 Jan 2009 my basic is going to be 10,000 of AICTE pay scale on promotion pre Revised scales so for i Was on 9375 baisc since 15 Jan 2008 on the 8000-275-13500 pay whisc is revised to 15600 in the UGC new Pay scale please specify the new basic for the both 9375 & 10000 basic as well

  35. bharat says

    I am working in central government in puducherry. I am hearing handicapped. Government will not given me transport allowance double. The report is all handicapped are double transport allowance. Please issued the double transport allowance order to all. Please
    Thanking u

  36. says


    Will u plz clarify that the new ACP rules suggested by the 6th CPC and accepted by the C.Govt.As far as my knowledge goes that should be after 10th yr,20th yr and 30th yr.Is it OK, if not from which web site can I have the Government Circular on ACP.

    Thanking u, with regards.

  37. Ganveer P.D says

    Sir,I am working in the post of LDC in Central Govt. Office w.e.f December-95
    in the pay scale of 3050-4590
    I am first ACP granted in December -07(after 12 years) Pay scale of Rs. 4000-100-
    6000 . Pay fixed in Rs.4100/- in December-07 , Sir you are request that Please
    Grade pay and Transport allowance eligible at the 1st ACP time

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