The order for which various employees forums were vigorously fighting so far with the Government has finally been issued. The implementation of pay commission was not really fruitful for cerain cadres such as Inspector of Central Excise and Customs, Administrative Officers etc., in various departments who were in receipt of pre-revised pay scale of Rs.6500-10500. …

Govt orders GP of Rs.4600 to cadres of 6500-10500 scale

The order for which various employees forums were vigorously fighting so far with the Government has finally been issued.

The implementation of pay commission was not really fruitful for cerain cadres such as Inspector of Central Excise and Customs, Administrative Officers etc., in various departments who were in receipt of pre-revised pay scale of Rs.6500-10500.

The reason for the same is pre-revised pay scale of these cadres was merged with the lower pre-revised pay scales viz., 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 and as a result grade pay of Rs.4200/- was fixed to these cadres at par with the lower cadres.

Quoting para 2.2.21 of the pay commission report, representations were made with the Government for upgrading these cadres for the grant of grade pay of Rs.4600/- applicable to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7450-11500.

Accepting the demands of these cadres, it has been decided by the Government that the posts which were in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006 and which were granted the normal replacement pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200 in the pay band PB-2 will now be granted grade pay of Rs.4600 in the pay band PB-2 corresponding to the pr-revised scale of Rs.7450-11500 with effect from 1.1.2006.

Download the relevant Office Memorandum F.No: 1/1/2008-IC dated 13.11.2009 issued by Ministry Finance in this connection.

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  1. We are Assistant Archaeologist with Post Graduate in Archaeology and Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology) with a revised pay scale of 5500-175-9000. By virtue of 6CPC the scales 5000-8000,5500-9000 and 6500-10500 are merged as on 1.1.2006 and hence those who were in these three merged scales are considered to be in pre-reviced scale of Rs.6500/- as on 1.1.2006 and we are granted GP of 4200/-. My question is that in the light of OM No. F. No.1/1/2008-IC dated 13th November 2009 can we get 4600/- GP.

  2. The scales 5000-8000,5500-9000 and 6500-10500 are merged as on 1.1.2006 and hence those who were in these three merged scales are considered to be in pre-reviced scale of Rs.6500/- as on 1.1.2006 and the same is upgraded to Rs.7450/- with GP Rs.4600/- as per dopt order dated 13.11.2009. Otherwise a seperate order for granting Rs.4600/- for pre reviced scale of Rs.6500-11500 prior to 1.1.2006 is not at all releveant. My department under Earth Science is not considered the same and are still kept the Group B staff With GP Rs.4200/- at entry level. I was in the scale of 5000-8000 on 1.3.1987 annd promoted to the scale 5500-9000 in the year 1995. Due to merger of posts 5000-8000 & 5500-9000 it was to be considered in the scale of Rs.5500-9000 from 1.3.1987 which is merged to the scale Rs.6500-11500 as on 1.1.2006. Kindly clarify whether I am eligible to get GP Rs.4600/- as on 1.1.2006.

  3. Dear sir, most sufferer three pre-revised pay scale Rs 5000-8000,5500-9000 and 6500-10500 merged into a single pay scale 6500-10500 with grade pay Rs. 4200/- wef 01-01-2006 what happended to upgration of grade pay of 4200/- to 4600/- wef 01-01-2006. It was also taken up with NAC meeting held on 16 Feb 2011 and 31 March 2011. Admin Supdt/Stores Supdt in DRDO’s lab/Estt who had retired from service on 01-01-2006 to 31 Aug 2006 still pending for want of DOPT/MF orders to implement grade pay for them Rs. 4600/- instead of s 4200/- wef 01-01-2006 to the date of their retirement. Accord approval on priority basis.

  4. sir,

    My scale of pay on 31/12/2005 is 5000-150-8000, on the day i am reciving salary of dec-2005 is 6100 Basic+other allawancess. but govt. marged the scale as on 01/01/2006 with gp4200/- than agine change the gp 4600. NOW which grade pay i am elgible clarify please. i was joint govt,in .min.of.I&B on 29/02/1988. (23 years). still not reciving acp also. send copy of the order in both issue thanks.

  5. i joine as UDC on 7.8.1987. At the time of upgradation of 1/3 post of UDC as TA, i appointed as Tax Assistant on 30.9.91 and thereafter promoted as Inspector on 25.2.1994. Kindly let me know whether i am entitled for MACP of 20 years.

  6. we are working in NSSO we are in grade pay of Rs4200 our posts were up graded and merged with PB2( i.e.5000-9000 )to 6500 still we are not given with grade pay of RS 4600 help in gettiing the same as other departments
    please kindly clarify why our NSSO is not given GP 4600/-
    suggest us how we will get the same

  7. Sir, grade pay of 4600/- was given to assistants of Central govt. employees in Nov. 2009 . Please tell me when the order for granting grade pay of  4600/- to PAs is being given or when it is expected.

  8. I am a Income tax Inspector since 17/02/2003 As on 01-01-2006,my Old Basic pay was Rs.6700 and grade pay @ Rs.4200 has already been fixed as Rs.16670 as New Basis Pay w.e.f. 01-01-2006. But the Grade pay has been revised @ Rs.4600 vide F.No.1/1/2008-IC dated 13-11-2009 issued by Alok Saxena, Director, Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure, Implementation Cell. What will be my new Basic Pay w.e.f. 01-01-2006 in the Grade Pay of Rs.4600?

  9. I am got ACP 7/2007 and get adhoc promotion 6/2010 steno D to C
    I want to know that is my basic 18460 on 1-1-2006 or not
    DOE/DOPT silient on this issue
    some ministry give 18460 to after 1-1-2006 promotee
    but what is fate for those who got ACP before 1-1-2006
    some ministry give 18460 those who got ACP 1-1-2006 to 31-8-2008 but why not this rule applicable for before 1-1-2006

    if anybody know pl reply

  10. I have joined on deputation as hindi translator Jr. in the pay scale of 5500 in the year 2008 and getting grade pay of rs4200/-

  11. Sir, I am working as Hindi Translator in CAT, Chandigarh whose grade pay has also upgraded w.e.f. 1.1.2006. My pay was Rs.6900/- as on 1.1.2006 and has been fixed as (6900×1.86)+4600 =1744o/-. As per recent orders Asstts. have also been granted upgraded grade pay. An Asstt. of the same grade pay as on 1.1.2006 will get the same revised pay, but one who gets promotion (between 2.1.2006 to 31.8.2008), suppose on 2.1.2006, his pay will be fixed (7450×1.86)+4600=18460/- , is this not rediculous that the existing sr. one gets lowere pay and the employee getting promotion after 1.1.2006 gets higher pay.There must be some error while computing the revised pay of the officials in upgraded grade pay on issuing such orders. The concerned authorities may please reconsider the matter and all the officials being granted upgraded grade pay of Rs.4600/-(irrespective of the name of the post i.e. either Asstt., P.S., Court Master, or Translator etc.) whether existing or getting promotion should be given chance to get their pay fixed opting 7450/- either from 1.1.2006 or from the date of promotion, as the case may be. Otherwise, due to anamoly, there will be lodged many cases in CAT and upper courts and the employees as well as the Govt. will have to expend money on these court cases.

  12. I am working as Inspector of Central Excise. I wish to know whether I am eligible on for the fixation of pay on the strength of OM dated 13.11.2009 w.ef 1.1.2006 in the pre-revised scale of pay of Rs.7450-11550. In Tamil Nadu the same is denied though we have paid the Grade pay @ Rs.4600 wef 1.1.2006. I am of the opinion that we all eligible for fixation of pay. pl. clarify.

  13. In the reference of the above subject , pl. clarify that whether the fitment table of old pay of rs. 7450 is eligible in the new g.p. of 4600? if its so, then under what rules ?

    sudhir datta rajkot – transmission executive, all india radio, rajkot gujrat

  14. Sir, Any chances of getting GP 4600 to Steno Gr.II/Gr.I which are redesignated as Steno Gr.I at par with CSSS, Can anybody have an idea

  15. My friends continue to see this site till 7th pay commission because 5th pay com. cases are still pending,anomaly will continue for lower staff it will be never cleared.Rules are grate for big bosses PB-4( they are rule maker). today they are making rule next day they will change it, look how much skill they have.

  16. on 1st nov.2005 my pre revised scale is Rs6500 .shall eligible to get a scale of Rs 7450 in this revise scale due to merger of both these scales

    • The order mentioned in the post provides only enhanced gp of Rs.4600 to those who were in the pay scale of Rs.6500 as on 1.1.2006. If the department in which your are working has the post in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7450, then merger is applicable

  17. I joined an office under the MHA having different cadre (not CSS) in 1993 in the pay scale of 1200-2000 (revised 4000-6000) and got ACP after 12 years in the July 2005 in the pay scale of 5500. Now I have been given grade pay of Rs. 4200/-. Would any body tell me that the grade pay of Rs. 4600 will be applicable in my case?

  18. Please can you send me a copy of the order anybody who got 4600 grade pay under ACP in the scale of Rs.6500-10500 duirng 1.1.2006 to 30.9.2008.

  19. I want to know that is there any possibility to upgrade the pay scale (pay band) of stenographers those pre revised pay scale was 4000 – 6000. Now, they are taking 2400 grade pay.

  20. Sir, I was joined in the june-2006 in National Informatics Centre, MIT GOI, as a Scientific Technical Assistant-B with the pay scale 6500-200-10500. After 6pc i am getting Grade pay 4200 and NIC is a Scintific Organisation and comes under FCS(Flexible Compensatory Scheme) with this facility our promotion residency period is 3years. 23 nov’09 i got promotin from Grade pay 4200 to Grade Pay 4600. Should I am eligible for Rs 4600 grade pay since june’2006.
    Kindly reply me.

    • Yes. If the post in which you joined carried pay scale of Rs.6500 – 10,5000 as on 1.1.2006, you are entitled for the grade pay of Rs.4600 as on June-2006


  22. Will you please give me any supporting document if I file an appeal to inccrease my Grade Pay from 4200 to 4600. Becasue as I am holding an ex-cadre post and got the scale 6500-10500 in ACP, my office is not convinced that I am eligible for grade pay of 4600.

    Thanking you

  23. I joined the government service on 19.12.1994 in the scale of 5500-9000 and got my first ACP in 19.12.2006 in the scale of 6500-10500. I got the ACP after 1.1.2006. I am holding an ex-cadre post as a DPA Gr ‘A’. Now I got the Grade pay of 4200 because both the scales has been merged. Now I wants to know whether I am eligible for the order no.F.No./1/1/2008-IC dated 13.11.2009. The said order states that grant of grade pay of Rs.4600 to posts that existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500. But my office says that as I got the scale of 6500-10500 in 19.12.2006 in ACP I am not entitled for the grade pay of 4600. Now you are requested to advise me whether I am eligible for the grade pay of Rs.4600 according to the said order or through MCAP. Also indicate the relevant office order.Thanking you.

    • Dear sushma
      your office is wrong on this aspect. 6500 scale has now got 4600 and as such whether ACP/Promotion you should be placed in 4600 w.e.f date of ACP to 6500 scale.Appeal.

  24. sir please send the 54 points of annomaly commette  and oblige

  25. I was in the pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 from 1-1-1996. Will I get as per the latest recomendation of 6 CPC, the revised pay structure of 7450-11500 with GP 4600 from

    • Those who have received the basic pay in the pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006 are entitled to get GP of Rs.4600. As per the present provisions of 6CPC revised pay fixation, there will not be any change in the revised 6CPC pay in pay band. However, for those who are working in the department where there is cadre available in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7450-11500, the cadre receiving the pay in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 shall be merged with the the same. In those cases pay fixation will be made taking into account the revised pay relating to pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7450-11500

  26. From where we will be get the clarification regarding fixation where it is 6500-10500 or 7450-11500 ?

    • DOPT&MOF should decide the issue. We feel only possibility in this issue is to upgrade the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500 to Rs.7450 to those who are now entitled for GP of Rs.4600/-. But order to this extent is yet to be issued by govt. Govt has merely upgraded the grade pay to Rs.4600 for the employees who who were in the pay scale of Rs.6500 as on 1.1.2006. In the case of departments which already have pre-revised scale of Rs.7450 (like CSS), the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500 has been merged with Rs.7450/-. With regard to other departments upgradation of grade pay has only been allowed

  27. By upgradation of GP from 4200 to 4600 whether fixation to be done in 6500-10500 or in merger scale Rs.7450-11500

  28. the Office Memorandum F.No.1/1/2008-IC dated 13th November,2009, the Dept of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance wherein the Grade of Rs.4600, pay scale corresponding to 7450 has been granted in the pay band PB-2 to posts that existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006. Hence starting minimum scale of 13860 need to be fixed. But it was not done by no. of central government office till now such as cwc, cwrig, rbg etc., can you tell how to report it and whom. can we carried this meesage to ministry of finance. suggestion please.

  29. I didn’t got the upgraded scale 7450 till today as per order 1/1/ic/2008, dt: 13.11.2009, what can I do. Already i submitted option. But the officials are not processing and keeping quiet, but physically they are deriving all works. what can I do. May pl give suggestions any body.

  30. ll the pre-revised scale of 5000-8000,5500-9000 and 6500-10500 merged and brought to a single pay band PB-2 with 9300-34800 and the Min of Fin ,DOPT vide their OM No AB-14017/61/2008-Estts(RR) dated 24-03-2009(Scale of S-9 to S-15),Directed to all Minitries to restructure the posts keeping in view of Recruitment Rules suggested therein,with in a period of six months from the date of issue of this OM dated 24-03-09.But I visualise no department except the Ministry of Labour & Employment implemented the DOPT letter. This has only done with Hon’able Court case decision.The Ministry of Labour refixed pay as under as per recruitment rules amended :-(a)existing 5000-8000 revised to 6500-10500 PB-2 Grade Pay 4200.(b) existing 5500-9000 revised to 7450-11500 PB-2 Grade pay Rs.4600/-(c)existing 6500-10500 revised to 8000-13500 with Grade Pay 5400.(d) existing 10000-15200 in PB-2 with Grade pay Rs 6600/-.//Govt of India, Min of Fin, DOPT OM No 1/1/2008-IC dated 13 Nov 2009 is appended below “the posts in the scale of 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 should be merged with the posts in the scale of Rs.6500-10500 being upgraded to the next higher grade in the pay Band PB-2 with grade pay of Rs.4600/- corresponding to the pre-revised scale of Rs.7450-11500.”//Everybody will understand from the above cited of Govt Om thAT 5000-8000 AND 5500-9000 are to be merged with 6500-10500 and all the merged be upgraded to the next higher grade of Rs.7450-11500. Once Govt has given its decision to merged with 6500-10500 and on the basis of recommendation of sixth CPC that too accepted by the Govt of India(Min Fin DOPT) which automatically upgraded to pre-revised pay scale of 7450-11500.According to mine mind and from audit point of view, the delay is on the part of Fin Ministry /DOPT.//According my opinion and Hon’able Court’s latest judgement CAT 164/2009 there is no separate scale for CSS Staff , cGE in the CSS and fied staff/official are alike upto the level of section officerand no more special scale remains inforce after this judgement.//Govt have issued OMs to various Ministries fro upgradtion of grade pay from 4200 to 4600 for those in the pre-revised 5000-5500 & 6500 merged in 6500-10500 wef 01-01-2006 vide Govt of India Min of Fin OM No1/1/2008-IC dated 13 Nov 2009,No 1/1/2008-IC dated 16 Nov 2009 (for Steno/PAs in higher formation),OM of Min of Fin Deptt of Expdr IC UO No 10/12010-IC dated 27-01-2010 regarding upgradation of grade pay from 4200 to 4600(Director R&A) Min of Pet Natural Gas..Even in reply of RTI to Sh Manoj Kumar is the approval of Director (IC) vide order No 22/2/2008-IC-II dated 30-10-2008, GOI Min of Fin ,Deptt of Expdr,implementation cell grade pay Rs.4600 in the pay scale of 5000-8000 and 5500-9000and 6500-10500.//In view of the above sentiments expressed by Senior well learnd senior members of Gconnect and focused on the issue.I failed to understand why DRDO’s subordinate /lower formations estts/lab’s Admin Sudpt,Admin Assistant ‘C’,Stores Supdt, Stores Assistant ‘C’ and various depatt’s Supervisory staff served in the above pre-revsed 5000-5500 have been ignored for Grade pay of Rs. 4600/ wef 01-01-2006 onward i.e. upto their retirement. Many of them retired from service on 30-09-2006.I hope NAC is already taken the matter with the right form by various association and federation and union of employees.I hope there is delay in the matter but cannot be denied. Please ignore me if I have gone out of the jurisdiction. Regards.Please give reply on my email ID :

  31. Please all are see my poverty.

    I am a gazetted, group B officers. But my junior level officers are group c. They are staying in AC hotels whenever going on tour. But I could not stay in AC hotel. Their grade pay is 5400. My grade pay is 4600. This is only the country fixed the less grade pay to higher officers and higher grade pay to lower level officer. Who is able to intimate this message to ministry of finance. This is due to contravercy creation in between ACP holders and regular employees. It was not combared i thing.


    I am a Jr. Hindi Translator working in Botanical Survey of India and recruited after 1.1.2006 with the pay band 9300 and grade pay pay of 4200. As per the upgradation of the post, am I eligible to enjoy the higher grade pay of Rs. 4600 as our posts have been granted the pay scales of Rs.6500-10,500 w.e.f.1.1.2006.

    • Dear shyam kishore
      Yes you are eligible for 4600 and the banp pay against it from the date of recruitment.

      • but in CSOLS, jr. hindi translator’s have not granted the grade pay of 4600 yet. some depts like doordarsan and epfo have already granted. Will CSOLS translators also get the same?

  33. I am drawing pay in the pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 since May 1995 under ACP. Please clarify whether I am entitled to grade pay of Rs.4600 or not because our department is refusing and telling that only posts in the old pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 are only eligible for grade pay Rs.4600.


    • As per DOPT order (check GConnect circular corner) those who were drawing pay in the pre revised pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006, will be entitled to grade pay of Rs.4600.

  34. i have posted earlier also can any senior member reply early please i am getting impatient

    i got promoted to 6500 pre-revised scale on 31st may 2006 from 5500 pre-revised scale i am eligible for 4600 GP or not

    • As per Govt’s present orders employees who were in receipt of pay in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500 are eligible for the grade pay of Rs.4600. It is mentioned that you were promoted during May-2006. As such there is no provisions for grant of Grade pay of Rs.4600 in this case

  35. Mr. jayalan , thanks for the Reply dated
    March 5th, 2010 at 11:32 am. How do you say that as per the said OM officers who were in the scale of 6500-10500 are only eligible to get 4600.and not 5000 and 5500 scale holders. Do you have any confirmed information on this. One of the Govt. of India Office has to issue orders on this. I think, all the three scales of 5, 5.5 & 6.5 have been merged as one scae i.e., 6.5 on 1.1.2006 and given one gp of 4200. We will strongly believe that we are eligible for gp of 4600 from 1.1.2006. In addition, the fixation formula should be 1.86 of 6500 with gp 4600.

    Let DOPT/MOF give clarification on this. Our Dept. has represented this to DOPT. Please wait for reply from DOPT.

  36. i was in 5500-9500 scale in fifthpaycommission my pay was 7425 on dec2005 whether iam entitiled for gp 4600 from 1-1-2006 plreply t.ravindrababu.

  37. what about the Assistants and PA of other attached and subordinate offices who are still getting the grade pay of Rs. 4200? Why this step motherly treatment to us?

  38. Dear Admin, please reply, I am in 5000 pay scale as on 1.1.6. Am I eligible for GP 4600 as per MOF 16.11.09 order. Is the same apply for Subordinate Offices.

    • As per the said OM officers who were in the scale of 6500-10500 are only eligible to get 4600.and not 5000 and 5500 scale holders

  39. Pl tell me who is this Manoj Kumar Shing and what was his original query in RTI

  40. It is perfectly right to give GP of 4600 to Assistants/PAs. It appears, the fixation formula is going against the seniors or who joined before 1.1.2006. I joined as PA on Dec.1997 and on 1.1.2006 my basic was 6725 thus my new basic comes around rs. 16000+ while a new entrants will be fixed at a minimum of Rs. 17000+. What happened to my 9 years of service. Can anyone explain me what will be my actual basic on 1.1.2006 and how my losses will be compensated? Please explain! As far as our line is concerned, there is no recruitment.

  41. C D SINGH, Income tax

    After increase in Grade Pay from 4200 to 4600, persons who joined govt service after 01.01.2006 gets more salary than a person who was already in service before 01.01.2006 after fixation in 4600 grade pay. How this anamoly will be sorted out? Pls reply

  42. mr krishnan plse clarify
    jr hindi translator was 6500 in 1.1.2006 can jr hindi translators get this benefit of 4600 gp

  43. dear sirs
    Primary teachers were given grade pay 4200 in 6th pay commission . please clarify whether they will get the grade pay 4600 or not.l

  44. Min. of Finance clarification of pay fixation of Assistants to Min. if External Affairs is found in comments required.
    Also see discussion board and in as Min. of Petroleum & NG, Govt. of India has fixed pay of Assistants and PA in pre-revised 7450-11500 with GP 4600 on 11.01.2010

  45. what is the minimum pay in upgrade scale. 6500*1.86+4600=16690 or 7450*1.86+4600=18460 or 12540+4600=17140 (entry pay in the revised pay structure for direct appointed on or after 1.1.2006).

  46. friends, have any deptt or ministry upgraded the jr hindi translator gp 4200 to 4600 if yes then plse intimate the order or OM no

    • All the Jr. Hindi Translators should present their claim for grade pay of Rs. 4600/- w.e.f. 01.01.2006 as the order dated 13.11.2009 No. F. No.1/1/2008-IC clearly stipulates that all the posts that existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500 as on 01.01.2006 and which were granted normal replacement of Grade pay of Rs. 4200/- in pay band-II will be given grade pay of Rs. 4600/- corresponding to pre-revised scale of Rs. 7450-11500/-.
      Since earlier OM of even No. dated 24.11.2008 and 27.11.2008 places the post of Jr. Hindi Translator in the pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500/- on 01.01.2006, it is their legitimate claim to have grade pay of Rs. 4600/-.

  47. Dear Vijay,
    As per Rule 3(2) of Central Secretariat Services Rules, 2009, Section Officers Grade and above are classified as gazetted posts and Assistant’s Grade shall be non-gazetted posts. When the posts of Assistants and PAs who belong to non-gazetted posts upgraded from 5500-9000 to 7450-11500 w.e.f. 1-1-2006 vide OM dated 16-11-2009 has created no problem how other Ministries playing fire as gazetted or non-gazetted under OM dated 13-11-2009 till today.

  48. correction: In my earlier comments, kindly read ” there is no harm for merging” in the 6th line from bottom. Similiarly “It was a conscious …..”

  49. Mr.Vijay, Many of them are phsycologically thinking 6th cpc also was like earlier commissions. It is entirely different concept. It will take time to digest. That is the main problem. Here the Pay commission’s suggestion was accepted by Govenrment of India for all the departments through Ministry of Finance Gazettee notification. There is no question of doubt, that all the pre-revised scales of 5000 and 5500 are merged with 6500-10,500 and that 6500-10,500 is upgraded 7450-11,500 thereby all these grades are elgible for Grade pay of 4600/- (ie., 40% of 11,500). Now the question is anomaly regarding bunching, uniform multplying factor, whether the existing pay is to be ignored and consider 6500×1.86 or 7450×1.86 or more, too much loss due to introduction of MACP to employees, etc. Already the Ministry of labour introduced/restructured posts as per 6th cpc decision vide OM dated 24.3.2009 and also based on CAT to its EpFO organisations throughout the country. Hence 5500 are getting 4600 GP 6500 are getting 5400 gp etc. Similarly Railways, DOPT for central secretariat, teachers, Archeology, Ministry of Culture etc. already revised grade pay 4600 to pre-5500 and pre-6500 as both of the scales were merged and upgraded to 7450-11,500. This 6th cpc, each Ministry has to implement the decisions separately based on Ministry of Finance OM. As regards, granting of GP 4600, there is no question, there is harm for merging gazetted posts also because their pay is protected with multiplication . I was a conscious and deliberate decision of the Pay Commission to merge these posts based on the work load and delivery which cannot be changed now since the government is accepted. The only thing is that one can fight to remove anomaly stated above.

  50. As of now only Railways and DOPT had issued enabling orders other ministries are awaiting whether there will be any modification in the order and they are not sure how to merge the prerevised 6500 to pre existing 7450 as most of the posts are gazetted and they can’t be merged. so it will take a quite long time to get the pay revised or it may be declined its upto the individual ministry.


  52. i am working in the pre revised scale of 4500-7000 in an autonomus body of delhi govt. my designation is technical assistant. but in some of the departments in delhi govt like deelopement department, archealogy and revenue this scale has been upgraded to 6500-10500 pre revised. i need the implementation order for this scale in these department. can any body help me that from where these implementation orders can be recieved or if they are available at any website , please tell me the link of that site.

  53. One sentence from the Finance Ministry OM dated 13.11.2009 is reproduced “the posts in the scale of 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 should be merged with the posts in the scale of Rs.6500-10,500 being upgraded to the next higher grade in the pay band PB-2 with grade pay of rs.4600 corresponding to the pre-revised scale of Rs.7450-11,500”. My english may be wrong. But I understand from this sentence that 5000 and 5500 are to be merged with 6500-10500 and all the merged be upraded to the next higher grade 7450-11,500. Once it is merged with 6500-10,500 which automatically upgrade to 7450-11,500. Now, the delay on the part of Finance Ministry/DOPT for further clarification, the employees or the officials in different Ministry are trying to interpret the clause in their favour under the impression (1) whether I will be treated at par with my junior (2) If I am getting “this much”, my junior must draw only below me.
    Here the pay commission stated that they have taken a conscious decision to merge these scales and the Government approved. The rest is according to the heirarchy the senior should be placed at the appropriate stage by restructing if necessary bunching, but the grade pay must be the same as per the conscious decision of the pay commission. Eg. the GP is 40% of maximum, here maximum of pre=revised is 11500 and its 40% is 4600. Then there is no ambiquity. The conscious decision of the pay commission was that the feeder cadres are not getting timely promotion etc.etc. and decided to merge. In many departments, the qualifications & work for these posts are alike and suggested to merge. Even then the pay of the seniors are protected by multiplying 1.86 factor of the pay drawn. The GP can be treated at par with fixed other allowances. However, the clarification from the Minsitry of Finance or DOPT is utmost necessary otherwise, the pre-revised 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 are the loosers, there will not be any end for the interpretations

  54. don’t get exited, please wait and see because gov. orders have double meanings,one more meeting on 14 jan2010,they will decide about Rs5000& Rs5500 merger.till now no such order for giving GP of Rs4600(as per my opinion).

  55. Views of Mr. Krishnan are very simple to understand but the same has not been taken into consideration by Ministry of Finance and DoPT. CSS cadre has been severely downgraded by this Pay Commission. Perhaps Justice Krishna has forgotten to do justice (perhaps with guidance from the then owners of Finance Ministry) with employees of CSS Cadre like LDC, UDC, Steno, Assistants and so on. A large amount of benefits has been showered on technical posts and teachers. Justice Krishna should have kept in mind that a family including parents and two children cannot survive in a city like Delhi if they have not their own house. Only God can save all Group D employees who are earning below 10,000 p.m. in this era of high price rise.

  56. i’m a police sub inspector of Manipur police, presently on deputation at the Directorate of enforcement. I have opted for the central pay , because of which i’m enjoying the sixth pay. i wanted to know if i will bw getting pay protection when i return to my parent department after the deputation period?

  57. View of Mr. Krishnan are very simple to understand but the same has not been taken into consideration by Ministry of Finance and DoPT. CSS cadre has been severely downgraded by this Pay Commission. Perhaps Justice Krishna has forgotten to do justice (perhaps with guidance from the then owners of Finance Ministry) with employees of CSS Cadre like LDC, UDC, Steno, Assistants and so on. A large amount of benefits has been showered on technical posts and teachers. Justice Krishna should have kept in mind that a family including parents and two children cannot survive in a city like Delhi if they have not their own house. Only God can save all Group D employees who are earning below 10,000 p.m. in this era of high price rise.

  58. Sir,

    (1)- The Govt servent is in the pre-revised scale of 7450-11500 as on 1-1-2006 after getting 2nd financial upgradation in 5th ACP from the pay scale 5000-8000 and 6500-10500 subsequently.
    (2)- What will be his Grade pay on 1-1-2006 in 6th pay?

    (3)- As per 6th py the pre-revised sclae 5000-7500, 5500-8000 & 6500-10500 has been merged in 6500-10500 and granted GP 4200/- in initial stage.
    (4)- But those who got promotion /1stACP preor to 1-1-2006 in 6500-10500 may be granted GP-4600/- as per order dated:13-11-2009.
    (5)-Than which will be the Grade pay in 6th pay on 1-1-2006, those who granted 2nd ACP in 7450-11500 prior to 1-1-2006?(it should be 4800/- if I am not wrong)
    (6)-If a person of pre revised scale of 5000-7500 having 9years completed on 1-1-2006, he will be granted Pay 9300-34500-PB2 +GP 4200/- on 1-1-2006 in 6th pay. he may get 1stACP with GP-4600/-, 2nd ACP with GP-4800 and 3rd MACP with GP-5400/- as per the approved 6th pay.
    (7)-If point 6 above is correct than those who alredy got the 1st & 2nd ACP prior or after 1-1-2006 may however be granted GP-4600/- and 4800/- respectively, Othervice a senior will gets injustice and not reached to a GP 5400/- even after 3rd Financial Upgradation.
    May anybody answer to my daubt.

  59. The pre-revised scale of 5000-8000 and 5500-9000(vth cpc) as on 1.1.2006 is 6500-10,500.
    The pre-revised scale of 6500-10,500(vth cpc) as on 1.1.2006 is 7450-11,500 or 7500-12500 and even 8000-15000 which is to be decided and restructured by each Ministry as per DOPT letter dated 24.3.2009.
    However, there is nothing harm to claim 4600/-GP now by the pre-revised scales 6500-10,500(5th cpc) also at par with those merged scales but the OMs dated 13.11.2009 and 16.11.2009 are not meant for them . These pre-revised scales of 6500-10,500 (5th cpc) are supposed to get 5400 GP in 6th cpc as was done by Minsitry of Labour & Employment taking into account of parity among the same cadres who already got ACP as they are now getting 6600 GP.
    Please take up the matter at the appropriate level.

  60. Railways issued order on 14th december regarding to upgradation of assistants and ps

    if any ministry had issued orders please update our deparment is simply ignorant of the order and they lethargically deny that government will take back the orders.

  61. 1. First of all let me say that the officers while taken up the matter for higher grade pay of Rs.4600/- or 4800/-, there was a technical error in their demand. Without knowing the technicality, simply satisfied when the revised order came for Rs.4600/- with presumption that this is applicable only to pre-revised in the 5th cpc. Here also another technical error developed. This increase is for all merged scales(5000-8000 and 5500-9000 with 6500-10,500 as on 1.1.2006). The pre-revised scale of 6500-10,500(5th cpc) as on 1.1.2006 would have been something else like, 7450-11,500, 7500-12,000 or more, which needs further clarification. I will tell you the details as under.
    1. All the pre-revised scales of S-9 to S-15 merged and brought to a single Pay Band P.B.2 with 9300-34800 and the Ministry of PersonnelDOPT vide OM No.AB14017/61/2008-Estt(RR)dated 24th March, 2009 directed to all Ministries to restrucure the posts keeping in view of Recruitment Rules suggested therein, within a period of six months from the date of issue of this OM. But I think no department expect the Ministry of Labour &Employment implemented the DOPT letter. This is also due to court case. The Ministry of labor refixed pay as under:
    Existing 5000-8000 revised to 6500-10500 PB-2 GP 4200
    b. existing 5500-9000 revised to 7450-11500 PB-2 with GP4600 c. Existing 6500-10,500 revised to 8000-13,500 in pB-2 with GP5400 d, Existing 10,000-15200 to same(10000-15200) in PB-2 with GP6600.
    2. Here the important point is that the promotion/MACP to the post of preprevised 6500-10,500 is normally 10,000-15,2000 with GP 6600. Hence the post in 6500-10,500 should get the GP of 5400 in order to comply the order of MACP to financailly upgrade to the next higher grade of 6600.
    3. Further, the people in the pre-revised 6500-10,500 had already received ACP to 10000-15200 with GP6600. If this is not protected there will be great disparity among the pre-revised 6500-10,500 officers.
    4. So demand for 5400 for the pre-revised 6500-10,500 instead of merely satisfying with 4600/-. This granting of 4600 is against the Recruitment Rules and MACP provisions.
    If I am wrong, correct me …krishnan

  62. Can DPA (Data Processing Assistants) be covered under the said revision from 4200 to 4600 ? As currently in EPFO, DPA enjoys the pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 6500 GP 4200. But in the pay commission recommendation itself (prior to this DOPT circular from 4200 to 4600) 6pc recommended pay scale of Rs. 7450 GP 4600 for DPA. Can any one express their view in this matter ?

    • In EPFO DPA is newly created and conversation cadre not existing cadre. DEO of Six service length is converted.
      In recruitment rules of DPA the CPFC (Cadre creating authority) is creating a cadre in grade pay of Rs4200/- hence, you may request the CPFC for revise but CPFC decision is final and bonding. Cadre creation authority will have all the power to decide functional role and monotony benefit.

  63. The views expressed by Mr Krishnan is correct and the Govt. should come forward to include 5500-9000 pre-revised pay scale also to get the benefit of Grade Pay 4600.

  64. In ref to my view expressed above 14-12-09, kindly send your expert advice of senior member in the matter at your earliest on my email ID: Thanks Regards. pbgurdevsingh

  65. The meaning of grade pay mentioned in the Govt of India Notification for implementation of sixth pay commission recommendations is”it is fixed amount corresponding to pre-revised scale/post the letter of Min of Fin dtd 13 Nov 09 say the Grade Pay for pre-revised pay scale of 6500-10500 is enhanced from 4200 to 4600 as on 01-01-06. Since pre-revised scale Rs 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 have been upgraded to the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 from 01-01-06, The grade pay of Rs.4600 applied to 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 also.In this context the Min of Fin OM dtd 13 Nov 09 is very clear. There is no doubt about it. More over When Junior Hindi Translator can get grade pay of Rs.4600 through CAT. why not for Admin Asstt ‘ C’,Admin,Stores Astts ‘C’ ,Stores Supdt and other supervisor working in 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 of DRDO Labs/estts Govt should issue necessary order with ref to OM dtd 13 Nov 09. 2nd what is the out come of the National Anomaly Committee met on 12-12-09 under Chairman of DOPT Secretary one time increment to all staff who was in service as on 01-01-09. Complete details of its out come NAC meeting of 12-12-09. Regards.pbgurdevsingh

    • Sir,  According pbgurdevsingh ”  pre-revised scale Rs 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 have been upgraded to the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 from 01-01-06″ but according to me the above scales not upgraded but only merged , am i correct ?          if not please guide me .

  66. some offices are creating doubt to grant gp 4600 instead of 4200 for those in prerevised pay scales 5000, 5500, which have been merged with 6500. please confirm about this episode.

  67. It is seen in the site of EPFO(Ministry of Labour and Employment) that the posts of Junior Hindi Translators (pre-revised 5000-8000) in the field offices have been upgraded to 6500-10,500 w.e.f. 1.1.2006 vide letter dated 8.6.2009 consequent upon the CAT decision before the Finance Ministry latest OMs. Now the Ministry of Finance OM dated 13.11.2009 and 16.11.2009 revised the GP from 4200 to 4600. Accordingly the EOFO(Ministry of Labour and employment) also circulated these copies to their field offices for necessary action. Hence, they might have paid/are likely to pay. Such being the fact, the interpretation of somebody that the revision is applicable only for those pre-revised 6500-10,500 alone from 1.1.2006 will given have no relevance now. Moreover, if the stand of those people are taken into consideration by misinterpretting, there will be more and more litigation, as the pre-revised 5000-8000 and also existed 6500-10,500 are getting 4600 GP and the in between cadre ie., 5500-9000 are neglected. So my humble request to implement the Ministry of Finance OM in right spirit, in its true meaning, without misintrepretation, so that all the merged scales will be benefited 4600 grade pay as per 6th cpc recommendation as well as the government’s decision.

  68. Dear kk
    The operative part of any OM and any orders of Apex Court/High Court is conclusively accepted and honored by any lower authorities. In my office also grade pay of Rs. 4200 is enhanced in respect of holders of pre-revised scale of Rs. 5000, 5500 who were upgraded in the pre-revised scale of Rs, 6500-10500 as on 1-1-2006 based on OM dated 13-11-2009. In case of Assistant of CSS in lieu of OM dated 13-11-2009 an OM dated 16-11-2009 is applicable. In your case I could help any more as I am neither a higher authority nor a lower authority.

    • Hello Rameshwarsinghji. Let me know where do you work and be good enough to mail me your office order on which the holders of pre-revised scales Rs.5000-8000 and 5500-9000 were given the GP 4600 in your office. My office has given the GP 4600 to only to those posts which were in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 upto 31-12-2005. Kindly help me. My emil id is

      • Hello Rameshwarsinghji. please  let me know where do you work and be good enough to mail me your office order on which the holders of pre-revised scales Rs.5000-8000 and 5500-9000 were given the GP 4600 in your office. My office has given the GP 4600 to only to those posts which were in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 upto 31-12-2005. Kindly help me i am working in AIR as engineering Assistant . My emil id is


          Hello Rameshwarsinghji. please  let me know where do you work and be good enough to mail me your office order on which the holders of pre-revised scales Rs.5000-8000 and 5500-9000 were given the GP 4600 in your office. My office has given the GP 4600 to only to those posts which were in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 upto 31-12-2005. Kindly help me i am working in AIR  & Doordashan as Sr. Technician . My emil id is

  69. Please note that this OM dated 13th November 2009 is only for CSS Assistant and Inspectors whose prerevised scale is 6500-10500 as on 31.12.05 and not for those whose pre revised scale are 5000,5500 as on 31.12.05

  70. sir can any one may be benefited with Grade pay 4600 those have joined in before June 2009 in pre revised scale 6500-10500 and getting Grade Pay 4200. Sir also clarify that is this order also for autonomous body of GOI.

  71. very hearty congratulation to all who getting grade pay rs 4200 at present, as per the OM dated 13th nov of fin ministry, this has been cleared the upgradation of grade pay from rs 4200 to rs 4600 for all pre revised scales clubbed to the gp  rs 4200 as on 01.01.2006…Only the matter is of timing for implementation to various departments  and it is up to the decision of departments how early they can restructure the posts in accordance with the new OM. I hope by the end of this year or before ending this financial year matter will  be realised.   

  72. The meaning of Grade pay mentioned in the GOI Notification for implementation of 6th CPC recommendations is `it is the fixed amount corresponding to pre-revised scale/post. The letter of Min of finance dt 13th Nov ’09 says the GP for pre-revised pay scale of 6500-10500 is enhanced from 4200 to 4600 as on 1.1.06. Since pre-revised scales of 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 have been upgraded to the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 from 1.1.06,the GP of 4600 applies to 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 also. The Min of Finance letter is clear. I do not know how some people are creating confusion.

  73. Dear Mr.Amit Kulkarni,

    Here the question is clear that the Babus or the enjoyed one are thinking that the lower cadres should not get the benefit as they need only the work is done. One example, is that the order is clear and I have consulted with many legal experts, it is easy to win in the CAT for getting 4600 grade pay by all the merged scales. Otherwise the Ministry has to issue correigidum for both the OM dated 13.11.2009 and 16.11.2009. Now one more issue has developed among the pre-revised scales of 6500-10500 and 7450-11,500. Where there is scale 7450-11,500 existing, those departments are not allowing grade pay of rs.4600 to 6500-10,500. It would have been better, if the Ministry of Finance issue a clear correigidum. Otherwise there will be lot of litigations, in view of RTI replies received. There is every possibility of hesitation, when the lower is getting equal pay. But here the pay is protected, only the GP. Any way wait for the clarification for some more time. As far as the fixation is concerned for the basic you have quoted, you can simply multiply your basic drawn on 1.1.2006 with 1.86 times and add your grade pay. As far as new appointment on 1.1.2006 with pre-revised 6500-10,500 will be 12540+Grade pay. Also please remember, the pre-revised scales and upgradations will have no further fixation, otherthan taking 1.86 times of pay drawn on 1.1.2006 +GP. Best of luck

  74. My Dear colleagues. Congratulation to all who are getting GP Rs.4,600/-
    However, there is ambiguity of pay fixation in the revised pay structure as on 01.01.2006. The OM clarifies pay fixation as per Illustration 4A in CCS(RP) Rules, 2008. The Illustration refers to pay in the PB after including benefit of bunching in the pre-revised scale. On going through the fitment table for pre-revised scale of Rs.3050-4590 as given in the Illustration, it is seen that there was some bunching and pay in the PB was fixed at higher stage for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd stages of pre-revised scale. This is in tune with the fixation of initial pay fixation after bunching of increments in accordance with Clause (A) (i) and (ii) of Rule 7 pf CCS(RP) Rules. I am of view that a fitment table is needed for the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 before arriving at the actual pay fixation in the revised pay structure with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/-. Since higher scale of 7450 is now given after Notification of 6th CPC Report, the pay fixation fitment table is not available in the CPC Report and the same is now to be drawn by referring to the 6th CPC Report under Para 2.2.22 (i) (ii) and (iii). If any one knows bunching of increments, please draw the fitment table in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 consequent on upgradation to another pre-revised scale of 7450-11500. Regards to one and all.

  75. In my opinion , there is no room for a doubt for grant of GP of Rs.4600 to all those who were holding pre- 6 CPC scales of 5000-8000, 5500-9000 & 6500-10500. Those who are in New Delhi, can make a confirmation from MOF (thru’ RTI if required) and circulate the reply for information of those who are at far-off places.

  76. The order of enhancement of GP 4600 from 4200 is welcomeable but the fate of the Sr.Accountants in organised accounts is still under dillema.Please see this order in right spirit.I have understood the meaning. The pay scales of 5000,5500, and 6500 have been merged in 6500.Then what is the doubt? The SA in DPA,Railway,CDA and AG should be understood as they have been placed at least in 4600.The others will be upgraded accordingly.These others are ACP Sr.Accountants.May be the JA could also get GP 4200.

  77. Dear Mr Krishnan
    Please tell me the meaning of merger of Rs.5000-8000, Rs 5500-9000 to pay-scale of Rs.6500-10500. Also inform what is meant by upgradation of post and pay scales……What will be the calculated basic pay fixed as on 1.1.2006 for below mentioned pay grades
    BASIC PAY (pre revised)
    as on 1.1.2006
    Rs 5765 (presevised) ………… what is the fixation of basic pay and grade pay in 6th CPC as on 1.1.2006 =?
    Rs 5000 (presevised)……….. what is the fixation of basic pay and grade pay in 6th CPC as on 1.1.2006 =?
    Rs 6500 (presevised) …………. what is the fixation of basic pay and grade pay in 6th CPC as on 1.1.2006 =?

  78. very well interpreted sirs,All the scales were granted 40% of the last stage as GP while last stages of 5000-8000,5500-9000 would have resulted in 3200 & 3600 as GP anyhow these were merged with erstwhile 6500-10500 and employees in initial stages gained by 1000-1200 and drew arrears amounting to 150,000 to 160,000 while emloyees who were in 6500 scale since 1996 received just 135000 as arears now you sirs are looking for the 40% of 11500 THATS GREAT 4600-3200=1400 ;YE AISI PYAS TABHI BUJHEGI JAB SABHIKO KO 5400 ka GP milega,DIL MANGE MORE GP:::::?

  79. The operative part of OM dated 13-11-2009 clearly stated that “the posts which were in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006 and WHICH WERE granted normal replacement pay structure of grade pay of Rs. 4200 in the pay band PB-2” are eligible grade pay of Rs. 4600 w.e.f. 1.1.2006. In case the authority desire to grant grade pay of Rs. 4600 only to those holding pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500 prior to 1.1.2006 the wordings used “which were” after ” and ” is not necessary. The legally acceptable term is both the holders of pre-revised Rs.6500-10500 and grade pay of Rs. 4200 are eligible grade pay of Rs. 4600 from 1.1.2006 as technically answered by ravikumar.

  80. Please confirm Steno Gr II in old pay scale Rs.5000-8000 will be benefited
    GP Rs.4600 ?

  81. There is no separate order necessary for claiming the revised Grade pay of 4600/-. This is applicable only for the following 2 types of officials:
    (1) Those who were drawing 6500-10,500 in the 5th cpc and

    (2) for those who were in the pre-revised scales of 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 which was “replaced” with 6500-10,500 and drawing grade pay of Rs.4200 w.e.f.1.1.2006.

    The important lines in the OM dated 13.11.2009 are reproduced below:

    1st line OM:
    Sixth Pay commission recommended merger of the three pre-revised scales of Rs.5000-8000, Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-10500 and “REPLACED” by the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200

    1st para of 2nd page of OM:
    The matter has been considered and it has now been decided that the posts which were granted the normal “REPLACEMENT” pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200 in the pay band PB-2, will be granted pay of Rs.4600 in the pay band PB-2.

    Since the merged scales were replaced with 6500-10,500 from 1.1.2006 and were drawing 4200, there is no question of doubt that they are also eligible as per OM. Moreover, there was no other replaced scale after merging these scales. Since it was a replacement scale only the maximum of the pay was taken for granting grade pay from 1.1.2006 (40% of 10,500= 4200) and that is revised now to 4600/-

  82. Pl. Clarify whose basic is Rs.6700/- on 6500 scale in the upgraded scale.

  83. I fully agree with Mr. Krishnan with regard to getting Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- to all those whose pre revised pay of Rs.5000,5500 and 6500/-were merged and were granted a grade Pay of Rs.4200.There should not be any doubt on getting 4600 Grade Pay, its very clear in the order.

  84. The RTI reply given by the Ministry for Finance says all the merged scale (5000-8000, 5500-9000 and 6500-10,500) will get grade pay of Rs.4600/-. The reply is reproduced below:


    Government of India
    Ministry of Finance
    Department of Expenditure
    Implementation Cell
    New Delhi, the 24th October, 2008

    Sub: Application of Shri. Manoj Kumar Singh under RTI Act

    With reference to RTI Cell’s UO No. 3(202)/2008-RTI dated 13th October 2008 the applicantmay be informed that
    (1) Entry pay in revised pay structure for direct recruit appointed on or after 1.1.2006as contained in Section 2, Part A of First Schedule of CCS (RP), rules 2008 has been finalizedin accordance with pay commission’s recommendations contained in pare 2.2.22 (iv) Multiplication factor 1.74 (modified to 1.86 by the Government recommended by the commission was for fixation of the pay of existing employees in the revised structure as on 1.1.2006. Now grade pay and pay bands has been approved by the Government for directrecruits joining the Government on or after 1.1.2006.
    (2).As per 6th CPC’s Report, as accepted by the Government the pre revised scales of Rs. 5000-8000,Rs.5500-9000 and Rs. 6500-10500 have been granted the identical revised pay band of PB-2 (Rs. 9300-34300) with Grade Pay of Rs. 4600.This is in accordance with recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission.
    This issue with the approval of Director (IC)

    (Renu Kakkar)
    Under Secratary(IC-II)

  85. Had any department issued any order related to implementation of this upgradation. Any idea of what is the timeframe to implement this.

  86. First try to understand the OM dated 13.11.2009. As per this OM revised pay is granted 4600 to the following.
    1. to the existed post in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10,500 as on 1.1.2006.
    2. Those who were granted the normal replacement pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200 in the pay band PB.2.

    So the order is clear that all the scales merged (5000-8000 and 5500-9000 with 6500-10,500) will get the grade pay of Rs.4600/ on the following reason.
    1. The meaning of existing pay includes the pay applicable as on 1.1.2006(as per the definition (2)6th cpc gazettee notification page No.32)

    2. The GP 4600 is eligible for the replacement scale in PB.2 also. So the replacement pay strucuture of 5000-8000and 5500-9000 is 6500-10,500 as on 1.1.2006 and grade pay drawn is 4200. All these are elgible for revised GP4600/-.

    3. For those who were drawing the scale(6500-10,5000) in 5th cpc will come under the purview of existing sturcture of pay scales and the 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 will come under the purview of Normal replacement pay structure(otherwise known as recommended scale)ie., 6500-10,500. It is not my interpretatio. Kindly read the page number 631 of the report wherein it has been given meaning of replacement scale.
    Moreover, the 2nd OM 16.11.2009 stated clearly by granting 4600 to the Assistants in the CSS that the Ministry of Finance has already granted 4600 GP to the Assistants in the field offices in the view of merging the scales.

    November 27, 2009 1:04 AM

    Further I would like to reproduce the following from OM F.No.1/1/2008-IC dated 13th September, 2008 -Clarification 6: to know what the replacement scale.
    Clarification 6: Procedure for placing employees in upgraded scles in case of merger of scles/upgradations recommended by the sixth cpc:

    i) where all posts in one or more pre-revised scales are merged with a higher pre-revised scale and GIVEN A COMMON REPLACEMENT SCALE/GRADE PAY, the suitability of the incumbents need not to be assessed for granting them the higher replacement scale/grade pay and the incumbents will automatically be granted the replacement pay scale/grade pay recommended by the Commission.

    Now the present OM dated 13.11.2009 is just to release the arrears as the 6th cpc already clarified the question of granting higher grade pay and how to grant replacement scale.

    Now the order is clear. Isn’t it?

  87. Ravinder kumar (Senior Artist)

    My joining date as a junior artist 11-11-92 & my pay scale 5000-8000 in the Ist ACP I got pay scale 5500-9000 but designation not change in the Janauary 2008 I got functional promotion as Senior Artist but pay scale have not been changed . In the 6th CPC my scale up graded in the scale of 6500-10500 para no. 3.8.6 Page no 210 Now pl. tell me what is my grade pay & my basic pay on dated 1.1.2006

  88. As per Govt gazette Notification issued in the month of Aug 2008, the pay scale of Steno II was revised from 4500-7000/5000-8000 to 6500-10500 from 1.1.2006,with the then GP of 4200 to implement the recommendations of 6th CPC. Now the GP has been enhanced from 4200 to 4600 as per the recent Ministry of Finance,GOI for the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 from 1.1.2006. Some other posts of Government of India, the pre-revised scales were revised and accordingly higher GP was given to the respective pre-revised scales. Similarly the GP has to be enhanced to Steno II to 4600 from 4200 as per the recent Ministry of Finance letter dt 13th Nov 2009 otherwise again a disparity will be created between CSS staff and Subordinate staff which is against the recommendations of 6th CPC.Hope the GOI will consider this request.

  89. Hi,
    This is a very heartening development for the Inspectors.
    But there are so many members who got promoted from the post of Sr.TA to Office Superintendent during the period 1.1.2006 till the date of notification of the Sixth Pay Commission, under the ealier pay scale, who have now been clubbed in the same grade pay of Rs.4200, and have been denied the benefit of pay fixation.
    This problem requires to be looked into.

  90. I am completely agreeing Mr. N.Ramdasji’s comment on LDC & UDC working in central govt. offices.We are in Group C cadre and selected through SSC and surprisingly LDC scale starts with GP of RS.1900/- where as GP of class IV starts with rs. 1800/- mere diff. of rs.100/- and they will get Rs.1900/- as GP after completing 10years of service by MACP. This humiliates all LDC’s including myself. On behalf of all LDC’s and UDC’s i am requesting the Fin. Ministry to revise the GP of LDCs immediately.

  91. shaik jameel ahamed

    I was promoted as inspector on 02-03-2007 and as on 01-01-2006, my pay was at 5750/- kindly any one to help me in this behalf for opting pay fixation w.r.t. date of promotion or effecting from 01-01-2006. Kindly reply me.

  92. Please tell me the meaning of merger of Rs.5000-8000, Rs 5500-9000 to pay-scale of Rs.6500-10500. Also inform what is meant by upgradation of post and pay scales…… Pleae tell me the calculated basic pay fixed as on 1.1.2006 for below mentioned pay grades
    BASIC PAY (pre revised)
    as on 1.1.2006
    Rs 5765 (presevised) ………… what is the basic pay in 6th CPC as on 1.1.2006
    Rs 5000 (presevised)……….. what is the basic pay in 6th CPC as on 1.1.2006
    Rs 6500 (presevised) …………. what is the basic pay in 6th CPC as on 1.1.2006

    Thanks in advance

  93. I was getting GP of Rs. 4200/- w.e.f. 1-1-2006, i got Rs. 4600/- w.e.f. 1-9-2008 with 3% increment on MACPS. Further, I got promotion on 15-12-2008, on promotion i got no financial benefit because i have already drawn grade pay of Rs. 4600/-. Is is right.

  94. The O.M. upgraded the grade pay only. It does not mention the upgradation of pay scale from 6500-10500 to 7450-11000. The benefit is only when the pre-revised scale upgraded w.e.f. 1.1.96 as illustration given under 4A allows fixation in scale of 6500-10500 only.

  95. Thanks to ministy of finance for a considerative and corrective action, though delayed. vide their memoranda of 13th November & 16th Nov (relating to Stenographers of Secretariates and its counterparts). But God knows, when respective ministries would post these memorandums to their respective departments for implementation. This urgently required because MACPS’s action is in progress in most of the departments and yet to be finalized. Before its finalization, if the above orders are communicated by respective Ministries, a double clerical work can be avoided.

  96. central Govt. has announced the up gradation of 6500-10500 grade to 7450-11500 along with GP of Rs 4600. It is little good However the gazetted status of the scale of 6500-10500 does not provided so far .In fifth pay commission there was a status of the said grade now it has been down graded.It should be 7500-1200 along with GP of Rs 4800 .The status of post should be provided.We are serving in the autonomous organization where the main workforce of the organization has been down graded.Kindly necessary order may be issued soon for implementation of the up gradation of the said grade.

  97. I got promotion on 1.1.2008 from Rs.5500-9000 pay-scale to Rs.6500-10500 pay-scale. Can I get grade pay of Rs.4600/-

  98. 1. BPrasad said on Monday, November 23, 2009, 11:39
    Anyone please look into the fate of ministerial cadre of Subordinate offices who have been the most neglected cadre under Govt of India. All privileges of higher pay and perks are being given to the so called CSS cadre disproportionately at the cost of these subordinate cadres. Although the very objective of the 6th Pay commission was to rationalise the difference in Pay between the Subordinate cadre and Secretariate cadre, paractically it has not been done. the subordinate cadre suffers from the same set back and considered as employee of se\cond feedle in the govt departments.
    It is unfortunate that a LDC recruited through same recruitment agency as CSS cadre donot get their promotion in some departments even after completion of 20-23 years of service. Although MACP was their last hope, the same is also proved to be another jerk to this cadre. Recently a department under Ministry of Water Resources released the promotion from the grade of Assistant to the grade of Office Suptdt in fielld organisation. Srprisingly, the Grade Pay for this promtional cadre has been notified as as 4200/- in PB-2. Where as an Assistnt as well as a senior UDC in this cadre is also drawing the same GP. It may be seen that there is no mening of such promotion where the financial benefit in 3 hierarchial grade is the same. It appears that the department and the Ministry of Finance have not taken in to account these employees working in subordinate cadre with such nomenclature. The MACP has been proved to be most harassing for LDC/UDCs in subordinate cadre who even after rendering 23/24 years of service would only get nominal benefit of Rs.400/- and would not expect to reach in GP 4600 during their service. It is a great injustice doen to this cadre as no one for them to speak and need to be addressed by the goverment on the principles of natural justice.
    It is hightime that the ministerial cadre of subordinate offices (LDC/UDC/Assistant/Office suptdt) may be restructured and may be given due justice in revising the pay structure of this cadre and while implementing MACP and other just benefits.
    It is suggested that the cadre may be restructured at par with the other ministerial cadre in govt of India. The Grade pay of this cadre in hieracchy of UDC/Assistnt /Office suptdt after rendering 20 years of service may be prescribed as 4200/4600/4800 respectively prescribing the corresponding pay scale.

  99. I request the gconnect team to kindly resolve the queries being put forward by different persons regarding fixation of pay and other issues after upgradation of grade pay from Rs.4200 to Rs.4600 vide G.O. dated 13.11.2009 by their expert team. Different questions are coming up in this site but they are not being resolved soon. Therefore it’s a request before the gconnect team to resolve the queries at the earliest for the benefit of all concerned.

    Thank you,

    Asit Kumar

  100. Sir,   Please clarify whether the revised grade pay of Rs 4600/- is applicable to all of those whose pre revised merged scales of Rs 5000-8000 and Rs 5500-9000 or otherwise.  This is required because some people stating that this is applicable to only those whose pre revised basic pay was 6500- 10500 only and not others

  101. yes mr ramesh its only 400… becaue the order clearly speaks about hike of grade pay only and not pay scale and also the annexure 4A of pay fixation model supports the same….

  102. Dear friends,
    Congratulations to all the beneficiaries of this order.
    My problem is similar to that of Mr.Naresh Parmar, Mr.Gnanasanmugam and Ms.Karina.
    I got recruited in EPFO during Oct 1999 in the pay scale of Rs.4000-6000/-.Till date I did not get any promotion.
    We were converted (not promoted) from pre-revised Rs.4000-6000/- to Rs.6500-10500/- (Rs.4600/- grade pay) w.e.f. 30th May 2009. 
    I have 2 doubts in this regard-
    (i) Whether my pay will be fixed at Rs.12540+4600=17140 ?
    (ii) Am I eligible for ACP now? I did not get any promotion since date of recruitment i.e. Oct 1999. If eligible, what will be my date of eligibility of ACP, grade pay & pay after ACP.

    Kindly help me in this regard.

    Thanks in advance.

  103. Is this applicable who joined after 1-1-2006 in the pre-revised scale of 6500-200-10500?

  104. What is the time limit for the departments to implement this will if be done before this FY or in the next FY.

  105. Dear friends, all are happy.ok. I request somebody to clarify that what is the monetary benefit. Is it only Rs.400 (i.e. GP increased from 4200 to 4600) or the basic pay may increase from 6500/- to 7450/- as on 01.01.2006 prerevised scale. please clarify this.

  106. @ Shakshi : u will get 12540+4600 as your Basic Pay on the date of joining. There is a sepearate column showning fixation for new recruits joined after 01.01.2006. The fixation is totally based on the Grade Pay. Congratulations.

  107. please help with my pay fixation: i joined CGC after 1.1.2006 direct recruit 6500 scale. with the new pay structure of grade pay 4600, what would be my basic salary

  108. Congrats for uploading such order. I joined in 2005 in the scale of 5500-9000 and my scale was upgraded w.e.f. 01-01-200 6to 6500-10500 by the 6th Pay Commission, which was accepted by the Govt. Can any one tell me where I stand now.

  109. It is very good decision to upgrade the grade pay of the officers was in the scale of pay 6500-10500.

  110. i have basic pay rs.7100/- on jan 2006 in 6500-10500.what will be the pay?pl. Clarify.

  111. all the Compilers should join together and fight for scale 5000-8000 Rs. and grade pay of 4200 Rs because we are selected by SSC at Graduate level and we r getting only GP-2400 Rs which is same to those who r only matric and +2 It is really injustice.

  112. I have joined after 01.01.2006 in scale of 6500-200-10500 and i am getting 4200 grade pay. and my basic pay was fixed 13500. Now what will be my new basic pay after merging will i get new basic pay of 17140 of GP 4600 or else

  113. Can anyone please clarify how the pay will be fixed in case of a person got promoted to the post of Assistant/PA between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2008, and opts to come into the new pay structure from the date of promotion/upgradation — (1) Rs.6500 * 1.86 = 12090 + GP-4600 (OR) (2) Rs.7450 * 1.86= 13860+GP – 4600. PL CLARIFY

  114. Dear Sir,I am working in Ordnance Dept in Min of Def.I promoted in Jun 06 in the scale of 5500-9000 as Chargeman Gd I.My previous scale is 5000-8000.As per OM no dt 13 Nov 2009 can I got benifit of grade pay 4600 as my prerevised scale is also merged with the scale of 6500-10500 and the same is applicable wef 1-1-2006 with grade Rs 4200.please give clarification.


  116. The Asstt/PAs Grade pay has been increased to 4600 w.ef. 01.01.2006. Now the mooted question is whether the pre-revised Assistant grade scale of 6500-200-10500/- had been enhanced to pre-revised 7450-225-11500/- alongwith GP 4600? w.ef.01.01.2006 OR merely just change in grade pay from 4200 to 4600.
    also what will happen to those Assistants/PAs who had fixed theur pay on 15.09.2006 in the erlier Asstt Grade upgradation from 5500-175-9000 scale to 6500-10500 scale. A clear line of clarifixation is required.

  117. i m newly joined as inpector in central excise. i have 1 prob. the problem is that the person who prepared the pay bill says that basic will be 9300+4600=13900 but according to the govt. order if the grade pay is 4600 then pay in the pay band will be 12540, then basic becomes 12540+4600=17140.
    i m confused. plz some one help me out of this confusion

  118. Are the pre-revised scales of 5000 and 5500 of Stenographers mereged and upgraded to 6500/- as on 1.1.2006? If not any chances of mereger? Will the Stenographers in the scale of 5000 and 5500 get the benefit of enhanced grade pay of Rs. 4600/-?

  119. sir
    Will finance ministry new order dated 13.11.09 reg 4600 grade pay for pre revised scale holders of 6500-10500, be applicable for primary school teachers who were also considered in pre revised scale of 6500-10500 as on 01.01.06?

    Clarify this at the earliest.

  120. What about for Inspectors who have got ACP between 01.01.2006 to 31.08.2008 Whether they are eligible for grade pay of Rs 4800/-? The letter dated 13.11.2009 does not specify about that. Bangalore PAO has already recovered the amount from many of the ACP Inspectors who got grade pay of Rs 4800/-. Is there any other clarifications in this regard.

  121. Member are rightly said.
    The group B Post of Indian Information Service – in the Ministry of Information and broadcasting is with at par with Section Officers of Central Secretariat between fourth and fifth pay commission, and now the poor IIS group B have been down graded earlier by 5th and now 6th pay commission.
    Now they are at par with Group C officers of most of the Central department, and even with some UDCs etc.

  122. Congratulations to all, but there are still lots of anomalies in respect of Group B gazetted officers in various departments and ministries.
    Group B gazetted officers are getting till now GP-Rs.4200/- and now they will get Rs.4600/-at par with some of Group C officers of Customs-Income tax etc.
    In some of the departments-UDC, Steno and Drivers are drawing Rs.4200/ grade pay at par with their Administrative Officer..! What a tragedy..?
    For example, Group B officers of Indian Information Service- in the Minister of Information and Broadcasting- are getting Grade pay of Rs.4200/- while there counter part in the Ministry secretariat are getting Grade pay of Rs.4800/- and 5400/- after 4 yrs.
    This is the biggest irony of the sixth pay commission.

  123. Sir, It is now be finally achieved. But still there are confusions. what is the pay fixation for direct recruit and promotives? kindly explain. For direct recruit it comes to 12540+4600=17140. But for promotives it comes short. how?

  124. I have joined after 01.01.2006 in scale of 6500-200-10500 and i am getting 4200 grade pay. Will this OM apply to me ? Pls calrify………

  125. will also get steno gr II Rs.4600 gp who are in 5000-8000 earlier?

  126. Please clarify whose promotion granted after 1.1.06 in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 (Gezetted) and after pay commission placed in 4200 GP will get 4600 GP or not. as the order indicates “6500-10500″ scale as on 1.1.06”

  127. What about those who were in gazetted post in the pay scale of 6500-10500 (pre-revised), this anamoly is not solved yet. There is a need to fight for 4800 at least.

  128. BAsavaraj.M.Chulaki

    Hai every one there…..
    I my self employed in the Coffee Board which comes under Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India. I joined on 2nd April 2008 with the pay scale of 6500-200-10500. And as per sixth pay commission now i am granted the pay scale of 9300-34000 with grade pay of Rs. 4200. According to new Govt orders of granting of GP of Rs.4600 to cadres of 6500-10500 scale will I eligible to get the grade of Rs.4600 and placed in the next higher pay band..Please suggest.

  129. Finance Ministry has sanctioned GradePay of Rs4600, who are in the scale of 6500. Do justification to scale 5500 also.

    GR sanjay

  130. DOE proposed to introduce a separate grade between UDC and Assistant in due course

  131. A separate order for granting Rs.4600/- as GP to assistants and PAs of CSS, AFHQ, MEA and railway Board has been issued by D/o Expenditure on 16.11.09 – congratuations to all PAs and Assistants


  133. What a foresight of mine (4600 grade pay has been granted to Assistants with a different justification)? Now, the rest of the officers have to fight it out till the goal is achieved. If it is to be said like that, that Assistants’ pay was above Inspectors during 3rd and 4th pay commn, likewise, the DOS’s pay scale was also above that of Inspectors during that period. Those things cannot be argued now. As far as Central Excise & Customs Department is concerned (Not Income Tax, as they are asking only for 4600 grade pay to AOs), they should properly approach the authorities concerned, project their case. One thing that is in their favour is that STA (4200 grade pay) is the feeder cadre for both DOS (4200 Gpay) and Inspector (4600 Gpay). STA should complete 2 years for promotion as Inspector (desired post) and 3 years for promotion as DOS (which is a deserted post). Since Feeder and promotion cadres fall in the same grade pay, those who got promoted from STA to DOS have not got any benefit on promotion, their case will stand to get justice. If admn. do not properly respond, last resort will be the CAT where orders can be got in their favour. – Ramnath

  134. In Doordarshan one post of same nature of work is production assistant & two scale 5000-8000 and 6500-10500 given to them, kindly let me know regarding above GP order 4200 to 4600.

    • joseph martin cj

      In All India Radio & Doordarshan there existed different pay scales of 5000-150-8000 and 6500-200-10500 for the post of Engineering assistant as on 31-12-2005. After the implementation of  6th pay commission recomandations  all Engineering Assistants were placed in the GP  of Rs.4600/-. But now after  the implementation of recent  Fin.Ministry  order only Engineering Assistants who were in the 6500-200-10500 scale only granted GP of Rs.4600/-. i am an Engineering assistant who was in 5000-150-8000 scale and now granted only GP  of Rs.4200/-Kindly help me.

  135. It is learnt that a Separate order for enhancement of gp of assistant css cadre 4m 4200 to 4600 has bin passed today(nov 16). Can any one upload it on net.

  136. during the period of 3rd pay commission and 4th pay commission Assistants were above the Inspectors of Central Excise and Income Tax Inspectors. Now Assistants have been downgraded by 6th Central Pay Commission.

  137. i have heard that assistants have been given gp 4600.what will be the basic as on 1/1/2006

  138. It is good for Rs 6500-10500 scale GP hike,but teachers in the same scale already gettingRs.4800 gp in 6th CPC.pls see the difference & rectify.

  139. Mr. Kumaravel. you will get Rs.4600/-. By the by what is your designation?

  140. Mr. Kumaravel, definitely you will get Rs.4600/-

  141. It is learnt that today order has been passed regarding upgradation of gp of assistant css from Rs.4200 to Rs.4600. but no orders yet uploaded on net.

  142. Sir/Madam, Once for all kindly arrange to remove the anomaly in these grades (5000,5500 & 6500) and make on par with Central Secretariate persons and grant Rs.4800/- w.e.f. 01-01-2006 as grade pay and after 4 years service put them in the grade pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3.

  143. Sir/Madam – Once for all kindly arrange remove the anomaly (5000, 5500 & 6500) and make on par with central secretariate and grant Rs.4800/- as grade pay and after 4 years service in Rs.6500 grade grant the grade pay of Rs.5400. Now again made utter confusion.

  144. Manoj ji, I had written may be & will be based on the Govt’s partial attitude towards secretariat staff alone. Now, Assistant/Grade C steno posts have been left out of this, it will again be taken up by Govt and orders will be issued upgrading them to 4600 (restricting that to them alone and not for outside sectt offices). That is what I meant. To say in detail, the Pay scale which existed equally in between Sectt. and others were made to differ from the year I think, 1990. That is by upgrading the scale of Assistants/Grade C to 1640 and SO/PS to 2000 on par with the supreme court pay scale. Again in 2004, based on the pay scale of inspectors of IT, CE & customs, they were upgraded to 6500 and 7500 scales w.e.fom 20.9.2006. Two upgradations have taken place in Sectts. whereas in offices outside sectts, the scales of 5000, 5500 and 6500 were maintained. Those who join as UDC/Steno D in Sectt. used to get promotion to 5500 previously (now 6500 scale). In outside Sectt. offices, those who join as UDC/Steno, it was 4000 to 5000, then 5500, then 6500. See the partial attitude of the Govt. That is why, this anamoly was removed by the 6th PC but not to full extent. Even now, AOs of other deptts. are getting only 4600 Gpay where SO/PS are getting 4800 GP with 5400 on completion of 4 years. It is again time for people outside sectt. to fight for equality. I dont know what similiarity the Govt. found between SO/PS with Supdts. of Customs, Excise & IT and likewise for Assistants with Inspectors of CE, IT & Customs and in the earlier year 1990 with Supereme Court staff. I hope not only assistants but also those in 5500 scales outside Sectt. with AOs get 4600 and 4800 grade pay at the earliest. Point to be noted now is that in outside Sectt offices, those who get promotion from 4200 (5000 to scale to 5500) are still getting 4200 grade pay and this can be easily taken up with CAT if the Govt is not acceeding to the demads which is reasonable and justified. One thing is clear, if the Govt wants to give, it will voluntarily give. Otherwise, we have to be ready for fight for our justice. Ramnath

  145. What deprive the Assistant GP 4600.

  146. I have joined in 06-03-2006 in the scale of Rs. 6500-10500 (pre-revised). and now getting grade pay 4200. Whther i will also be eligible for grade pay 4600. If so, what would be my basic as on 1-1-2006?

  147. I belongs to a pay scales of Rs:5500-175-9000 before 1.1.2006.My present grade pay 4200.but as per govt. order dated on 13th Nov’2009 by ministry of finance ,may I be benifited to avail grade pay 4600 from 01.01.2006.

  148. The posts of Assistants / PAs of Central Secretariat were upgraded to Rs.6500-10500/- only with effect from 15.9.2006. Please clarify whether the Grade Pay of Rs.4600 will apply to Central Secretariat Assistants/PAs. Or a separate order is expected?

  149. This is a pity that Assistant/PA of CCS are not been considered in this order as it if effective from 1.1.2006 for pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500/-. After a prolong intervention of the Hon’ble PM the grade was given to assistats/PAs w.e.f. 15.9.2006 and most of the CCS officers in the grade forfeited their arrears of 6th pay revision by opting pay fixation w.e.f. 15.9.2006 in the revised grade of 6500/-.

    It will be a great injustice again with CCS officers, not to provide them at least revised grade pay of Rs. 4600/-.



  152. In Railways for SMs Scales of Rs 6500 -10500 & Rs 7450-11500 already merged and GP Rs 4600 given. Due to this OM is there any possibilty to give GP Rs 4800 to SMs in Scale 6500-10500 and Rs 5400 for Rs 7450-11500. If not SMs have to fight. In addition while implementing MACPS the Rule No 5 and 28 A i,ii,iii NOT CONSIDERED. We have to fight for this also

  153. congragulation to revise the grade pay from rs.4200 to 46oo/-

  154. Good news for all the CentralGovt., Employees who were earlier placed in Grade Pay of Rs.4200 as they all will be placed in G.P. of Rs.4600,but the order is silent on those who are already in G.P. of Rs.4600,if the were not placed in higher G.P. it will be again an anomoly.Govt., should have considered it while issuing order.

  155. SIR,


  156. Yes. I fully agree with views of Shri Sasi that a partial justice has been done now. The seniors who have already put in more than 15 years of service has been placed in the same boat with utter disregard to their seniority and the knowledge they gained through experience. The Government has finally given up its adamancy and realised the genuine demand of the Inspectors after a prolonged struggle by the AICEIA. AS A MODEL EMPLOYER, THE GOVT. should also come forward with an open mind to devise a method to give financial benefits to the senior officers without calling for notices and demands from the Association as usual.
    A. Kannathasan.

  157. Dear comrades,

    Hats off. The anamoly arising out of merger of 5000,5500 & 6500 scales has now been set right mainly because of relentless and vigorous pursuit of our just demands by the Association. The other long standing issues such as notional fixation of pay wef 1.1.96, Grade pay for ACP Inspectors, cadre restructuring in the light of GST, staganation of career prospects for Inspectors/Superintendents should now be pursued more vigorously and settle the issues, even if it means resorting to the proposed strike plan.

  158. In fact the pre-revised scale of the employees who are drawing GP 4200 is 6500-10,500. The reason is that 5000-8000, 5500-9000 and 6500-10500 are merged and the grady pay of 4200 (ie., 40% of 10,500) has arrived and given. As the pay commission rightly said, the other two lower cadres are feeder cadres 6500-10,500 and once the pay of 6500-10,500 is increased to 7450-11,500 (in order to give gP 40% of 11,500=4600), the feeder cadres should also get the same grade pay due to merging . Moreover they were brought to 6500-10500 scale and granted GP of Rs.4200/-

  159. By upgrading GP of 6500-10500 pre-revised scale to Rs 4600, partial justice has been done now. The merger of scales were unnecessary as it has adversely impacted the promotion avenues in the scales 5000-8000 and 5500-9000. The govt. should consider enhancing the posts in GP 4600 and promote those in pre-revised scale 5500-9000 or create another Grade Pay and maintain separate identity of each scales.

  160. Ramnath jee pls tell me wht does it mean”may be and will be”

  161. this order has shown the attitude of govt to demean the assistants.


  163. Sir, My date of joining in Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti as T.G.T.- Maths is 01 Dec.’2003.As per Sixth central pay commission recommendation , my pay has fixed as follows on 01-01-2006. Pay Band 10890 + Grade Pay 4600 =TotalRs. 15490.While an incumbent who has joined the Samiti as T.G.T. on or after 1st Jan.’2006 is being fixed at Rs. 17140 as per Section- II, Part A of the First Schedule of the CCS (RP) Rules,2008. (6th CPC).Although, I am three years one months senior to the person who has joined Samiti on 1st Jan.’2006, still, I am getting Rs. 1650 less.
    Please reply me.

  164. Assistants/PS of secretariat, this order does not cover. It will be covered again by separate order (may be & will be issued). Reg. DOS case of Central Excise & Customs Dept, the Department has the system of promotion from STA (4200 Grade pay) to DOS as 3 years service (4200 Grade pay) and from STA (4200 GP) to Inspectors (4600 Gpay) 2 years service. All (including PH candidates) except (General category people who have been disqualified on the basis of physical standards like height, etc.) opt to go only for Inspector line of promotion. Hence, the DOS is a deserted post and it is made to die its natural death. But, if one goes to CAT, that is those who got promoted from STA to DOS who have have got no promotion benefit (they should state that if one gets promotion as Insepctor, he gets fixation (change of GPay) and having got promotion as DOS (but no change of pay)), he will get justice from CAT, no doubt about that, because as per Pay Commission terms, promotion should involve change of grade pay. Also, the partial attitude of the Govt. is known from the fact that GPay of 4800 is given to SOs of Secretariat but not to others working outside secretariat like AOs, etc.. In fact, their pay was upgraded simply stating that equal scales in CE & IT, Customs have been upgraded and that upgradation was limited to Secretariat alone. Justice will be got but it will take some more time. Otherwise, there is cadre restructuring will have to take care of this thing.

  165. This is the sorry state of affairs of Inspectors of Cental Excise. This Rs.4,600/- grade pay is peanuts for most of the officers languising in the same grade for more than 20 years or so, the fresh recruited ones,after 1.1.2006, may get some benefits. Those 20 year senior inspectors will be benefited by Rs.150 or less by this increase as 12yr and seniors are already getting Rs.4,800/- as grade pay . The fixation of earlier scale upgradation i.e from Rs.5500/- to Rs.6500/- has given us benefit of Rs. 300/- only be way of extra transport allowances. Pray to god that authority will see this sorry state of affairs and make some thing so that the inspectors of Central Excise may atleast get similar promotion like in IT/customs department in next 30-40 years.

    • After put upping 07 years of service as Inspector getting Rs.4,200/- as grade pay . What should I am going to get now.
      requested to please clarify the above.

      • If your pre-revised pay scale if Rs. 6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006, you are eligible for the grade pay of Rs.4600/-

        • the Office Memorandum F.No.1/1/2008-IC dated 13th November,2009, the Dept of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance wherein the Grade of Rs.4600 has been granted in the pay band PB-2 to posts that existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006 and which were granted the normal replacement pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200 in the Pay Band-2. I was holding the ACP scale 6500-10500 since 23.8.2000. Whether ACP pay scale (6500-10500) holder as on 1.1.2006 is eligible to get 4600 grade pay as per the above order? My Office staff say only post holders will get and not ACP pay scale holder. ACP was given for non-availability/lack of vacancy/post. Kindly give your reply.

  166. Dear Sir, After granting Grade pay to the Juniors with increments is there any possibility of claiming difference amount if it is found lower salary to senior persons with one grade up? For example when 6500 scale person or lower graded employee was given with a good benefit more than 7450 scale staff… what to do? The general mind set would be more affected when extracting work with it not?

  167. Assistants and PAs of Central Secretariat are not covered under this order. It is very painful that the Government is always thinking against Assistants, UDCs and LDCs of Central Secretariat.

  168. how the dos are going to be placed in the department. Even after 27 years of service they are placed on par with senior tax assistants. Being the feeder cadre for as, they should be given 4600 g.p. and a.o.s should be placed on 4800 g.p. with 5400 g.p. after 4 years. Any body fighting for this poor cadre?

  169. Yes GConnect discussion was one of the thousand potential which was voicing the requirement. Congratulations to all and a special thanks to GConnect.

  170. Is there someone who can clarify -Grant of grade pay of Rs.4600 also applies to assistants of css cadre given by department of expenditure OM dated 13.11.2009 becoz on 1.1.2006 assistants’ pay was in pay scale of Rs.5500-9000

  171. this order may be good for who were in pay scale of Rs.6500-10500,

    but what about who were in pay scale of Rs.7450-11500 and getting Rs.4600 grade pay this may lead to pay anamaly.

  172. In CPWD there are two posts of OFFICE SUPERINTENDENT GRADE-II in the pay scale of Rs.5500-9000 and OFFICE SUPERINTENDENT GRADE-I in the pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 where the duties and responsbilities of both the post are same. Whether the Govt. of India will merge both these posts into one cadre and grant the Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- to all the OS.

  173. yes. as a gazetted officer, we need to fight for the 4800/- grade pay. many of the candidates lower in rank in SSC direct recruit assistant grade 1995 are getting rs 5400 as grade pay, whereas i am still getting 4200 as grade pay till date.

  174. Grade Pay of Inspectors, who have been given benefit of ACP scheme of 1998 on completion of 12 years of service between 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008, would be fixed to 4800 instead of 4600.

  175. This is a request message to all the LDCs and UDCs working in Central Government Departments/Subordinate offices, we the clerks selected through SSC and appointed in various ministries/departments possessing beyond the minimum required quallification of Matriculation (i.e. Graduates and Post-Gaduates) are equated by the under-matriculate Group’D’ staff by the Sixth Pay Commission which is a grave injustice done to our Cadre. Group “D” are being given GP of Rs.1800/- with a mere difference of Rs.100/- granted to the Group’C’ clerks selected through open competition and the prospects under MACP has also became bleak because only next GP is being granted instead of next promoted scale. In this connection, I request all the LDCs and UDCs of Central Govt.departments to raise their voice and seek justice. From Mr.N.Ramadas, UDC, DDK, Bhawanipatna(Orissa).9437083061(M).

    • Mr. N. Ramadas, this is absolutely right LDC Grade pay should be atleast Rs.2400 and UDC Rs.2800

      • Dears, This is absolutely right decision that LDC employees should get they Grade pay atlest Rs.2400/- on seeing their responsibilities and qualification with Computer knowledge, now LDCs position get down even by Constables and data entry operator and merge with peon and other group D staffs.

  176. This is a good news for those employee who got revised pay of Rs.6500/- since 01.01.2006.

  177. Congradulations for all the benificiares, Hope same thing happen for 12k people soon

  178. Will this O.M. also benefit the Assistants of Central Secretariat Service. & since when the Inspectors of IT, Excise or Customs are getting the scale of 6500.

  179. sir any news for considering 20 yrs service for pension from 1.1.2006

  180. So finally a major aberration removed. Better sense finally prevailed. Thanks to GOD!!!!!. 

  181. But there are no such order in the finmin website


  183. der aaye, durroost aaye. Still tose who were in gazetted post,need to fight for 4800 at least .

  184. Congratulations to all Inspectors. 
    Thanks to the tireless work done by Association/ our Board – CBEC, we have achieved this. It is interesting to note that the expenditure dept (read, implementation cell) took this step to extend the benefit to one and all placed in similar situation. This reminds me of the maxim, “better be late than never”.
    Thanks to GConnect for making the copy in PDF format available to common man like me. 

    With regards,

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